TATEV – Chapter 2/Part 3

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The moment he unintentionally sighed, the sliding screen opened and Izuna returned.

“I’m sorry for making you wait. —–Yukino? You’re looking pale. Do you still feel bad?”

Just as he saw Yukino, Izuna’s expression clouded.

“That’s not it, but…yeah, I’m fine.”

“Is that so? That’s good then.”

After saying that to Yukino, who had wryly smiled at him as if to dodge him, Izuna fell silent for a bit as if he was thinking.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I was thinking of giving you a tour of the residence, but should we drop the matter for now?”

Yukino shook his head at Izuna’s words.

“Didn’t I tell you I’m fine? Let’s go.”

“Is that so? You have to tell me immediately if you start feeling bad.”

As Izuna said that, he approached Yukino and easily held him up in his arms.

“Waa…wai…what are you doing?”

“It’s probably better for you to not move around too much.”

“Didn’t I tell you I’m fine?”

“No way. It’s clear it’s going to take more time for you to get completely used to the divine energy. Look, let us go.”

Without letting Yukino make any further objections, Izuna exited the room.

On the other side of the sliding screen there was a four-tatami wide space, and beyond that there was a tatami-matted corridor continuing to the right. On the exterior side of the tatami corridor there was also a wooden corridor and on the other side of that corridor there seemed to be a courtyard.

On the left side there was a wooden corridor, and first of all he was guided in that direction. The toilet, kitchen and bathroom were huddled together there, and there was also an entry hall you could leave through.

After that they turned back, and moved to the right side. There was a passage, and he realized that the building that he had been in previously was a separated independent structure.

The corridor went on for a long time, and outside the porch an expansive garden could be seen. In some respects the atmosphere resembled that of a temple.

As he recalled that Izuna was the master of this residence, it felt unbelievable to him.

However, if what Saburouta had said not so long ago was true, if he rejected becoming Izuna’s bride, there is possibility that Izuna will have to leave this place.

In addition, there was also the village and the mountain…

When he thought of that he almost became dizzy.

While he was thinking about it, he suddenly realized something. He had caught sight of several, how should he say, people who were seemingly inhabitants, but everyone he had met had been a small Karasu Tengu – there was no one who was like Izuna.

“Hold on, there’s something I’d like to ask you.”

Yukino asked a question after receiving an explanation that further up was where the servant house was.


“Are there no other Tengu’s like Izuna here? Somehow, every person I’ve met has looked like a Karasu Tengu.”

“Oh! I see. I had not explained that to you.”

While Izuna was saying this, they returned to the corridor they had come from.

“Fundamentally, there is only one Great Tengu like me living in this residence.”

“Great Tengu? Now that you mention it, Saburouta-kun had also said that, but is that different to Tengu?”

“No, they are Tengu. However, when we say Great Tengu, you can take it as us meaning Tengu who have come of age. They are the ones who are able to fly in the sky using divine power.”

He now understood. “Is that how they are classified?” Yukino thought.

“The child Tengu who is the successor —– sometimes it can also be a Tengu before coming of age, it is normal for the Great Tengu and his spouse to afterwards live with only Karasu Tengu.”

“Ee, then, what happens with the other Great Tengu?”

“There is a village outside the residence. Everyone lives there.”

“Is that so…”

He had heard that there was a village, but when he thought that Tengu’s also had social lives, he felt somewhat strange.

He didn’t know how large of a scope it had, but he guessed it had enough of a population to be called a village…

“You’ve become very quiet.”


“Weren’t you clamouring that you definitely weren’t going to become my spouse until recently? What are you scheming?”

Even though Yukino was indignant at the teasing tone, he did not feel like he could stare directly at Izuna, and let his gaze flow away.

