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Tengu-sama and the Eternal Vow ~A while later~

“Is it snowing…?”

Seeing the white crystals fluttering down from the dark sky, Izuna exhaled with a white puff.

The human world was as jumbled and noisy as always, but since this place was in the countryside, the night was very quiet. The lit lights were the level of a konbini perhaps.

Tengu lived relatively close to humans, so Izuna too had abundant knowledge of the human world.

Passing through the automatic door as if lured by the light, he stepped into the bright interior of the shop.

In the newspaper corner there were unsold newspapers remaining. Amongst them Izuna saw a heading that read ‘Another scandal for the priest’ and laughed a little.

When he picked it up and read it, he immediately realized it was about the temple Yukino had lived at.

“It went well, huh?”

In winter Tengu’s life became comparatively quiet. If he could make time Izuna sometimes went down to the human world and did some petty things.

It did not mean he did evil things. From the start the one who had a hand in committing a crime had been the head priest’s son. He had lent a hand to a matter of a fraud new religious organization.

Afterwards he had just helped for it to come to light gladly.

He had no difficulty entering the office of the new religious organization using his divine power. After that, well, he had just broadcasted the evidence, gladly.

It was often said that Tengu mislead human hearts. This result was probably for the best.

This sort of a scandal in a small countryside town, whose population continued to decrease, clearly would be damaging as it is.

As a slight smile floated on Izuna’s face, he returned the newspaper to the stand and exited the konbini.

And then once there was no streetlight and he was in darkness, he quietly spread his wings.

The first time Izuna had gone down to the human world had been about 14 years ago.

For the Tengu, there was no law that prohibited them from descending to the human world. Instead, it was strictly prohibited for them to let their wings or their transformation be seen. It was a rule that did not exist long ago in the past, but seemingly it had been newly created about 150 years ago.

In any case, because of that law, even though human children had been throwing rocks at him, Izuna had not been able to resist.

If he could turn into his Tengu form…no even just his human form, he could have easily defeated the human children.

As he had the vexing thought, finally some adult humans came and the human children ran away like baby spiders scattering in all directions.

With this finally he could return to his Tengu form, Izuna thought, but…

“Are you alright…?”

Izuna heard a small shaking voice and he looked up.

There he saw a child that was not significantly older or younger than the ones who thrown rocks at him earlier.

The difference was that he had no rock in his hand and just like his voice that hand was shaking.

“Sorry…I’m sorry…”

As the child said that for some reason, Izuna was gently picked up by those hands.

Then, he was brought to the boy’s home.

Izuna was bleeding from several places and the child tried his best to give him medical treatment while crying with large drops of tears.

If he was honest, that treatment was probably not appropriate for a young crow chick.

From the start, it was the sort of injury that could be healed then and there if he went back to the village and smeared it with the ointment that was made by the Tengu.

However, no matter how he tried, he could not take his eyes off the crying child.

“If I had any courage, I would have saved you before they did this…sorry.”

With his nose and eyes a bright red, the child repeatedly apologized to him. The tears continued to spill so much so he seriously wondered whether those big eyes were melting.

And yet he was a human child just like the ones that had thrown rocks at him earlier.

And yet there was nothing bad in this human.

Why was he so different?

And so, the moment he had thought of this question, he had probably already lost his heart to the boy. After that, when he saw that the child had fallen asleep in tears Izuna returned to human form.

There were still pretty crystal-like tears clinging to the bright red outer corners of the boy’s eyes, and after he had returned to the village as well, often he would recall that brightness and the red colour of his nose, cheeks and the rim of his eyes.

In the end he had wanted to meet that human child again and had descended to the human world ten days later.

Thereupon, the surprising thing was, this time the boy was being bullied.

Rocked were not being thrown at him. However, when he saw that boy being surrounded and poked at, he felt blood rushing to his head.

“What are you doing!”

Before he could ponder it, words jumped out from his mouth.

And then, with such a vigour, he had chased away the bullies. The only reason he had gone easy on them was that the crying child had been tightly gripping his sleeve.

If that had not been the case, thing would have probably turned much more violent.

For the Tengu there is no law that they cannot kill people, but there is a law that there cannot be any witnesses to it. The one who has seen it must also be killed.

Izuna did not want to kill the crying child.

That’s why he had to control himself.

“I…I’m Yukino. You are?”


Yukino, this sort of name perfectly suited this child is what Izuna thought while giving out his name.

[T.N. Yukino is written as雪野 which roughly means ‘snow field’]

“Izuna-kun? Thank you…for saving me.”

Yukino spoke and smiled. As expected his eyes and nose, and cheeks were red and there were sparkling teardrops sticking to his eyelashes… This time Izuna could not forget that smile.

It had been three days later that he had gone to meet Yukino that he had wanted to see no matter what.

After that except for days when he had business he could not push aside he did it every day. It did not mean he was always able to meet with Yukino, but since on those days he still came to check on his situation, Izuna had known about Yukino’s circumstances even before he had heard about it from Yukino.

And then, starting from the end of the spring, as they spent time together during the summer, Izuna grew to desire Yukino unbearably.

The chief of Tengu was given a special permission to take a human as his spouse. Although Izuna had become aware of that it took time.

It was on a summer day a year after their meeting that his decision had become final.

“Mamma also threw me away, it’s because I’m not wanted, I’m a nuisance…”

Yukino had once again been bullied by his nephew who was the same age as him and was crying as always.

Izuna softly stroked that small, quivering back.

“Yukino is mine, so I will definitely not abandon you. I will always treat you preciously…”

Izuna had murmured without thinking, and Yukino blinked at him.


“Yea, really.”

Even though he was a little flustered by the question, as Izuna nodded, Yukino opened his mouth and said in a shaky voice “Then.”

“I’ll give myself to Izuna. I will belong only to Izuna, and we’ll be together forever.”

At those words, Izuna felt as if the core of his body was burning.



“Will you promise me?”

Yukino nodded at Izuna’s words. All the while not even knowing what it meant to make a promise with a Tengu…

Returning to the village, that very day Izuna had told the priests he wanted to go through the training to become the chief.

Since the beginning of the training was in the fall, after saying this and until the beginning of the training Izuna continued to visit Yukino, but…


One More Part! Soon~


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