Affection:FP – Chapter 10/Part 6

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Shaking off the call, Arthur walked out the lounge.

Eugene who had risen from the chair instinctually followed after his younger brother.

Pushing the lounge door he exited into the corridor. However, Arthur’s figure was no longer there.

He ran to the entranceway, and went outside, but there was no sight of the tall figure amidst the snow either.

If Arthur was not outside, had he returned to his room on the second floor? Or has he gone to Takahito’s room?

If perhaps Arthur had gone to Takahito’s room, he probably shouldn’t intrude on them.

Even if Arthur had returned to his own room, he probably wanted to be alone right now.

He had followed Arthur on the spur of the moment, but when he’d regained his composure he realized he had no words he could say to his younger brother.

Standing still at the bottom of the stairs, sighs spilled out of Eugene’s mouth.

It was clear that Arthur loved Takahito.

And most likely Takahito too…

Eugene who had seen the events that had little by little shortened the distance between the two from the side knew that.

The two being attracted to each other was fate.

Surpassing the handicap of both being men, as well as the hurdle of being enemies, he thought it was pre-destined for them to be pulled towards each other like magnets.

To Eugene the decades younger Arthur was, of course, his cute younger brother. After their parents had died an early death, he had partly raised him by himself, and even if he excluded the fact he saw things in a favourable light as his family, Eugene thought Arthur had grown up into a magnificent Alpha.

The brave, tenacious, strongly responsible and warm Arthur’s ability exceeded that of their grandfather and father.

That’s why as well grandfather had chosen Arthur as the next Alpha.

In contrast Takahito was beautiful, wise and his heart was kind. His core was strong, and his unyieldingness was also charming, he was the partner perfectly suited for Arthur.

The two complimented each other no matter how you looked at it.

After he’d sensed that those two were attracted to each other, Eugene had begun to secretly root for them.

For his part, he who had been born as an Omega, he wished them to become happy.

That’s why he had earnestly hoped for those two to conceive a child as soon as possible, but…that wish did not come true.

Right now Arthur was in a predicament.

He was torn between his responsibility as the pack’s Alpha and his heart that loved Takahito.

Because he understood his brother’s pain as if he had taken it in his own hands, Eugene’s heart was also breaking.


A sigh that was even gloomier than before fell from Eugene’s lips, and he turned back to the lounge. He had immediately rushed out leaving behind their visitors.

Returning to the lounge, Eugene stopped his hand mid-way while reaching for the door knob. From the slightly open door, Wolfgang’s and Edgar’s conversation was audibly spilling out.

The purposefully lowered muttering voices worried him, and he glued himself to the wall next to the door. Eugene strained his ears at the conversation that could be heard from the gap.

“Edgar, this made you realise it too, right? Arthur, that guy has been moved by that female and has become boneless. Good grief, he is a fool. He has lost his mind.”

“…This is the first time I’ve seen him act like that… He has always been a man with a sense of responsibility stronger than anyone’s, but…”

“Certainly the female is pretty, but after all he’s the brat of our enemy. If it was me I wouldn’t pamper him like Arthur. Steadily assault him and if he does not give birth I would quickly get rid of him. …Edgar, for the sake of the continuance of the pack, we can only share that female. Luckily, our species can be fertilised by the seed of several males at the same time. We can manage to make the female give birth to my and your child all at once in the spring.”

“But, will Arthur allow that? With that appearance just now it doesn’t seem like he will hand over the female all that meekly.”

“If Arthur doesn’t hand him over, we will steal him. Arthur is certainly strong, but we are more experienced. If we hunt together it is possible we may bring him down.”


“The one who designated Arthur as Alpha was Oswald. But Oswald has died. There’s no need to be forever bound by the dead old man’s orders.”

“…losing Arthur would be painful, but…we have to think of the future.”

“That’s right. Like this, no matter which road we take we will only be destroyed. I by all means decline to be part of a double suicide with that love-fool Arthur.”


“If we do this the faster the better. We’ll carry it out tonight.”

The pale Eugene quietly drew back from the door. Having retreated two, three steps he turned on his heel and began to run through the corridor.  Running through till the stairway without stopping, he furthermore ran up the stairs. Because he ran rarely, he was out of breath, but he did not have the time to restore his breathing.

Arthur’s room or Takahito’s room? He hesitated, but first he went towards Arthur’s room.

Sure enough, Arthur was in his own room.

His back was leaning against the high back chair of his writing desk, and he was glaring at the air with a severe expression that drew a wrinkle in his brow.


Eugene suddenly entered the room without knocking, and Arthur gazed at him in slight wonder.

“Eugene, what’s wrong?”

“Wolfgang and Edgar…”

Running up to the writing desk like he was falling over, Eugene brought to Arthur’s attention.

“Those two?”

“I overheard those two talking. They are planning to take you down and steal Takahito. They said they will be carrying it out tonight.”

Arthur’s complexion quickly changed. He rose from the high back chair, folded his arms and began to slowly walk. Eugene attentively watched his younger brother who had his thinking face on while holding his breath. After he’d gone around the front of the desk once, Arthur suddenly stopped. Looking at his older brother, Arthur called out to him “Eugene.”

“Go down, pretend that you haven’t noticed anything and send away those two.”

“I…I understand.”

“I’ll talk to Takahito.”

As he said that, Arthur’s expression was as solemn as if he’d made a grave decision.


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