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“How is it?”

“Not yet.”

Eugene shook his head sideways, and Arthur made a sour face. Takahito released the breath he’d been holding.

After having sex in the basement, he went a floor up carried by Arthur (He would not have been able to climb the stone stairs with his giddy legs. Knowing that, he had not bothered to argue with Arthur about being carried in his arms.) and then also up the wooden stairway till they arrived at Eugene’s room on the second floor.

When Arthur knocked, after a short time Eugene exited.

Seeing Takahito being carried by Arthur, it seemed Eugene sensed what had happened even without hearing any explanation. Immediately he invited them inside the room.

Having entered the room, Arthur put Takahito on the sofa and stood next to him. Eugene who was kneeling on the floor next to the sofa checked Takahito, and the result of that examination had been the earlier exchange.

“Is there no mistake?”

“Unfortunately, yes.” Eugene answered Arthur who was seeking confirmation with an unconvinced expression.

“He has not yet conceived.”

Eugene asserted clearly, and Takahito was drained on strength by excessive relief.

(I’m so glad…)

After the ‘mating’, for a long time, even during the examination, he felt uncomfortable living with anxiety and impatience.

However, the moment he breathed a sigh of relief, just following that, the question whether he could believe Eugene’s examination floated in his mind. No matter how much medical knowledge one had, can such a thing be known already?

One way or another that doubt seemed to have leaked out on his face. Eugene gave an explanation.

“Previously, I’ve said that I have a unique ability…That is my sense of smell. Ever since I was born, I’ve stood out even among my family with the sharpness of my sense of smell. I’ve always wondered whether it doesn’t have anything to do with me being born an omega, but…”

Even under normal circumstances werewolves have a more developed sense of smell than humans. But if it stuck out in its sharpness even amongst them, it was a considerable thing.

Because Eugene was an omega, he needed to sniff out the enemy’s ‘scent’ the fastest and escape. For that sake he had probably been endowed with the ability.

“With that power…you can scent out whether someone has conceived?”

“More accurately, I can discern the subtle changes in one’s body that happen due to fertilization. In combination with the results of the examination, with that I made a comprehensive judgement. But, the basis was the smell. The fact that you are an ‘Eve’ I also realized because your ‘scent’ is clearly different from other werewolves.”

Bending his ear at Eugene’s explanation, Takahito’s complexion suddenly changed at the last utterance.

“Wait, wait a moment. Is me being ‘Eve’ settled?”

Takahito tried to rise from the sofa in surprise, but Eugene held him back.

“It’s better if you don’t stand up so suddenly yet.”

 But, this was not the time to leisurely sit down and rest.

“Really? Am I really an ‘Eve’?”

Takahito enquired grabbing Eugene’s hand. Eugene nodded.

“Yea. At first when they brought you here, while I thought the probability was quite high I did not have complete conviction. Probably because your ‘Eve’ nature was sleeping deeply inside of your body. That nature has begun to awaken.”


“You’re not pregnant yet, but since you came here your body has gone through a radical transformation. It is reflected in your ‘scent’. There’s almost no mistake that you are an ‘Eve’.”

Takahito grew pale from the shock.

He’d been told by Arthur several times that ‘You’re an ‘Eve’’, and he’d been partially brainwashed into thinking ‘Perhaps’, but as Eugene asserted that, he felt like more and more he had no place left to run.

Had he after all inherited his mother’s genes?

Even if that was so, if he had not met Arthur…if he had not been embraced like that, his ‘Eve’ nature would have probably remained asleep for the rest of his life.

He would probably meet a very normal human girl, who was his ‘bondmate’, fall in love, and create a family.

[t.n. Pfff…honey, don’t you think that if you have the ‘Eve’ gene, it is more than likely that your future bondmate is going to be a man regardless?]

(If I just hadn’t met Arthur…)

Takahito looked up at the man who had awakened the ‘Eve’ inside of him, and changed his life. Because Arthur had also been looking down at Takahito their eyes met.

The ‘heat’ he had seen floating in that man’s amber eyes in the basement was no longer there, they were bright like midwinter moon.

Arthur coolly looked down at him who had not conceived. Takahito had a feeling he was scorning him for not being useful, and his temperature rapidly dropped.

Despite the fact that he was glad that he was not pregnant, but as he was basked in that man’s condemning gaze, he felt almost like the one who had sinned was him.

To cut off the self-torturing thoughts, Takahito averted his eyes from Arthur.


He once again realized.

For Arthur what happened earlier was an action for the sake of ‘mating’. Nothing more or less than that.

It was an action not accompanied by even a little bit of feelings.

(What’s with me?)

He was made to feel foolish….discomposed….and made to taste his first climax by that predatory man’s caresses.

He was not able to resist the pleasure, and extremely easily had been ‘changed’ by him.

His body had been changed into a vessel for receiving Arthur’s sperm.

