TATEV – Part 3.2

Here’s the promised next part, the second half of part 3. Warning, there’s some wedding night action further ahead~



“What are you doing there?”

Izuna’s voice came from behind Fugen.

Yukino had a feeling that for a moment Fugen’s expression had turned severe, but because the man turned around immediately he was not too sure of it. His seized arm had also already become free.

“It seems like I somehow got lost.”

“…if you’re looking for the foyer, it’s the opposite way.”

“I see, seems like I have been careless.”

As Fugen said that, at the exact same time Saburouta appeared from the inner part of the corridor. In his hands he was holding a tray with tea utensils on it.

“You’re just right. Saburouta, please guide Fugen to the foyer.”


As Saburouta gave a cheerful answer, he walked away to lead Fugen while still holding the tray.

After they saw them off, Yukino finally sighed in relief.

“…he didn’t do anything to you?”

“Ee? Ah, yea. I’m alright.”

“I see. I don’t think he’d be able to really do anything here, but…be careful of that man.”

As Izuna said that with a rarely seen severe expression, he fleetingly glanced in the direction in which Fugen had disappeared.

“Be careful…did something happen?”

“It’s not anything important, but—–”

What he heard was that Fugen had once been one of the contenders for the position of chief, in a manner of speaking it seemed like he was Izuna’s rival.

“Is this about him being jealous in his heart that it had been decided that you are going to become the chief?”

“Speaking simply, it is pretty much that.”

“I see.”

Remembering the somewhat superficial congratulatory words, Yukino was convinced that it was the case.

“I understand. I’ll be careful.”

As he nodded, Izuna’s expression loosened as if he had obtained peace of mind.

“For now, let’s return to the room.”

Nodding again at those words, they returned to the corridor. In the distance they could still sense the presence of people, but not to a worrying degree.

When they returned to the living room, the tea tray had been left there. It seemed like Saburouta had placed it there when he had passed by.

“Since he’s gone through the trouble, please have some tea?”

As Yukino said that, he poured tea into the teacup that had been prepared for Izuna.


When he handed over the tea, Izuna happily narrowed his eyes, accepted the teacup and tried it.

And then he laughed, making giggling sounds.


“Nothing ——-I was just thinking how happy I am.”

Saying that Izuna’s voice truly did sound joyful, and Yukino was suddenly lost for words.

“I…I se…see.”

Izuna took a long hard look at Yukino and once again smiled.

What was it, he felt extremely embarrassed. He could not take it.

He tried the tea so as to conceal his mood, but the moment he placed the teacup, Izuna’s hand reached out and embraced Yukino.


“As expected, this is good. You’re too cute so it was hard for me to hold back.”

“Wha…what are you saying…uwaaa—“

As it was Yukino was pushed down sideways onto the tatami, surprising him.

“What are you doing!”

While saying that he tried to push back, but Izuna did not budge even an inch.

On the contrary he caressed Yukino’s cheek.

“Wai…wait…a bit…don’t do that! Didn’t I tell you to follow the steps!”

He tried to push away Izuna’s face that had drawn near him with his palm, but soon that hand was seized.

“Of course, I remember your words.  However, you only have one bridal night in a lifetime, right?”

“Bridal night…stop saying it like that!”

“On top of that, this will be the first and last time I’ll be able to embrace Yukino dressed in the bridal costume. Isn’t telling me to endure it despite that quite cruel?”

“Don’t know!”

Certainly, that was probably the case, but if the once in three days thing was true, he clearly needed to be embraced again only tomorrow night…

“Getting an advance on tomorrow’s portion, that should be fine?”

[T.N. Izuna’s a pro-businessman when it comes to getting his hands on his little wifey~ Hope Yukino doesn’t ask for a security deposit firstXD]

“But it’s no good!? Aren’t there still guests about?”

Even though he responded like that, what he thought was that as expected it did not look like it was going to pull Izuna.

“Well, we retired to the detached room early. Even if we don’t do it here, isn’t it clear they will think we have?”

“There is no implicit understanding like….”

In a moment of unexpected weakness, his lips were kissed.

“Enough, give up!”

Izuna groaned a little at Izuna’s words.

“…next time certainly! After three days.”

“Ah, I promise.”

[T.N. hah, there’s like at least 80% chance Izuna is holding his fingers crossed behind his back. 3 days is half an eternity by Seme logic.]

Start of the Intimate Part – Here! [Password – tatev32]


Suddenly, feeling the dryness of his throat, Yukino woke up.

After he had blinked repeatedly, he recalled the state of affairs and was taken aback. He believed Izuna had been embracing him, but it seemed like he had fallen asleep without being aware of it.

He slowly raised his body. The room was dark, and he realized it was already night.

However, was that moonlight? A pale light faintly entered through the Shoji [paper sliding] door, vaguely lighting up the room.

Izuna was sleeping in the same futon as him, and a water jug was prepared by the bedside.

Yukino reached out for it with his hand, poured water into the wooden cup and drank it. As he drank it in one go, he calmed down just a bit.

Short and long sighs spilled from his mouth.

Murmuring quietly, he looked down at Izuna breathing in his sleep within the futon.

“Like this, as expected, he is surprisingly beautiful,” Yukino thought. Maybe because there was no expression on his face, that beauty was a little bit eerie.

To him it seemed like Izuna’s face looked more like it had long ago in the past when he was awake.

He vaguely remembered the Izuna of his childhood that had been within his heart for a long time. At the same time, why had things turned out like this, that sort of painful regret swelled up inside of him and he sighed again.

Since this was the only thing he could do, he had intended to assent and accept it. He didn’t want Izuna to get in trouble because of him…  However, was that really the correct thing to do?

He did not know.

Putting on such a beautiful Kimono and making a debut… That sort of thing was quite different from what his daily life had been like before, and in the darkness of this quiet night, to him it seemed like everything had been a farce.

It did not mean he doubted Izuna, however.

While he was thinking about this, Yukino once again gazed at Izuna’s sleeping face. Maybe because his eyes had adjusted to the darkness, he felt that he could see more clearly than before.

—–Come to think of it, this was probably his first time gazing at a person’s sleeping face…

Of course, the same went for sleeping together with someone in one futon.

It’s probably natural for an ordinary child to sleep together with his parents or to sleep in the same room with his siblings.

However, that did not apply to him.

On school trips there were other pupils in the same room with him, but he hadn’t deliberately looked at things like their sleeping faces…

As Yukino thought of that, his mood grew quite strange, and he once again silently slipped inside the futon. The futon that contained within itself the warmth of two people was soft and held the scent of sun.

On that subject he was wearing a yukata again, and his body felt refreshed. When he thought of the fact that Izuna had probably done this, he felt embarrassed and apologetic.

But since the one who had made him lose consciousness was Izuna, it was clear he was not the only one at fault. Probably.

While thinking of that, Yukino just gazed at the shadow created by the eyelashes falling on those white cheeks.


Next time – the morning after the wedding…

Till next time.

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