Please Kill The Voice Inside Of Me


Please Kill The Voice Inside Of Me (僕の中の声を殺して)

Author: Naho Watarumi/ Illustrations: Ayumi Kasai

Length: 9 chapters (281 pages)

Language: Japanese

Translator: HimikoChou

Mysterious life forms that hijack human bodies by parasitism have appeared!!  Furthermore, they seem to emit a language!? The staff member of the municipal office Noboriya who the life forms tried to capture is trying to request the help of the shut-in youth Miyazawa. Miyazawa has the ability to understand the language of plants and animals. Despite it being so loud, why can’t anybody hear this voice…? The boy who was suspicious of habits of falsehoods and had become distrustful of human beings hadn’t stepped one foot outside in 13 years. However, Noboriya was frantically persuading the frightened Miyazawa!?

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