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Chapter 6


The man he feared more than anyone was soon in front of his eyes. With a pale face that had lost colour, Takahito’s lips shook.

“How did you…?”

“It’s the ‘scent’.”

Arthur who was dressed in a turtleneck and a long black leather coat answered.

“I came here following the ‘scent’. If it’s your ‘scent’, no matter how many hundreds of yards separate us, I will sense it.”

That was the sense of smell of a mature adult…moreover one who was an Alpha.

Those words were in no way an exaggeration.

“It is useless even if you hide.”

The moment he heard that force to surrender like low tone from above him, Takahito’s back shivered. With Arthur’s arrival the core of his chilled body once again was wrapped in heat, and that heat was promptly transmitted all over his body.


The exaltation he had felt when he’d been listening to the howling had come back?

In reaction to Arthur’s voice?

Doubting his own abnormal action, shortly thereafter, Takahito suddenly realized.

“Perhaps…that howling earlier…was it you?”



He could not believe that the source of the heartrending beautiful howling had been arrogant tyrant in front of him.

(Even though…it was the first that time my heart has been moved in such a way that I even cried…)

As he was faced with a suspicious gaze, the man asked in return with discouraged expression “Is there any problem?”

“Not a problem, but…”

While the soul moving howling was still ringing in his ears, Takahito continued to speak with hesitation.

“Somehow…it seemed like you were calling someone. Where are you? …answer me now, like that.”

Arthur’s gaze slowly narrowed.

“If you knew I was calling, why did you not follow?”

(As I thought he had been calling!)

“Why did you hide?”

“Why…you ask…”Takahito faltered at the inquiry piled upon him.

That, that was because he’d resolved meeting with Arthur was disagreeable to him.

“You probably heard from Eugene that I was coming today?”

Takahito was annoyed by his manner of speaking that made it seem almost like the man wanted to say that no matter how long he’d been waiting, naturally it was his duty to come running once the man called him.

Even if he’d marked him, he was neither that man’s property nor underling. Neither was he a member of their pack.

(Don’t act like you’re my master!)

Takahito glared at the man who was dauntingly standing in his way and lording over him from above.

“It was because I did not want to meet you!”

The end of Arthur’s eyebrow moved with a twitch.


“Because if we met, you would again…”



Assault him. If he was assaulted again, he would probably get pregnant. He was afraid of that.

However, he pulled his lips close unable to speak of it.

Receiving the silently glaring Takahito’s gaze without being swayed, Arthur opened his lips.

“I heard from Eugene, but it seems your body has completely recovered.”

His shoulders shook at the low tone of the man’s voice.

Is the man saying since he’s recovered how about it? Had the man waited for a suitable time when he’d recovered to come assault him again?

(It’s definitely like that…)

Because of the sudden stress his limbs chilled.

Even so, not wanting the man to know of his fear, Takahito deliberately emphasized the glint in his eyes. It was the only resistance left to him now.

As he wondered at Arthur knitting his eyebrows at the defiant look in Takahito’s eyes, the man bent over and grabbed the collar of Takahito’s gown.


He reflexively resisted being made to stand.

“Le…let me go”

He resisted with all his strength, but he was not able to shake off Arthur’s hand.

(Like this…it’s the same as previously. …I’ll be done!)

Driven by his irritation, Takahito bit into Arthur’s hand that was holding the collar of his gown.


Using his eyeteeth he dug in with all his strength.

At the same time as his response of biting his sharp teeth into the hard skin, Arthur clicked his tongue a little bit. The man’s eyes that were raised in surprise glowed with a yellow light. It was just that part that had undergone beastly transformation.

(Did I make him mad?)

Due to the intensity of those beastly eyes his body was paralyzed, and the strength of his jaw slackened. As he released the arm from his mouth, he was lifted up by his seized collar. His body floated a few centimeters above the floor.


Having easily lifted Takahito with one arm, Arthur put their faces in point blank range where the tips of their noses could touch at any moment. The yellow eyes glowed with a piercing light.

“Don’t oppose me.”

He threatened in an earth crawling low tone.


(You’re blocking my neck…can’t breathe)

 When he flapped his mouth open and close in need of oxygen, unexpectedly the restraint loosened. Momentarily as Arthur’s arm that had been constricting his neck let go it became easier to breathe.


He was fiercely choked by all the air that had entered his lungs in one go.

“You’re suffering like that, why don’t you learn?”

Arthur threw a question at Takahito who was coughing violently holding a hand against his throat. There was irritation floating in that expression.

“I went easy on you so to not break you, but nevertheless for almost two days you were not able to get out of bed.”

As expected, that had been the man going easy on him.

“It’s clear that you learned with your body that it was pointless to resist me. Incorrigibly rising against an opponent one cannot beat is something fools do.”

With moist eyes Takahito glared at the man who had lowered his voice with annoyance.

“Maybe I am a fool, but…in comparison with suffering obediently it is…much better.”

It went without saying that he realized he was foolish.

The difference in status between him and Arthur, he’d been shown it to a hateful degree the last time.

If it came to choosing the way he was assaulted, the path of him docilely obeying what he was told without biting back would probably end in the least amount of damage. …with his head he understood that it was a struggle in vain.

But, he had at least a tiny little bit of a backbone.

He had pride as a member of the Jinguuji family.

“…if looked at from your side, it probably does seem very small and trivial. But for me it is a matter of having my pride as a man.”

Arthur silently looked down at Takahito, who had declared that like a challenge with a flashing glint in his eye, but before long he opened his mouth.

“Despite having a doll like face, you have a really strong will.”


“But, being stout-hearted is not a bad thing.”

Muttering as if speaking to himself, just slightly one corner of his mouth rose.


Did …he just…laugh?

Seeing that for the first time – as Takahito was taken off guard by an expression other than irritation, anger and scorn, Arthur continued “Well, it’s what one expects of a good upbringing.”

Immediately following that both of his arms were seized, and his body was turned around. One of his arms was twisted up, and his chest strongly pushed against the wall.

Start of the Intimate Scene (Password – ACK61)


Somebody’s learned the taste of nanshoku…muhamuha

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