TATEV – Part 3.1

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“Are we really going to have a wedding ceremony…”


The next day.

Yukino, who had been awakened early in the morning, was suddenly sat under a waterfall to meditate and then dressed in a white Kimono[1]. After that he was given a ride on a palanquin that was carried by flying Karasu Tengu; they took him to a temple in the hillside, and he was made to read sutras he did not particularly understand and pronounce a vow.

[1] Wedding kimono’s for women are traditionally white, I think it is part of Shinto practice rather than Buddhist, but I may be wrong.

Thankfully there was no wedding kiss, but he was overwhelmed by the overly solemn atmosphere, and was already exhausted.

Incidentally, Izuna indeed was dressed to look like a mountain priest [2], with his wings spreading out from his back.

[2] The term is 山伏. Google that for pictures of approximately what Izuna is wearing. He’s also wearing that sort of clothing on the cover of the book.

“Come to think of it, Saburouta was at the temple, but does that perhaps mean that he is an eminent Tengu?”

There were five Karasu Tengu attending the ceremony in the temple, but Saburouta was one of them.

“By nature, it is because it is the priest’s duty to take care of the chief. Saburouta is also one of them.”


Yesterday, after meeting the people working in the residence, he had been bothered by this, but…

“Perchance, Saburouta is not a child despite his appearance?”

“Naturally? Karasu Tengu’s bodies are small, but all of them who can fly are adults. Saburouta is quite young, but even so he is certainly a little older than Yukino.”

“Is…is that so… Then, I’ve probably done something rude…”

Isn’t calling him Saburouta-kun [3] crude then?

[3] kun can only be used with people who are on equal (if agreed upon) or lower position than you, either age or social position wise.

They had also spoken of him not bearing to become Izuna’s spouse, so Yukino thought that if there was an opportunity he should apologize to him again. Even though they had met several times today, there were always other Karasu Tengu around. Because most likely it would be like this all day he should try again another day…

“After this there is the wedding reception. There are several people I want to introduce to you, but there’s no need to act too respectfully. There’s also no need to force yourself to drink alcohol.”

“Uh huh, understood.”

Since, truthfully, up to this point he’d never had the opportunity to attend a human wedding ceremony either, he did not know what a normal wedding ceremony was like, or how to conduct himself correctly.

He wanted to act in a way that was not too strange, but as expected he was nervous.

Anyhow in his heart Yukino decided that he was going to act meekly, and lead by Izuna they moved to the reception hall.

In the room many small dining tables were already lined up, and there were a lot of Tengu and creatures that looked like humans sitting.

Being observed by the people, Yukino reflexively looked downwards so that his face could not be seen, and sat down in front of the small table he was lead to.

And yet, when he sat down, whether he liked it or not he was aware of the gazes turned towards him.

He wanted to escape, but he understood that he was one of the leading actors of today’s event. Even though one way or another to the end he had not wanted to fill this role, he accepted the sake cup, and as he was told to tasted the poured alcohol.

Immediately after that the banquet started.

It seemed like the order for the greetings was also pre-determined. People whose seats were far away seemed like they were going to come much later. The first one to come greet them was Izuna’s teacher, a Tengu with majestic wings.

Yukino tried to show a somewhat smile-like expression to the people who came to greet them one after another, but even he himself did not think he was doing a good job of it.

However, there was almost no one who took it badly, they unanimously wished them well and returned to their seats.

Because it looked like everyone was truly happy about Izuna becoming the chief, rather than feeling glad about it, Yukino’s feeling became complicated because it was wrong being blessed despite not having wanted to become Izuna’s spouse.


“I sincerely congratulate you on this occasion.”

The one who had said that was a man whose seat was on the lower end.

“Tha…thank you very much.”

It was probably his imagination, but, perplexingly, he had a feeling that the man was pointing an appraising look at him, which no other person had before. The words of congratulation as well, they sounded somewhat superficial.

“If it’s alright, would you share a cup of sake with me?”


