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Feeling as if he was filled by something warm, Yukino slowly opened his eyelids.

“——are…you awake…?”

Through a sigh Izuna said he was glad, and embraced Yukino as if covering him.

He did not know what had happened, but as he was embraced tightly, Yukino blinked several times and then gently hugged him back.

Why had things turned out like this?

He really…


The moment he remembered, strength filled his body. He realized that Izuna’s length was inside him and then as he was startled and his eyes widened, Izuna smiled wryly and for the moment let go of him. He held his breath at the dragging sensation as Izuna pulled out.

There was a wet sound and Yukino realized that Izuna had come inside him while he was unconscious.

Even though he was confused, his face heated up.

“…why…but, I…that Fugen guy…”

Caught him, brought him away, and then…

Yukino recalled Izuna’s voice that he had heard right before he had lost consciousness.

“Did Izuna come to save me…?”

“——Ah, yes. However, because you had left the holy precinct your body had come in contact with impurity…by no means would you regain consciousness so I was in a hurry.”

As Izuna said that, he gently caressed Yukino’s hair.

It seemed like that the reason his condition had suddenly worsened was that he had left the holy precinct. And because of that, Yukino guessed Izuna had poured divinity inside of him to cure him.

Now that Izuna mentioned it, the inside of the room was dyed red by the setting sun. The sun had still been high in the sky when he had gone into the garden, so at least two or three hours must have passed.

“I’m truly glad.”

At the gentle hand movements, he felt as if his heart was slowly melting.

Oh. He guessed it was because he had been able to protect him. Truly it had been at the last moment, but…

“You did your best.”

For a moment, Yukino could not understand what he’d been told.

Then, at the same time as comprehension came, tears began to overflow.


Yukino shook his head weakly.

He did not do anything. He’d felt bad, his body had not been able to move, his best had been thinking that he did not want this. Despite this, Izuna had said that…

“I had thought I was already gone for…”

As he said it while sobbing convulsively, Izuna once again tightly hugged him. And then just like that they lied down.

“Ah…I’m truly glad I was there in time.”

Yukino nodded at the earnestly speaking Izuna.

“But, how did you know where I was?”

Feeling relieved from the bottom of his heart while in Izuna’s arms, Yukino asked.

Moreover, clearly, Izuna had gone out at that time…

“That’s because Yukino had my feather.”


Yukino guessed that he meant the feather inside the tobacco container. Now that he thought about it, when they had met again, he had a feeling that Izuna had said that he had known the location of his feather.

“I immediately realized that Yukino had left the estate. It was the same with you subsequently leaving the holy precinct. That’s why I returned in a hurry. After that, if there had not been the feather, it would have probably taken a bit more time.”

“Is that so…”

Had the feather that Izuna had given him protected him?

When he thought of that, naturally a smile spilled from him.

“You finally laughed.”

Izuna said it as if relieved and gave him a barely there kiss.

“But, I’m sorry that I left the estate even though you told me not to.”

“It wasn’t on purpose, right? I heard the story.”

The Karasu-tengu that had lured him out to the back gate, Fugen had threatened his family. He had received instructions to cause some meaningless disturbance in the kitchen, and get Yukino to the back gate while the other people gathered in the kitchen. It seemed like the noisiness he had noticed in the estate at that time had been caused for this reason.

In the end, as was the perpetrator’s wish as well, it seemed like he had left the estate and had begun to live in the village.

“He was also deprived of his status as priest, but…do you think it was too light a ruling?”

“Not at all.”

Yukino shook his head in a hurry at Izuna’s question.

“Rather, I’m sorry because it was my fault.”

At that time he could hear the boy’s voice shiver as he apologized.

“Fugen was the bad guy. You don’t need to fret over this.”

Thus, it seemed like Fugen’s wings will be cut off and he will be expelled from the mountain.

“The priests had decided this, but it will probably come to be.”

“Is that so…”

Getting your wings cut off, he was frightened just by hearing it, but he knew he was not so generous as to be able to say that they should not go so far.

What truly had frightened him was that above all else Fugen’s hatred against Izuna had unmistakably been the real thing…

“—–Thank you so much for coming to save me.”

“Isn’t it natural that I came to save my wife?”

Izuna said that and laughed.

His wife.

“…I recalled our promise.”

He had recalled promising to one day belong only to Izuna and be together with him forever.


Yukino nodded at Izuna whose eyes had widened in surprise.

“Even though it had been me who had first asked to be together forever with Izuna, I had forgotten it. I’m sorry.”

As Yukino said it, he took the initiative to kiss Izuna himself.

“According to the steps, a kiss was on the schedule today, right?”

The flabbergasted Izuna looked comical, awkward and Yukino unconsciously averted his eyes.

“So, after this, I think it should be fine for us to be like husband and wife now…but”

Izuna was still making a somewhat surprised expression at the flustered Yukino.

“That’s why! Since we’ve taken all the steps, clearly, on top of my feelings, being spouses…”

“On top of your feelings…?”

“——…I too like Izuna!”

Since he would not understand it if he did not say it clearly, Yukino spoke angrily in too much embarrassment.

Instantly, his face flushed from his cheeks to his ears.

Izuna looked dumbfounded, but bit-by-bit it turned into a smile.

“At last?”

“Well, no, rather I’d say…”

Izuna had always been special.

He had thought those feelings had been of a very young friendship, but in truth since a long time ago those had probably been the feeling of love instead.

“Since Izuna had rescued me from being bullied, truly…I think I’ve felt something more special…something closer to love.”

But now.

He had not been able to recognize it for a long time certainly because it would give that person trouble.

A promise that sprang forth from a misunderstanding he made in his childhood foolishness.

The spouse thing had been a mistake. That’s why Izuna not coming for him did not mean he was breaking their promise.

That was the way he had wanted to think in. Because he had been scared of the promise having been broken.

Up to the point of almost losing his most important memory…

He had always thought like this, so his heart had grown obstinate, or that was what he thought.

“…I as well, ever since Yukino saved me and treated me while crying himself, it had been love for me as well.”

As Izuna spoke in a quiet voice, he slowly kissed Yukino’s lips.

Their lips touched several times and separated. Little by little he grew impatient and Yukino opened his mouth by his own will.

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