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“Arthur? You’re awake?”

“…uh huh. You were sleeping very well.”

“…what’s wrong? Your expression is slightly troubled.”

At those words Arthur realized he’d been unconsciously wrinkling his brows. He put a smile on his face to reassure Takahito and murmured “Nothing at all.”

“We should soon get up and get ready. In the afternoon Wolfgang and Edgar will be coming here.”

Hearing the two men’s names Takahito’s face stiffened.

Arthur bent his body and kissed the white, smooth forehead. And then whispered.

“Don’t worry. I will protect you.”

Around afternoon, as planned Wolfgang and Edgar arrived at the ‘Forest House’.

As soon as they entered the house, Wolfgang as usual took a look at Takahito with scrutinizing, unreserved eyes. His mouth was also grinning unabashedly, he was not at all trying to hide that he saw Takahito as a ‘female’.

Barely supressing the impulse to throw Wolfgang out, Arthur ordered Takahito in a low voice.

“Go up to the second floor.”

In response to Arthur’s order, Takahito went up to the second floor with a reluctant expression. After he heard the sound of the boy’s room’s door closing, Arthur prompted the visitors.

“Let’s go to the lounge.”

He entered the lounge with the two of them following him, and each of them took a seat. Wolfgang and Edgar sat on the sofa, and just as Arthur sat down on the armchair that was opposite it with a low table in-between, Eugene brought black tea.

Having served tea to each person, Eugene settled into the armchair next to Arthur.

“Well then, the other day we talked about waiting until the full moon. The full moon has passed, how’s the progress?”

Wolfgang immediately pursued the core of the matter.

“…not yet.”

Arthur answered with a pained expression.

This morning too Eugene had shaken his head.

Even though they had mated in wolf form under the full moon it had been useless. This time Takahito had been proactive as well, and they had embraced each other consensually. That had been the case yesterday night as well. Nevertheless there was no result.

As he came to this point it seemed beyond help…it felt like all doors were closed to them.

A little bit blatantly clicking his tongue, Wolfgang spit out “As expected, he is not an ‘Eve’ after all!”

“Even though we especially brought him here from Japan, he’s just a useless brat.”

“It’s not Takahito’s fault,” Arthur objected to Wolfgang who was speaking of them selfishly kidnapping the boy in a heartless manner.

“Are you defending that brat?”

“It’s not like that…the problem probably lies on our side.”

With a sullen face, he dropped in a bitter voice.

The possibility that even like this there would be no results could not be denied. It was possible that the curse that was affecting the Gosford Family could not be lifted even if the partner was an ‘Eve’.

“You mean you’re seedless?”

Wolfgang bent himself forward gleefully.

“If that’s the case it’s fine even if you let me take over? If I can’t do it then next would be Edgar.”

“…stop the unfunny jokes.”

Wolfgang shrugged his shoulders at Arthur who was threatening him in a low voice.

“It’s not a joke? If you can’t get him pregnant, there’s no other way but to let us do it. On this occasion, wouldn’t it be fine if the one who impregnates that brat becomes the Alpha?”

“Wolfgang…should I interpret it as you challenging me?”

Arthur’s amber eyes glowed even more dangerously. The one those eyes were aimed at Wolfgang also did not pull back, and belligerently glared back. Eugene worriedly half-rose to his feet at the two who were frankly displaying their animosity towards each other.

“Oi, this is not the time for discord.”

Edgar threw cold water on the critical touch and go standoff. Subsequently after performing an intercession in a calm voice, he turned towards Arthur.

“I think you understand this well, but the end of mating season is drawing near. If we delay this till next year, the risk of the Jinguuji Family in Japan pining down our location and coming here to get the boy back will increase. If we assume that, it would be best if we complete it this mating season as we had previously planned and make him give birth to a child in spring. Arthur, if you turn it over to us, we will take over the ‘Eve’ and be another hand helping to try to create a child. This mission concerns the life or death of our family. Above all else our priority should be the resulting ‘child of the pack’. On this occasion you should set aside your pride as an Alpha and your personal feelings.”


Admonished by the sub-leader Edgar, Arthur kept silent with a grim expression.

The things Edgar had said were correct. With his head Arthur knew that if he considered the pack’s continuance as the most important goal that was what he should do.

If he himself could not create a child, he should entrust it to those two. According to that it would become clear whether Takahito not conceiving was Arthur’s individual problem or the problem of the whole Gosford Family.

And then as a result of the trials, if a child of either Wolfgang’s or Edgar’s seed was created their pack would be able to escape destruction.

The continuance of the pack – just that, was the dearest wish of the Gosford Family.

If it was before meeting Takahito, he would have been able to prioritise the pack without hesitation. Things like being perplexed by his personal feeling would be impossible in the first place due to his position as Alpha.

However, right now no matter what…he couldn’t do it.

Things like leaving Takahito to Wolfgang and Edgar…he couldn’t do that.

Just by thinking about Takahito being embraced by any other man, his head seemed to become strange.

“Arthur, what’s wrong?”

Edgar prompted Arthur who was keeping silent with a bitter facial expression. Looking at Arthur’s condition and broadly grinning Wolfgang curved his mouth even more and barked.

“Well, if even letting us try is no good, there is no choice but get rid of the brat.”

Because of Wolfgang’s timing of saying or not saying that till the last moment, Arthur who had stood up grasped his cousin’s collar over the low table.

“You bastard.”

Wolfgang too grabbed Arthur’s collar in return.

“What’s your complaint!”

“Arthur! Wolfgang! Cut it out!”

Edgar cried out and cut in-between the two who were facing off and glaring at each other.

“Calm down you two!”


Having had tightly dug into the jawbone, Arthur loosened his grip. Wolfgang brushed away the hand, and snorted. Nevertheless, as if his feelings couldn’t be sorted out, he spit out hoarsely “Damn that.”

“Arthur, you are clearly being controlled by your own personal feelings.”

Edgar informed him with a severe expression.

It did not have to be pointed out to him; Arthur himself knew that he was being a slave to his own personal feelings.

Things like not first and foremost thinking about the interests of the pack, it disqualified him as an Alpha.

Despite him understanding this, he could not control his own feelings…

More than being aimed at anyone else, from head to toe he was brimming with resentment towards his own weak-mindedness.

“That ‘Eve’ is a member of a family that is in opposition to ours. For the sake of not leaving any enmity behind as well, we will sooner or later have to get rid of him.”

[T.N. The way they’re going on about it, it almost feels like some Romeo and Juliet shit with all the family feuding. Luckily I can promise you a far happier ending than those two classical lovers hadXD]

Edgar continued to speak.

“You see? Don’t forget that. Your heart is too kind. You have to be more callous. Things like showing compassion to enemies, you shouldn’t…”

“Don’t order me!”

As he noticed it Arthur shouted at Edgar.

The place fell silent.

Pushing aside Edgar who wore a baffled expression, Arthur went straight for the door.


Eugene called him, but he exited the lounge without looking back.


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