(…I’m a fool.)

 Sick of his own foolishness, he wanted to cry.

Where had the him who had stronger self-control than anyone else gone to?

He was nowhere to be found…

Up till now, somewhere in his heart he had distained the type of people who lost their heads over sex.

However, now, there was no difference between them and him. They were the same.

A fool washed away just by simple pleasure. Ugly…dirty.

As he abused himself with his dissolute feelings, Arthur asked Eugene.

“You mean to say that the foundation has been set.”

“It seems like that. The rest is a matter of timing, I think.”

With the sibling’s conversation in his ear, Takahito’s heart grew even colder.

That’s right.

Since the ‘Eve’ was awake, no matter how soon he would become pregnant it would not be strange.

This time by chance he had been safe, but he did not know about the next time.

He will probably conceive next time…

He must not be washed away by pleasure. Definitely. Not a second time.

Engraving the admonishment in his heart, Takahito clenched his fists tightly.

That evening, Arthur stayed at the ‘Forest House’ for the night.

When Takahito heard that he was going to stay, he had been afraid that Arthur would attack him again as he slept in his bed, but Arthur who was using the room next to Takahito’s did not hide in the middle of the night.

With anxiousness he spent the time on the bed without dozing, but somehow near the dawn it seemed he had slept just a little bit.

When he woke up past 9 o’clock, Arthur’s figure was no longer to be found.

“Early in the morning Arthur returned to the principal residence in Cotswold.”

Hearing that from Eugene who had brought early morning tea he felt relieved.

Arthur’s stronghold was the mansion ‘Gosford House’ that was built on top of a small hill in Cotswold. The aristocratic mansion that had hundred years of history was apparently the place generations of Gosford family heads had lived in.

“When my late father had been the family head, I too, had lived in the ‘Gosford House’ with my grandfather and parents. Before Arthur was born, for the sake of becoming a doctor I had left the mansion and entered a University dorm. Because later my parents had died, I returned to ‘Gosford House’ and raised the yet little Arthur together with our grandfather.”

According to Eugene Arthur’s life consisted of living in the principal residence in Cotswold, and working in the office in London during the day.

“Working…What sort of work?”

“He operates the Gosford Asset Management Company. The Gosford Family has several companies, and as its boss he is very busy.”


His uncle Takao too holds both the position of the leader of the Jinguuji Family and the position of the leader of the Oogami Group.

It’s probably the same kind of situation as that.

At the same time as being Alpha, he had a high position in society. With both of those responsibilities on his shoulders, when he saw his uncle he understood how difficult it was.

Of course, he was probably chosen as the leader because he had the ability to do that.

While he drank morning tea, Takahito vaguely thought of such things, and quickly grimaced.

That was because he’d realized he’d been thinking about Arthur despite the fact that at great trouble it had ended with him not meeting the man face to face today.

(Don’t think about him. About that sort of guy.)

Because his body had been warmed by tea, he rose from the bed and took a bath. Yesterday night his body and mind had been exhausted and he did not have the composure to soak in the bathtub. He thought it was a Japanese trait, but nevertheless he was not satisfied by just taking a shower.

Soaking in the cooled down hot water, he dozed just a little. Maybe because he had only slept for 2 hours, his head felt heavy. But his body in comparison with the damage the first time was by far comfortable.

(Because that time during the night…I had been done repeatedly)

Be that as it may he felt that his body had somewhat began to get used to accepting Arthur, and his chest was noisy. Was this also one of the ‘changes’ Eugene had spoken of?

He got out of the bathtub, washed his body and head, and washed it away under the shower.

Standing in front of the mirror that reflected the entirety of his body, Takahito’s hand that had been wiping his body with a bath towel unconsciously stopped.

Putting the bath towel on top of the washbasin, he checked his bare body.

Carefully inspecting himself from top to bottom, furthermore he turned to reflect his back figure in the mirror.

From what he saw, it did not appear like anything in particular had changed.

While it may be true that the ‘Eve’ in him had awakened, it did appear that no feminine transformation like his chest swelling, his waist narrowing and his ass becoming rounder had occurred.

Facing forwards, he softly tried to touch his nipple that had not changed appearance wise. A tingling numbness ran over him, and he removed his finger in surprise.

“…what…was that just now…?”

Timidly, he tried to touch it again. This time sharp ache like numbness ran over him.

Strange. It wasn’t like this before.

Until he’d been tormented by Arthur, he had all but not been aware of the fact that his nipples existed…

Had they become strange because Arthur had obstinately tinkered with them?

You mean to say that the foundation has been set.

It seems like that. The rest is a matter of timing, I think.

Remembering the siblings’ conversation yesterday, his spine fidgeted.

His own body that had been changed by Arthur appeared repulsive to him.

(I’m not the same as I was before…anymore)

Averting his eyes from the mirror, in a fluster he put on the bathrobe to hide his body.


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