Nevertheless, he nodded, and when he held out his cup, alcohol was poured into it. There was nothing special to this exchange, but the amount sake the man poured him was large, the cup was filled to the brim.


Since it seemed like it would spill if he moved, as he hesitated, Izuna immediately stole the sake cup from the side. Only a little sake spilled with the momentum, but most of it settled in Izuna’s stomach so he felt relieved.

“Oops, sorry. It seems like the sake is also getting to me.”

“No worry. We’ve come here for a reason, do it as much as you want.”

As Izuna did that, he smiled as if it was no big deal. It was his usual smiling face, but somehow it felt shameless, and in his mind Yukino inclined his head to the side in confusion.

 “Perhaps, the relationship between these two is bad?” is what he thought.

However, shortly the next person came to greet them, and the man returned to his seat.

After several more people came the greetings were over, and then it became just like a normal banquet.

“Izuna, thanks for doing that earlier.”

“Uh huh? Oh, it’s fine. Dirtying the especially made wedding Kimono with alcohol would be profane. Now, the rest is entertainment. There’s no problem if you want to leave your seat, how about it?”

Being told that, Yukino decided to take advantage of those words. They called Saburouta, and Yukino decided to retire to a separate room early. Izuna was also about to stand up to join him, but he was stopped by his teacher. Izuna told him he would come soon and he nodded.

“You are probably tired. Would you like to have tea?”

When they entered the detached living room, Saburouta asked him that.

“If I may, I suppose.”

After he said that reflexively, suddenly realizing something he shut up.


“Ple…please wait a moment.”

Yukino detained Saburouta who had bowed and was about to get up.


Ee…errr, I heard it from Izuna, but Saburouta-san [4] is older than me, right? I’m sorry for displaying such an impolite attitude.”

[4] San is the most neutral polite suffix for a person’s name.

“Ee? No! Absolutely not.”

Saburouta’s eyes widened, and he shook his head as if in a hurry.

“Certainly age-wise I am a bit older, but there still exists the social position. I serve Izuna-sama. Yukino-sama being the Okugata-sama (wife), you should treat me as a servant same as Izuna-sama.”

“Even though you say that…no, I am truly much obliged to you, but, if it’s alright please let me call you Saburouta-san. It’s not about showing respect.”

“Is that so… If Yukino-sama says so, I don’t really care what you call me…”

Even though Saburouta’s expression was a little troubled, in the end he said that.

“Thank you very much. Then, also thank you very much for the conversation yesterday. Thanks to it my resolution to do this became firmer.”

“—–…I had said something unnecessary, but thank you very much.”

As he said that Saburouta once again bowed his head, said he was going to bring tea and left the room.

Yukino finally felt like he had finished a task, and made a long sigh.

As he did that, maybe because his tension had loosened, he realized he needed to go to the toilet. When Yukino stood up and exited the room, he went towards the toilet that was near the detached room.


“Ah, damn.”

Just as he had entered it, he recalled he was wearing the white Kimono.

Even though he reflected that he should at least take off the bridal robe that was worn over the kimono, nevertheless he was somewhat in dire distress so he finished his business and exited the toilet.

However, just as he was turning the corner in the corridor Yukino collided with something.


“Ah, I’m sorry.”

As he instantly apologized and raised his head, the one he saw was the Tengu with the somewhat strange attitude from earlier.

“You are Yukino-sama, right?”

“Ah…thank you for the congratulations earlier.”

When he immediately said that, a sticky smile rose on the man’s face.

“My name is Fugen. Maybe because I overdid it with the sake, it seems like I have gotten lost…could you please guide me to the entrance?”

“Ee, well…”

While he was feeling perplexed his arm was grabbed, and for some reason he shivered.

This was probably the familiarity of them both being men, but still it did not feel good to be touched like this by a completely unknown person.

“I…I’m not fully familiar with the residence yet, so it would be better to ask someone else…ah, that’s right, Saburouta is somewhere nearby.”

Just as he said that.

“What are you doing there?”


Something smells fishy…

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