Affection:FP – Chapter 9/Part 2

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Most likely, he had been hurried and flustered by Edgar and Wolfgang.

Takahito could understand Arthur’s position and sense of responsibility as the Alpha.

Hearing the history of the Gosford Family, their dearest wish of leaving descendants in the future world had resounded in his heart.

Because he had not participated in the attack 17 years ago, Arthur had to produce results no matter what, and had to fulfil the hope of Gosford family’s continuance.

(I understand their feelings painfully well…but)

Being embraced for that reason was still a ‘no’ to him.

The current ‘no’ was a different type. Until now generally speaking the act itself had been a ‘no’.

But now, he knew the pleasure that the act brought to him.

He knew the pleasure Arthur gave to him.

How sweet that was he…


As he thought of that act being just a task to Arthur, no matter how much promised pleasure there was it appeared fruitless. He had a feeling that the better it felt, the stronger the feeling of emptiness after it had been washed away.

Slowly Arthur fell upon him. The sweet spicy ‘scent’ coiled around him, and Takahito’s head became dazed.

No good…when he was surrounded by this ‘scent’, his reasoning disappears…he is washed away.

His field of vision completely covered by the graceful face, the moment the man’s exhale touched the tip of his nose, Takahito turned his face away from Arthur. Fighting against the allurement of the ‘scent’, Takahito pushed at the man’s chest with both hands.



Surprised by the seemingly pained voice, Takahito turned his face back.

(What?…that expression…)

Because the previous time in the cave he had invited the man himself, Arthur had probably not thought he would be rejected.

Despite the fact that if that was the case it would be fine if he overbearingly stole him away like the previous times, Arthur did not try to do that.

He just looked down at Takahito’s face in silence.

It looked like there was anguish showing through the depths of his amber eyes, and Takahito’s chest was squeezed tightly.

Unable to bear the suffocating gaze, Takahito once again averted his eyes.

“Even if you do such a thing…it is pointless.”

He whispered in a careless tone.


“Your desire won’t be granted. Despite the fact we’ve done it many times…I have not become pregnant. I definitely am not ‘Eve’.”

For some reason the words coming out of his mouth made his chest hurt and that surprised him.

Why did it hurt? It was clear he did not really mind even if he was not an ‘Eve’.

For example if even if he was assaulted there was no possibility of pregnancy that would be much better.

It would be much better not to be…an ‘Eve’.

As Takahito bit his lip unable to understand his own emotions, Arthur asserted in a firm tone of voice “You are ‘Eve’.”

“I can tell.”

Feeling like he was being comforted, Takahito glared at Arthur.

“How do you know that?”

Arthur’s eyes glowed bearing heat. As he appeared to pierce Takahito with his burning eyes, Arthur grasped his hand, and guided it to his carnal part. He pressed Takahito’s hand against the hot, swelling object.

“Me reacting to you just like this is proof.”


“My feelings, my thought of desiring you, they are proof that you are ‘Eve’.”

Takahito’s heart pounded, and his spine went numb like it had been hit by an electric shock.

Desiring you – this was the first time Arthur had said with words.

There was a blazing ‘heat’ being transmitted from the lustful part his hand was touching, and Takahito’s body temperature rose bit-by-bit.


Arthur called his name in a husky voice.

The man had told of his ‘desire’ with both his body and words, and was waiting for Takahito’s reaction to it.

Takahito felt that today Arthur wished them to embrace each other based on mutual consent, and not to take him one-sidedly.

(No good…I should not accept it.)

Seeing that even if it was only slight there was a possibility of him becoming pregnant he should reject the man.

Take the fact he wouldn’t be assaulted by sheer strength as good luck, flatly reject the man right here and now and wait for the full moon tomorrow. Just as the moon is full, he’ll run away from the ‘Forest House’.

That would be for the best. It would be the right choice.

He understood that with his head. There was no room for comparison. Only one choice.

Despite that…

When Arthur’s large hand touched his cheek, it was already useless. In an unconscious gesture, Takahito rubbed his cheek against the palm of the firm hand.

As he was gazing heatedly at Takahito’s eyes, Arthur moved his head closer.

He put it so close Takahito lost focus. And then.

Together with a sigh warm lips touched him.

As if ascertaining the feeling of Takahito’s lips, Arthur pressed against them several times. Next a little while later he gently kissed them. The left corner of his lips, the middle and the right corner, he kissed them all while moving around.


Having become dazed while all this happened, Takahito suddenly opened his eyes wide.

Because he belatedly all of a sudden understood what this was.

(Ee? Kissing?)

Kissing? …we’re doing that?

They’ve had sex several times up to this point, but they had not kissed even once.

Because kissing was an expression of love, it was something that did not concern them.

It was obvious kissing was not needed for ‘mating’.

(Despite that why?)

While Takahito was being bewildered as well, Arthur kissed, pecked, licked and sucked Takahito’s upper and lower lip. After Arthur had used his own lips and tongue to carefully and courteously caress him, the man poked with the tip of his tongue at the space between Takahito’s upper and lower lip that he’d unconsciously pulled closed.

“Your mouth…open it.”

Unable to oppose the impatiently voiced order, Takahito slightly opened his lips. Just then, as if it had been impatiently waiting for an opening the wet lump entered.

