TATEV – Part 8

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“Ah, winter is already about to arrive.”

Looking up at the trees whose leaves had fallen, Yukino muttered. There were still trees covered in autumn leaves and some evergreen trees mixed in as well, but the scenery had become somewhat desolate.

Today was his first outing in a while, but while he had been laid in bed, it seemed like the season was in the process of changing.

As expected, going out of the holy precinct had put quite a big burden on him. After that, until he had completely recovered, a week had passed.

“There are a lot of leaves falling…ah, what is this? Is it edible?”

“Huh? Ah, that is a brick cap/tuft [1]. Of course, you can eat it. It’s tasty.”

[1] T.N. Not too sure this is the proper name in English. The Latin name is Hypholoma lateritium. The Japanese word is Kuritake.

Recognizing the mushroom Yukino was pointing at, Izuna nodded.


Yukino cheerfully picked it up and put it into the basket Izuna was holding.

“I had thought they would have decreased already by quite a lot, but this is splendid.”

Inside the basket there were already a lot of different types of mushrooms like bovine bolete and shimeji. Earlier he had even discovered a single matsutake mushroom at the base of a red pine.

“I had wished to bring Yukino to this place, so as the season passed I’d ordered for them to be left behind, except for the ones that cannot be eaten.”

“Is that so?”

It seemed like while he had been unaware, Izuna had taken that into consideration.

“Then, let’s pick a lot and return home?”

“It’s great you are enthusiastic, but do you not want to have a break soon? We brought bento, right?”

“Ah, ok.”

Yukino nodded at the wryly smiling Izuna.

Engrossed in the activity he had completely forgotten about that, but now that Izuna mentioned that, he felt himself becoming hungry.

The two chose a sunny place, placed mats and spread out the bento they had brought.

“If it’s palatable it’s good enough, but…”

In truth Yukino had made today’s bento. Lately he had always missed making a dish for the evening meal, so he had asked Touji to let him make it.

Thanks to that, the rolled egg had light brown burn marks and the onigiri was slightly crooked, but as for the taste it was most likely fine, surely. …probably.

After wiping his hands with a wet towel and placing his hands together while saying ‘itadakimasu’, Yukino peeked at Izuna’s state with a pounding heart.

“Oh, there’s…konbu(kelp)? Uh, it’s tasty.”

“Is that so?”

While smoothing down his chest in relief, Yukino also reached out for an onigiri.

He felt that the heat was a little strong, but maybe because he was tired from walking it felt just perfect. One more thing he had made was onigiri from was mixed rice and since he had tasted it before shaping the onigiri it should be okay.

Somehow, as they got on like this, because it felt like they had returned to their childhood, Yukino began to feel strange.

He could not believe that Izuna was not just his friend, but also his spouse…



The moment he turned towards Izuna, his lower lip was licked and Yukino almost crushed the onigiri in his hand.

“What are you doing!?”

“There were rice grains on your face.”

Izuna said that calmly and laughed.

“You could have just said that with your mouth.”

“Doing it like this is enjoyable for me.”

As he was clearly told that, for some reason he began to feel embarrassed and wanted Izuna to stop.

He wanted to beat up his self who had just a moment ago thought “I can’t believe Izuna is my spouse.”

As if to gloss over his embarrassment, Yukino promptly tossed the rest of the onigiri in his mouth and then checked whether there were any rice grains sticking to his mouth.

“If you act so cautiously, on the contrary it just makes me want to reach out my hand.”

“Waa, stop!”

His waist was embraced and Yukino hurriedly shook off Izuna’s hand.

“You don’t hate it that much, right?”

“Eat the bento, eat it!”

“The bento is good too, but I also want to eat Yukino.”

“…still, pull back a bit right now.”

Even though he was saying that, as his flank was gently caressed his body almost shivered.

Maybe because for the past week Izuna had embraced him every evening for the sake of medical treatment, as he was touched his body immediately became sensitive to it.

“Then crossing which step would be fine?”

“That’s not the problem…eh, ah, hey!”

Entwining their fingers, Izuna clasped their hands together and tightly gripped his hand.

Even though it was just the gaps between his fingers being caressed, he became sensitive to it and bit his lips.

“Hey, how about after this? I can do whatever I want?”

“…yes, I guess.”

As he said that, half desperately, Izuna broadly grinned. Then, he tightly embraced Yukino’s body. He was completely going at Izuna’s pace, Yukino sighed. However…

His lips that had been kissed by Izuna were smiling in happiness.


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