“That, it does not mean I’ve stopped thinking that, but…”

Even though Yukino responded like that, in his head, since if he did not become his spouse Izuna’s pursue of the seat of chief would become nulled, and despite the fact that he had been the one to demand that promise,  a conflict whether he could put Izuna through something like that was born. [5]

[5] Terrible three row sentence. I’m not sure I got it right – そう返したものの、頭の中には、伴侶にならなければ彼が長の座を追われることや、自分が強請って約束させたようなものなのに、反故にして彼をそんな目に遭わせるのはどうなのかという葛藤が生まれていた。

And as he pondered about that, Yukino seemed to have returned to a place near the room he had been in originally together with Izuna.

However, when Izuna did not enter the tatami corridor that had a sliding screen but turned towards the sunny veranda, he sat Yukino on the bench.

“How is it? Do you like the residence?”

When Izuna sat in the seat next to him, he asked while peeking at Yukino’s face. Seeing that face, Yukino gave one big sigh.

He could not honestly judge whether he liked or disliked it, but, looking at it objectively, he thought it was a grand building.

It was old, but, how should he say it, he could see it was handled as a valuable thing or it had good quality precisely because it was old.


“The spouse, does it really, definitely have to be me?”

At Yukino’s words, Izuna gasped as if he was surprised and then nodded.

“—–Ah, that’s right. Don’t make me say it so many times.”

At the words that were mingled with wry smiles, Yukino tightly bit his lips.

“Does Yukino hate me?”

“That’s not so…”

At the unexpected words, Yukino looked up at Izuna in surprise, and furiously shook his head.

That was not the case.

“Izuna becoming my friend truly made me happy…I could not hate you.”

He was truly happy Izuna had kept his promise.

But, to him Izuna was only a friend. More than anyone, his most important…

That’s why he really could not handle things turning out this way.

Certainly, when he had been asked whether he would have a problem living here, he realized that he had no lingering attachment to the human world to a bewildering degree. He thought he should have neatly gone through the proper procedures to leave his job and he also thought he would have liked to at least greet Numata beforehand. But, that was all.

Like Izuna had said, from the bottom of his heart he was not really troubled by being taken away.


“Izuna, is it true that you’re the chief of the Tengu?”

“Yea? Ah, did you hear it from Saburouta? Rather than me being the chief of the Tengu, it’s more correct that I’m the chief of this mountain and the village that is located in this mountain. Since this is not the only holy precinct governed by Tengu.”

“Is that so…”

“Is something wrong with that?”

“—–Is it also true that you won’t be able to become the chief if I don’t become your spouse?”

At Yukino’s question, Izuna slightly widened his eyes and then wryly smiled.

“Was that also Saburouta? Seems like he informed you of some unnecessary things.”

“No, well, it’s because I said something unnecessary. That’s why, Saburouta-kun did not do anything wrong.”

“I know, I know.”

Izuna told him soothingly, and stroked Yukino’s head.

That hand was gentle, and because it did not seem like he was angry it made him feel relief.

“Not being able to become the chief? Well, I suppose that is true.”

Taking his hand off of Yukino’s head, Izuna said that in a light tone.

“But, well, since I’ve already welcomed Yukino like this, is it not an irrelevant conversation?”

“…stop saying such things on purpose.”

“What, is it no good?”

As if Saburouta’s seriousness had been a lie, Izuna laughed.

But, he guessed that it was Izuna’s kindness. During childhood as well, he had almost never seen Izuna being angry.

Except the time Izuna had saved Yukino when he was being bullied…

As expected, even though he’d done such a thing to him, he did not believe he could ever be able to hate Izuna. But, while that may be true, he could not easily accept becoming Izuna’s bride either.

When he thought of them being friends, he felt like they shouldn’t do that. And yet, he sincerely felt that it was wrong that because of that there were things that would be stolen away from Izuna.



As Yukino adjusted his seating position, he intently gazed at Izuna. Izuna too seemed to feel that Yukino was about to say something important. His face was earnest.

When Izuna made that face, he was really cool, and despite the occasion Yukino could admire him just a little.

Even though he was astonished by his own feelings, Yukino gently opened his mouth.

