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WARNING-There’s a scene of attempted R*pe ahead. Proceed with caution.



No, was it already noon?

Yukino looked up at the ceiling from inside the futon, and felt absentminded for a short while.

He couldn’t feel the presence of anyone else in the room, so Izuna had probably gone out?

As he got up slowly, he looked down at his body. He tried touching it. No place felt particularly strange.

“What had that been…”

Last night had clearly been different from the previous two times.

It felt so good as if all the places Izuna had touched had turned into an erogenous zone; he felt like his body had been remoulded…


Suddenly Yukino felt very embarrassed and hid his face.

However, just as he tried to once again slip into the futon, he heard the sound of small footsteps, so he hurriedly fixed the collar of his yukata and climbed off the futon.

As expected the one who had come was Saburouta.

When Saburouta saw that Yukino was up, he laughed a little as if relieved and when he put down the things for washing up, he once again left to prepare for lunch.

“I knew it, is it noon already…?”

It seemed like he had drastically overslept. Moreover, because of that, Saburouta probably had come to check on him several times.

The cause was embarrassing and inexcusable, but seeing that he was here as Izuna’s bride, and seeing that Saburouta believed it was sincere, making excuses for it would also be strange…

“Be it an excuse or not, the fact that I overslept because we overdid it in bed is the truth.”

Again he felt embarrassed, but as if to mask it he stood up and rolled the futon. When he washed his face and entered the next room, shortly thereafter Saburouta brought the small dining table.

“Um, I’m sorry I overslept.”

“No, no, don’t worry about it.”

Saburouta said with a laugh.

“Since Izuna-sama will be a bit late today as well, he ordered us to tell you to rest slowly.

“Ah, is that so…”

Yukino assumed he’d left for work, but this was his first hearing that he’ll be late.

Not being able to see him today, he felt relieved, a bit lonely…


“Something unexpected happened. Seems like it was urgent.”

The question that unconsciously slipped out of his mouth, Saburouta seemed to think it was addressed to him, so he gave such an explanation.

“Is, is that so?”

Even though he gave a rushed reply, in his heart Yukino inclined his head in confusion.

Why had he thought it would be lonely? Of course, if the case was that he would not be able to see him for a long time, he believed he would feel lonely. However, thinking like that about only half a day, what was wrong with him?

Have his feelings become a bit more delicate?

He did not feel it was the case, but…

As he finished his lunch while pondering, Yukino returned to the bedroom. Anyhow, he had been told to rest slowly, but…

“…should I take a walk?”

As he slipped into the futon alone, he unintentionally recalled the things from yesterday and unable to calm down he finally got up.

Luckily thanks to Saburouta’s guidance these last few days, he had learned to dress himself more or less. He did not wish to bother Saburouta by especially summoning him, so somehow Yukino finished changing his clothes by himself.

“It should be fine like this…”

He felt a bit clumsy, but he guessed it should be fine for just going out into the garden.

Murmuring and nodding once, Yukino left the bedroom.

The weather was nice outside. There were cirrocumulus clouds drifting in the clear autumn sky. The fall colours of the garden had turned a deeper and deeper red, the depth of autumn could be felt.

As Yukino descended into the empty back garden, he began to walk towards the pond. It was very small in comparison with the one that was in the expansive garden that faced the main building, but the water surface that reflected the autumn colours was beautiful.

Crouching at the bank of the pond, Yukino sighed a little.


When he thought about it, that feeling had always been with him.

As it was a natural thing, he was rarely aware of it…

However, after he came here, he realized that, unnoticed, he had been released from the feeling he had become familiar with.

——Because he had Izuna.

When he thought about it, during childhood as well, Izuna had been the one to save him from his loneliness.

And then, the one who had given it to him again was also…

“No, by no means is this Izuna’s fault.”

As Yukino muttered and a bitter smile rose on his face, he gathered strength and stood up.

Then he tilted his head.

“It’s…somewhat noisy.”

It seemed like there was something noisy happening in the direction of the main building.

Normally, almost no sign of human life reached this place…

Did something happen?

He believed Izuna had not returned yet, so he hoped it was nothing serious.

The moment he was thinking about it.

“Excuse, excuse me! Okugata-sama…”

Suddenly being called out, after a beat he realized it was directed at him so he turned his face in the direction of the voice.

There he saw an unfamiliar karasu-tengu.

Naturally, Yukino only knew the very few of the karasu-tengu that worked as priests, so he was not familiar with the rest…

“What is it?”

“Err, I’m very sorry, but.”

When the karasu-tengu stopped in front of Yukino, he began to explain the situation.

For some reason, due to some urgent business he wanted to exit the back gates, but it seemed like he could not open the gates himself.

[T.N Does anybody else smell something fishy? Silly Yukino.]

While he spoke Yukino looked towards the back gate, it was locked by a bolt and it looked like it would be difficult for a small karasu-tengu to open it.

“It is inexcusable to ask this of Okugata-sama, but could you please help me? I, I have to be going soon…!”

Yukino hurriedly approached the karasu-tengu that had spoken in a frantic manner with deeply lowered head.

“Please don’t humble yourself so much. Of course, I’ll help that much. But, if it’s impossible to open the gates, I think you should be able to leave by flying…”

The gates were indeed closed, but if he flied he could probably get over any obstacle.

“Didn’t you know? There is a barrier around the estate, so nobody except Izuna-sama can leave or enter the gates.”

“Is that so…? I understand.”

“Thank you very much.”

As Yukino nodded, the karasu-tengu once again deeply lowered his head, and spoke without raising his head.

Together with the karasu-tengu, Yukino immediately went towards the back gate.

