I’m a 22 year old from the middle of nowhere in Europe.

My three favourite things are-BL, Pokemon and tea.

What I offer are non-mtl translations of Japanese BL novels from my own personal collection. I’m not a native English speaker but I’ve been learning it for more than ten years by now, so I’m not so bad you know. I also got about 3 years of Japanese study under my belt, one of which I spent living in Japan. (That’s where I got all them books.)

My first project is ‘Secret nights in the Inner Palace’, a story where a cute hermaphrodite prince gets to dress up as his late sister, and then gets captured by the invading country’s Emperor and is made to enter the man’s harem. Basically all good stuff.


You can contact me with any questions below~


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  1. hello friend ! I really love what you do and I wonder when you’ll translate Yakujou ( since it’s the parent of the current one you are translating) I really want to read it
    Love you ?

    1. Hi. I’m happy you’re enjoying the story. As for your question, after I’m done with Affection I’ll be translating Tengu, but once that is close to done there will be a new poll and Hatsujou (the first novel in the series) will be added there. If it wins It’ll be the next project. It all depends on what people want to read.

        1. Wattpad deleted my profile. I didn’t erase it myself. All that was on Wattpad can be found on this blog. I do not currently have plans to re-register on Wattpad.

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