Future Projects:

The list of all the BL novels I currently own or have an interest in acquiring for translating:

The ‘Jou’ or ‘Emotion’ series (Which Affection is part of):

  1. 1st book – Hatsujou (発情)- Info
    [Takahito’s uncle Takao Jinguuji + Tachibana Yuuki]
  2. 2nd book – Yokujou (欲情) – Info
    [Takahito’s parents – Jinguuji Hayato + Gamon Shirou]
  3. 3rd book – Mitsujou (蜜情) – Info
    [Couples from both previous novels]

Other one-shot novels:

  1. It Is Not Apparent That I Love You  (愛しているはずがない)  – Info
    [Yakuza story]
  2. Please Kill The Voice Inside Of Me  (僕の中の声を殺して)  – Info
    [Modern Fantasy]
  3. The Tale Of The Marriage Of The Licentious Dragon  (淫竜婚姻譚) – Info
    [Ancient setting]
  4. Winning The Bid On The Slave Bride  (落札された花嫁奴隷)  –  Info
    [Arabic love slave story]
  5. Courted By The Fallen Angel  (堕天使の求愛)  –  Info
    [Modern Fantasy]
  6. The Strange Tale Of The Silver Wolf The Shade Of A Moonlit Night  (月夜ぎんいろ山犬異聞)  –  Info
    [Modern fantasy]