“This reminds me, it’s noisier than normal inside the estate, is your hurrying related to that as well?”

“Ee, ah, yes, yes, it is.”

While talking, Yukino touched the bolt and forcibly unfastened it. It wasn’t that heavy, so it immediately disconnected. Rather it was probably the gates that were heavy.

While he felt the karasu-tengu immediately come up behind him, he pushed the door —— then it happened.


With a thump something pushed him from behind and Yukino stumbled a step or two forward, taking a step outside the gate.

Did the karasu-tengu bump into him in his hurry? Judging from the results, that was half-way true. The one who had bumped into him had been the karasu-tengu, but it did not mean it was because he had been in a hurry. His objective had been to push Yukino outside of the gate.

Suddenly his arm was grabbed and Yukino instantly tried to shake it off.

However, without being let go, just like that, Yukino was held by the owner of that arm.

“Well done.”

“O…Okugata-sama…I’m so sorry…I’m sorry…”

The man reached out his hand for the quivering voice, and the moment the gate closed the sound ceased.

What was left was Yukino and, and…

“Fugen-sama…why are you here —— aaaaah, let me go!”

“I’ve finally caught you after much trouble, there’s no way I’m going to let you go, right?”


He was lifted up almost as if he was a piece of luggage and his breath was clogged up. And then, just like that Fugen flapped his wings and soared into the sky. The ground below his eyes slowly grew farther and farther away.

“Let, let me go! Please get down!!”

Yukino spoke in panic, but when he thought of the height he was not able to struggle.

While this went on, Yukino realized that it seemed like Fugen was flying towards the foot of the mountain. He did not know whether there was anything there, but…


After a short while, suddenly, the air changed.

What the hell happened? Every breath he took was painful and his consciousness was growing dim.

While he wondered what was happening with his body, unnoticed, it seemed like they had landed on the ground somewhere. Rustling, a fallen leave touched his cheek.

Was this still inside the mountain? He did not know.

“Ah, your complexion is very bad. However, your current state cannot be helped, you know? Because it’s your fault Izuna became the chief.”

“What…are you…”

Fugen’s voice was distant. He heard a mutter, almost as if he was submerged in water. But nevertheless the hatred that filled that voice clearly reached his ear.

“I won’t be satisfied if I don’t do at least this much.”


Fugen only laughed at Yukino’s words and his hand reached out for Yukino’s obi.

“No, no…sto…”

The tied obi was unfastened, and having become frantic, Yukino tried to get away from Fugen, but his vision shook and he could not keep his eyes open due to the strong dizziness.

Even if his body’s condition had been perfect, he could not at all match his opponent in strength. Right now Yukino’s resistance was probably as easy to overcome as twisting the arm of a baby.

“Did you know? Tengu never change their spouse. On top of that, for the chief a bride is even a symbol of status.”

Forcefully his collar was parted, and his bared legs were caressed.

Shivering, he realized his skin had broken into goose bumps. However, the moment he twisted his body, a feeling of nausea rose and his movement ceased.

“Even if the bride is defiled, Izuna would have no choice but to remain married to you for life. That’s why, fearing the worst, the bride is not allowed to leave the estate.”


Despite the fact he could tell his legs had been parted, he could not resist him anymore.

“Certainly, Izuna will feel bitter, right? I feel happy just by imagining it.”

As Fugen said it he laughed really happily. Tears of mortification spilled out from Yukino.

If things went on like this, something that cannot be undone will really happen.

When he had consented to the marriage, he had clearly understood how important brides are in the Tengu society…

If it was just him getting injured it would be fine. However, when he thought it would cause trouble to Izuna, he felt unbearably anxious.

“It looks like Izuna has been very affectionate with you.”


A finger touched in between his legs. In the place that had been opened in various ways last night…


Being touched, nausea rose in him. However, feeling hazy, by now he could not make even one of his fingers move.

His only relief was that the sensation of being touched was growing fainter, but as he thought of lying there obediently without being able to do anything, his tears would not stop.

This felt completely different to being touched by Izuna last night.

Just by being touched his heart would pound and he would feel good…that was definitely because it had been Izuna.

It’s because he likes Izuna…


Despite his painful breathing, Yukino spoke out that name like a prayer.

There was no reason to hope it would reach him. He knew that, but he could not help clinging to it.

Him thinking that if it was just him getting injured it would be fine, that was a lie.

He wanted to only belong to Izuna. It had nothing to do with Izuna’s desires, it was what he wanted.

As someone belonging only to Izuna, he wanted to be together with Izuna forever.

——Ah, that’s right.

Yukino had always wanted to belong to someone. Then, he had thought it would be great if it was Izuna.

That’s why, at that time…on that summer day, he had begged to belong to Izuna and promised that one day he would belong only to Izuna and they would be together forever.

That’s right, the one to say that first was him.

Having been abandoned by his mother, not being desired by anybody, he wanted to be desired by Izuna.

It was the selfish desire of a foolish child.

Izuna had fulfilled and protected that desire.

And yet, this sort of…


Definitely, no. He did not want to give up and lay still to let the man do anything to him. Yukino desperately gritted his teeth, and tried to get away somehow.

The finger had entered inside and in disgust nausea once again filled him.


It seemed like Fugen was saying something, but he could no longer decipher it. He only felt that he could see those lips widen in the shape of a smile.

In his ears there was the surging sound of wind, and then.

Even though Fugen’s voice was so hazy he could not understand it, he definitely heard that.


Izuna’s voice…

“Ah, has Izuna come?” the moment Yukino had thought that in relief, Yukino’s consciousness went pitch black as if blotting out.


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