TATEV – Part 4.1

I’m tired.



“——ed. I’m coming.”

Beyond his dream he heard the sound of someone speaking. Swiftly there was also the sound of something slipping.

Bright light hit his eyelids, clearly signalling that night had already passed. However, it was cosily warm inside the futon, and Yukino stirred just a little bit so as to avoid the light.



He absentmindedly answered the call.

It was unnecessary for him to affirm that the owner of that voice was Izuna. However, the moment he realized it, he suddenly came to awareness.

As he quickly rose up, Izuna’s eyes widened as if he was a little surprised, but soon he gave Yukino a broad smile.

“Good morning.”


Suddenly Izuna’s hand reached out for his hair, and Yukino ducked his head. However, it seemed like Izuna was only trying to fix his bed hair, and after brushing it for a few moments, he let go.

When he recalled that it had been those fingers that had done utterly indecent things to him yesterday, his cheeks flushed in embarrassment. What also spurred on his embarrassment was that he had consented to this, unlike the first time when he’d been unconscious of his own actions.

He had woken up once during the night, but it seemed like he had once again fallen asleep without being aware of it.

“It looks like breakfast has been prepared. Will you be able to eat?”

“…yea.   I will, I think.”

In comparison to Yukino who was enduring his shame, Izuna was in an absolutely great mood as if he did not feel anything wrong had gone on.

“Hey, wash your face!”

Nodding, Yukino exited the futon, and washed his face in the prepared bucket of water. The water was cool and it felt great on his flushed cheeks.

After he had dried his face in the hand towel that had been handed over to him, Yukino looked at Izuna still feeling a little bit of awkwardness.

“Tha…thank you.”

“For what?”

“You know…the water…the towel, thank you for preparing them.”

Before that, being gently awoken by a person as well, to Yukino it was a precious experience – it was really embarrassing. However, because for some reason it was really embarrassing he kept silent about it.

“I will do as much as that for you…even though I say that the one who had carried these things to here was Saburouta. Ah, we can get ready after breakfast.”

As he said that, Izuna put his hands on the sliding screen of the adjoining room. On the other side of that screen, there were two small tables prepared for two people.

Yukino simply folded the hand towel and placed it over the rim of the bucket, and following Izuna, moved to the adjoining room.

“—-it looks tasty.”

Still steaming cooked white rice with mushroom miso soup. As well as rolled egg, preserved food boiled in soy and grilled fish.

Yukino’s empty stomach made a hungry sound.

“It seems like your appetite has risen. Now then, let’s eat.”

Laughing happily, Izuna said that and sat down cross-legged in front of the table with a plunk. Yukino also sat in front of the opposite table. Before long Saburouta came and poured tea for them.

“Itadakimasu.” [I hope you don’t need me to translate thisXD]

Hands together, Yukino put his chopsticks to the meal. All of the side dishes were tasty, and the rice was also glossy and delicious. Typical of the season, it was probably new rice.

“Who made the meal?”

“Probably someone working in the kitchen…is something wrong?”

“No, I thought it was really delicious—, I wanted to somehow express my gratitude…”

While speaking, Yukino once again thought of what sort of situation he was in.

The events up until now had been too much like surging waves, so he had not realized it, but until about three days ago his main source of food had been bento [set meals] and onigiri [rice balls] from a Konbini [small 24/7 store] and eating Gyudon [rice with beef on top] at chain restaurants. He often did not eat in the morning, and at lunch he would eat something that he could consume with one hand while working. He tried to eat dinner as often as possible, but when he was too tired and it became too troublesome, in the end he often went without eating.

After he started work, he had lost 8 kg in 2 years, and even though he had thought that the situation was indeed bad…

Even while he was savouring the perfect morning meal in front of him, Yukino was once again perplexed at the change in circumstances.

It was probably inevitable that he couldn’t help asking himself whether he deserved being given such good things.

Moreover, all this because of a childhood ‘promise’ he had caused Izuna to make by crying and clamouring…

“Yukino? Are you listening?”

“Ee, ah, sorry. I was distracted.”

At Izuna voice, the pondering Yukino quickly looked at him.

“You’re not feeling bad, right?”

“Yea, I’m alright. Now then, what is it?”

It was strange considering he had been embraced till exhaustion last night, but his condition was rather good. When he thought that it was probably because of that action – divinity being poured inside him – however, his feelings were quite mixed.

“That’s good then, but…no, I said we should go on a date today.”


“Yea, didn’t you say we have to go through the steps? I think first there was a date, or am I wrong?”


—–Well, things like going to dates, joining hands, hugging…?

He’d said that. He’d definitely said that.

Although, he had said it only to stall time, since he had learned that he had to be embraced by Izuna once every three days, it was no longer necessary…

No, according to that way of thinking it was necessary? How about it? But, in practice, it did not mean he actually wanted to go through the steps with Izuna and start dating…

“It’s been a long time, so how about going fishing? Playing at the river would be nostalgic, right?”

Izuna cheerfully said that with a friendly grin, and Yukino was lost for words.

Certainly, in the past they had played together by themselves at the river. It was forbidden for children to approach the river or enter the mountain, but because there was nothing dangerous to Izuna he took Yukino there.

It had always been fun to play in a place without any other children…

However, since Izuna had told him it was a date, as expected it put him on his guard.

“What? Isn’t it cruel to not even follow those words, despite you being the one who had said we should go through the steps?”

“That! …that is probably so, but…”

No, he guessed that is certainly so.


Yukino gazed at the small table having only yet eaten about half of the food. This was a meal served to him as ‘Izuna’s wife’, and if he abandoned that role, receiving things he should receive, in no way is such a position good.

On top of that, Izuna intently gazed at him with expectations in his eyes…

“——I understand. I suppose we can go.”

In the end, sighing once, Yukino nodded like that.

Date time! Where do you think the lovebirds are off to?


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