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After the evening meal, Yukino deeply sighed while submerged in the bath.

There were lights placed here and there in the dim bathroom, and the bathtub was so wide 4 adults could enter it at the same time, so it got full marks for creating a relaxed mood. What’s more it was filled with natural hot spring water so the water temperature was just right.

In this place where it felt like every nook of his body was about to come loose, Yukino tightly hugged his knees and gathered himself.

Today was truly a no good day.

Even he could tell that he was being absentminded at various points during the day…

After writing the resignation notice, as always he had been receiving instruction on how to make a dish, but he had burned it a little bit.

The cause of this was probably that whenever he thought of Izuna returning as soon as possible, he could not calm himself no matter what.

However, when he pondered over it, this was the first time he had the chance to prepare his heart, so wasn’t this inevitable?

Things had flown as such that the first time he had felt it happened without him understanding anything, and the second time he hadn’t been able to believe that this sort of thing was actually going to happen.

That’s why, spending time thinking about tonight…was very bad for his heart?

He really did not know what sort of face he should make once Izuna came home, not just making eye contact, he almost couldn’t even look at Izuna’s face.

“When I looked at him, he would grin thoughtlessly…”

How hateful.

Whose fault did he think it was, making people feel nervous like this?

However, in the first place, why was he being nervous like this? No, of course, it was a given that there was a grace period for feeling nervous…

Anyways, the thing that had to be done tonight, the pouring of divinity, since it was similar to medical treatment, it clearly shouldn’t be something to be embarrassed about.

He tried to think this way, but it did not change what had to be done.

Izuna would put his member inside his ass and then…


Yukino cried out reflexively, and sank into the bathtub on his back.

However, instantly he rose to the surface while reflecting that he’d done something bad mannered.

“I should give up and exit the bath.”

He had already washed his body. He had washed it to a stinging scrupulousness.

If he stayed like this he was probably going to get dizzy. If he got dizzy from the hot water, there was a possibility of postponing tonight’s events, but if tomorrow he had to spend another day with thoughts like these he felt it would be better to get this over with.

After he had the thought that this felt almost like facing a dentist’s visit, he again told himself that this too was medical treatment.

No, he tried to tell himself that.

While such complications circled in his heart, Yukino finished preparing. After he wiped away the moisture, put on the yukata and tied the obi, he diligently wiped his hair. As he did that, he suddenly caught sight of the tobacco container he had received at noon.

He traced the rough texture of its pretty embroidery.

Izuna’s feathers were inside of this thing.

—–His heart jumped once.

His chest felt a bit painful, so Yukino gently loosened the collar of his yukata.

Then, he picked up the portable candlestick and tobacco container and went towards the bedroom. he walked through the quiet corridor.

As he entered the bedroom, Izuna was already in the room. Since Yukino had curtly refused Izuna’s suggestion to enter the bath together, Izuna had gone to the big bathroom in the main building, but it seemed like he had returned first.

“You were there for quite a long time.”

“…it was normal.”

He gave such an answer, but there was a drinking vessel next to Izuna, so he had probably made him wait alone for a long time.

“Yukino wants some too?”

“I’ve decided to stop drinking alcohol for the present.”

As expected he had reflected and he did not want to have a hangover a second time…

As Izuna smiled at Yukino’s words and put down the sake cup, he stood up and moved to the futon.

“Hey, come here.”


Izuna called for him from his position on top of the futon, and Yukino nodded. He placed the candlestick and the tobacco container on the chest of drawers and went to Izuna’s side.

Feeling quite embarrassed, he sat down with a space for one person in-between them.

He realized that made Izuna laugh again, but he couldn’t raise his head either.

His heart was about to jump out from his mouth, and it pounded as he thought of saying this.

“But, but…it is strange.”

“What is?”

Shuffling his feet, Izuna got closer to him.

“I believe I drank a lot at the wedding reception as well, but at that time I did not get a hangover…”

The end of his words was cut off as his shoulders were embraced. Like this, lips were placed on his. And then, while exchanging kisses, they laid down on the futon.

“Well, that’s because at that time the sake had been diluted with water.”


As Izuna’s hands touched his flanks, Yukino’s body shook in surprise. During this there was the sound cloth chafing, and he realized his obi had been removed.

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