The Tale of the Marriage of the Licentious Dragon


The Tale of the Marriage of the Licentious Dragon ~Nectar of the Blooming Ivy~ (淫竜婚姻譚~蜜蘭は乱れ咲く)

Author: Shizu Toritani/ Illustrations: Kasai Rikako

Length: 236 pages (not split into chapters)


Translator: HimikoChou


Because of secret orders given by his benefactor the nobleman Shibi, Setsuran began working in the residence of the noted shogun Rin Seiju. His objective was the investigation of the origins of Seiju’s child Shouou who is rumoured to be the emperor’s illegitimate child, but thanks to Setsuran’s devoted service Shouou soon becomes attached to him and gradually he begins to see the gentle side of the seemingly coolheaded Seiju. At such a time Setsuran was saved from being violated by the emperor’s younger brother while running an errand at the Imperial Palace by Seiju who brought to attention that: “That is the person I am going to take as a wife.” Towards the Seiju who put up with being insulted in front of the Emperor’s younger brother, Setsuran’s heart began to shake between a sense of duty and an awakening of love…

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  1. Oh damned…just beggining by the fact that the front ilustrations reminds me of Secret nights, and a future adopted child, my heart has skipped a bit damishhh ohhh my yakuza story, you are ina serious problem now…

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