Tengu-sama And The Eternal Vow


In Hiragana: てんぐさまとえいえんのちぎり
In English: Tengu-sama And The Eternal Vow

Author: Kazuki Amano/ Illustrations: 陸裕千景子 (There was no reading for the name given in the book, and looking it up online also wielded no results…arghh)
Length: 215 pages (Not split into chapters)
Language: Japanese
Translator: HimikoChou


On the day that he had decided to leave the company he worked at that exploited its employees, in front of the orphan Yukino for the first time in 13 years his sole childhood friend Izuna appeared and suddenly tried to take him away.

Long ago someone had said: “When I become an adult, come for me.” “At that time I want you to become my spouse,” but that was, after all, only a childhood promise.

Yukino refused him saying that it was impossible for the male him to become a bride, but Izuna, revealing that he is a Tengu [1], took him away to Shinto shrine precincts (or some holy precincts, not too sure).

[1] Tengu are supernatural beings from Japanese mythology, a type of Yokai or kami that has characteristics of birds of prey (like crows).

In addition because it was necessary for the sake of adapting to the shrine for divinity to be poured inside of him, Yukino was continuously being embraced by Izuna…?

A love story spanning into eternity between a Tengu and a human child who became the Tengu’s bride.


Contents: (Non-linked available on Patreon)

Part 1  Part 2.1  Part 2.2  Part 2.3  Part 3.1  Part 3.2  Part 4.1  Part 4.2  Part 4.3  Part 5.1  Part 5.2  Part 6.1  Part 6.2  Part 7.1  Part 7.2  Part 8.1  Extra 1  Extra 2


Translator Notes:

This one is a really cute story~

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    1. Hi~ This story will be my next project published on this blog once I’ve finished translating AFP, which should take 1~2 months still. However, some parts of this story are already available on Patreon for early access for those interested.

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