Affection:FP – Chapter 11/Part 1

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Chapter 11


He could hear a nostalgic voice.

A voice…he knew very well.

The intonation in which he was being called ‘Taka’ was also familiar.

“Answer me, Taka…”

That’s right…Kizuki. It’s Kizu’s voice.

They’d been together since they were in their mother’s stomach, he was the sibling with whom he’d gone everywhere, as well as laughed and cried together.

“Where? Where are you?”

Kizuki’s voice gradually got closer.

“Takahito where are you?”

Finally he could hear that voice near his ear.


With a snap his eyes opened, and Takahito suddenly got up. Reflexively, he turned his head around to ascertain his surroundings, but there was no one. Of course, the figure of Kizuki was also not there.

“…that surprised me…”

Speaking with himself in between sighs, Takahito brushed away his bangs.

Wolfgang and Edgar had come for a visit and he had been ordered by Arthur to go up to the second floor, and although he had reluctantly gone up to his room he had been vaguely doing some deep thinking without being able to engross his mood into reading his book – it seemed like he had dozed off on the sofa.

Even though this time he had not spent the whole night running across the snowy mountains and hunting with Arthur they had embraced each other holding every moment dear to them…that was probably the reason for the continuance of his sleepless nights.

(That was Kizuki’s voice.)

He had heard the last words as clearly as if Kizuki was almost right next to him.

-Answer me, Taka…

-Where? Where are you?

The supplicating voice did not leave his ears.

The real Kizuki was also definitely desperately searching for him.

Despite that he himself was…

Kizuki was probably sensing the changes in him. Even though their bodies were far apart, he felt that they twins were connected by their thoughts.

His older brother had probably noticed his betrayal…

As he thought of that, his chest began to hurt severely as if someone had directly bit into his heart.

(Sorry…Kizu…I’m sorry)

That full moon night – in that cave, Takahito had desired Arthur’s child and by that had accepted his own feelings, and so in the end he had not run away after that.

He had let go of perhaps his last chance for a full moon night’s escape by his own will.

Rather than his body’s freedom, he chose to remain by Arthur’s side.

That is to say, it meant that he chose Arthur rather than his family.

He knew that it was an act of treachery against everybody in his family in Japan.

But, right now, he could no longer separate from Arthur.

If they separated, certainly…they would not be able to meet a second time.

If that happened, the rest of his life without Arthur would be just like an empty husk, he knew he would only be living meaninglessly…

However, his life here, he did not know how long that would continue. Actually, right now Wolfgang and Edgar had come visiting and were holding a discussion. Probably Wolfgang was again attacking Arthur incessantly because of the matter of a child.

Tired of waiting for results that did not come, there was a possibility those guys would stage an uprising.

Right now for the time being Arthur was supressing them, but it was unknown when their dissatisfaction would implode.

Even under normal circumstances, Wolfgang did not think well of Arthur. He was unable to stomach that Arthur who was his junior was the Alpha. He was aiming to topple the current hierarchy if there was an opportunity.

In Takahito’s eyes Arthur and Wolfgang already looked like a critical situation.

If perhaps the people within the Gosford family began to fight…most likely all the members would be injured.

Be it Arthur or Eugene, not one of them would probably end up uninjured.

This and that too, it was because he was not conceiving.


Why couldn’t he do it?

Despite him wishing for it like this. Despite him thinking from his heart that he wanted Arthur’s child.

His mom had quickly gotten pregnant with dad’s child. As a result of his mom loving his dad and being loved in return by his dad, as necessary he had feminized and conceived him and Kizuki.

The circumstances were clearly the same, but…

As expected, it was because he was not an ‘Eve’?

Or…was it because Arthur did not love him?

He was startled.

It was possible. Arthur did not embrace him out of feelings of love. It was because of his sense of responsibility as Alpha.

The man wanted a child, but that did not mean the child had to be with him. It’d be fine even if it the child was made with someone else. There was no doubt that if possible naturally a human woman would be better.

(As long as there could be a child, it did not matter…who was the partner.)

Flustered by the reality he had just confronted, as Takahito pressed his hand against his chest that hurt like it was being pierced by needles, there was a knock at the door.


The double doors opened, and Arthur entered.

“Arthur…where are those two?”

“Went back.”

Hearing the short reply, Takahito sighed in relief. He disliked those two. They looked at him who was part of the enemy family as only ‘a child birthing tool’. They were only using him, and when he became useless they would kill him.

While he was thinking about such things, Arthur directly stepped up to the sofa.

Takahito rose, attracted, and the man grabbed both of his arms, and just as Takahito thought he was about to pull him closer, Arthur tightly embraced him all of a sudden.


Surprised by the sudden hug, Takahito held his breath. The strength of Arthur’s arms gradually grew stronger, and finally he was being embraced so tightly his back was bending.


Because it wasn’t Alpha-like, Takahito was bewildered by the impulsive behaviour driven by violent emotion.

“Wha…what’s the matter?”

Having burrowed his face in Takahito’s neck in silence, Arthur withdrew his strength just as abruptly as he had begun this. Arthur released him from the hug and separated their bodies.

The moment their eyes met Arthur opened his mouth.

“I’m setting you free.”


Damn…the plot’s moving guys….

Also fun note – due to yesterday’s bad news I ended up buying Hatsujou from Kindle to make myself feel better. Hatsujou is the first book in the ‘Jou’ series of books that Enjou (Affection) is part of. It’s about Takahito’s uncle and Yuuki-mama. So maybe in the future we’ll see me translating the whole series of 9 books…maybe…I’ve actually read the manga made based on these novels and I quite liked Yokujou (the one about Takahito’s and Kizuki’s parents)…pity they didn’t make one for Enjou, though.

Anyways, see you soon~



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