“I’ve always thought of Izuna as my friend, and that is true even now. That’s why still I have resistance to becoming your spouse. But…”


Not saying anything, Izuna waited for the continuation of Yukino’s words. As if Yukino was preparing himself, he strongly inhaled once.

“If it’s necessary for Izuna to be the chief here, I think I can take that position for the time being.”

This was the best he could do.

He did not know whether Izuna would accept that, but…

Yukino tightly bit his lip, and slowly looked at Izuna. While gazing intently at Yukino, Izuna fell silent as if pondering something.

“…in other words, are you saying you’re fine with becoming my spouse?”

Being clearly asked that, his cheeks grew hot.

“That…that is so!”

Yukino semi-desperately answered like that.

After all it had been his wrongdoing. Because he had made such a promise. After all he guessed there would be an end to it. If that is the case, he should take responsibility.

“I see!”

Izuna gave a broad smile happily, while vigorously embracing Yukino.

“Wai…wait a minute!”

Even though he was flustered by the tight hug, Yukino hurriedly forced back Izuna’s chest.

“I will take the position of your spouse. However! I said position, didn’t I? In other words, I mean it will be the opposite of a real marriage…a pretend one? Will it fine if it only resembles one?”

“…how could that be okay?”

At Yukino’s words, Izuna said that as if he was semi-shocked.

To Yukino, it was a plan for the sake of Izuna becoming the chief, that’s why he thought it was not bad, but it seemed like it was impossible.

“If that’s the case…at least, like…that, I want you to at least go through the steps!”


At Yukino’s words, Izuna knitted his brows in puzzlement.

“Certainly, I did promise you, but isn’t it true that we have met for the first time in 13 years? Thereupon suddenly getting married, it would not be normal even if we were a man and a woman.”

“Is that so?”

“That is so!”

He didn’t know how it was done in Tengu society, but he wanted to believe that in human society it was probably most likely as such. Even though he said that, since Yukino had no experience in love, his knowledge on the subject was also quite vague…

“Things like suddenly having s…sex, I think there are thing that should be done first.”

Realizing his face was getting progressively hotter as he spoke, Yukino hanged his head and meaninglessly stared in the vicinity of his knees.

“Things that should be done…like what?”

“Well, things like going to dates, joining hands, hugging…?”

“I see, I see.”

Izuna, however, did not especially object and threw out an agreeable response seemingly in great interest.

“If that’s what Yukino wants to do, let’s do it.”


Speaking accurately, it was not the case that he wanted to do it, but well – it was fine.

He could only stall, but he guessed he could endure this for the time being.

And so, the moment he sighed in relief…

“Well, even though you say that the marriage ceremony is tomorrow, and until you get used to the divinity it’s necessary to pour it in.”

“What? Tomorrow? Or better yet, what do you mean by ‘pour’?”

He guessed that, well, nothing can be done about the marriage ceremony now. But divinity? Pouring?

At Yukino having tilted his head, Izuna nodded as if it was not a big deal. Then a somewhat lewd smile rose on his face. And then.

“Didn’t I pour it in last night too?”

Saying that, he caressed Yukino’s waist. While he felt something resembling a chill rushing up his spine from his waist,  he thought “Could it really be?”

“Right here – amply.”

As expected, it is that…!

In other words —– it was about semen.

He wanted to ask if it was a joke. However, now that he mentioned it he had a feeling Izuna had said such a thing before. Last night had been frantic or he should rather say too many things happened and honestly he could not recall it too well.

“Incidentally, the frequency…”

“Well, in the beginning it should be once every three days.”

“Once every three days!?”

This, doesn’t it mean there will be no steps or anything? Yukino hanged his head, crestfallen. However, when he fleetingly glanced at Izuna, his mood seemed really good,

“Tomorrow’s marriage ceremony will be fun, hah.”

At the broadly smiling Izuna, Yukino sighed in resignation since this was also his own responsibility…


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