(A tongue?)

By the time Takahito realized it was Arthur’s tongue, the man was already moving it inside his mouth like it was his own property. Places like his upper jaw and the backs of his teeth, the depths of his throat, the row of teeth and the other side of his cheeks, the thick crawled around there as if exploring.


Losing its place Takahito’s tongue that had curled up on itself was caught by Arthur’s tongue. Following the viscously entwined tongues, saliva poured in the depths of his throat.

In reaction he gulped and his throat grew thirsty.

Not giving a moment of rest to Takahito who had received a shock by swallowing another person’s saliva, Arthur invaded him to the depths of his throat.



Gradually Takahito’s head grew hazy white, and his eyes moistened.

Was it the fault of lack of oxygen, or was it because of a different reason…he couldn’t even tell that. Without knowing how to appropriately deal with his first kiss, Takahito could only stiffly permit the intrusion.

(Kissing…this is…kissing)

Each time the inside of his mouth was stirred strength left his stiff body and his consciousness muddied. The wet kissing sound reverberated in his eardrum, and the overflowing saliva he was not able to swallow dripped from the corners of his lips.

Just as almost complete control of his oral cavity was seized, finally the mouth to mouth contact was dissolved.

As if embracing the worn out Takahito, Arthur hugged him close tightly.


Takahito’s breath was taken away by the sudden embrace.


Wrapped in the chokingly sweet and spicy ‘scent’, Takahito called the man’s name as if gasping.

Arthur did not say anything.

In silence he continued to hold Takahito.

From the chest he was glued to, Takahito could feel the slightly faster heartbeat. Arthur’s heartbeat and his own heartbeat, soon the two that had beat separately in the beginning overlapped exactly.

The moment Takahito felt the sound of Arthur’s heart as if it was his own, his chest shook unbearably.

Painful. Sweet. Painfully…sweet.

Taken over by the sordidly melted together feelings of sweetness and pain, Takahito abruptly realized.

The reason why even though theoretically he understood he couldn’t do this he couldn’t reject the man.

The reason why his ‘no’ was held because of the sense of responsibility.

[t.n. I think Takahito’s referring to Arthur’s sense of responsibility here.]

The reason why he felt sad he could not live up to Arthur’s hopes.

Above all else the reason why he reacted to Arthur’s scent and went into mating heat.


 He liked Arthur…

It’s because he likes him. …because of that.

By applying as a ‘solution’ just that one word ‘like’ the many mysteries that had perplexed him had been cleared away in one go.

(That’s right. I like. …I like him.)

As for once he had become self-aware, like a dry sponge absorbing water every nook of his body was pervaded by feelings of love with a great vigour.

In the blink of an eye, the entirety of his body was filled with ‘like’.

He could not tell since when things had delineated.

Since when had he begun to be charmed by the head of the Gosford Family who had held him down with overwhelming force and assaulted him?

Why had his feelings of clearly only hate and fear towards the man had changed into an awakening of love?

Had the richly spent time burrowed into snow had made it so? Was it because they had joined their flesh many times?

Was it due to coming into with the man’s broad-mindedness as an Alpha, and the man’s masculinity of a wild wolf that he himself lacked?

No…to begin with that moment they had first exchanged glances on the road, had he already fallen in love?

It could be all that, and it all could be a miss.

Since even Takahito himself did not understand it, he felt there was no special point to the guessing.

Because the man has already become liked by him.

Because beyond becoming aware of it, he could not trace it back…

(Why did I have to fall in love for the first time in this way?)

He reflected upon this bittersweet love.

It was not desired by anyone. It would not be a blessing to either the Jinguuji or the Gosford Family.

It appeared that no matter what this love could not bear fruit.

The man was the leader of the family that planned to kill him even if a child was or was not born.

For Arthur he was part of the family he was destined to oppose. The son of the man who killed a member of his family.

Certainly the man had saved him when he fell into the river. He had also protected him from Wolfgang. And also taught him to hunt.

But that was because the man thought he was ‘Eve’.

Arthur currently believed he ‘desired’ him also because of him being ‘Eve’.

The one the man craved for was the the ‘Eve’ him. And not Jinguuji Takahito.

[T.n. Oh, gods, this old trope. AKA – No, you just want me because I’m *** and not because of the real me…yada…yada. Particularly popular in reincarnation stories.]

He would probably show no interest in him who was not an ‘Eve’.

As proof of that, in the beginning they had planned to aim for his mom, but just as they realized his mom was not an ‘Eve’ anymore they readily changed their target to him. To sum up, that’s how it was.

The possibility of Arthur who was not homosexual falling for the male him was…not even one in a thousand.

[T.N. Sigh…Taka, honey, your wilful ignorance is starting to grate me…still saying Arthur’s straight even while touching the man’s erect dick…I’m losing hope for him…]

The harsh conclusion he had arrived at made Takahito’s chest hurt sharply.

(I’m glad I did not realize it sooner.)

His heart could not be made to flutter in anticipation of fulfilment. It would have been good if he had not realized the love that ended the moment he became aware of it.

His too fleeting first love made just a few tears appear.

Bearing the heartache, Takahito put his arms around the back of the man he loved.

The only thing he currently allowed himself.

He returned the tight embrace of that strong tenacious body. Arthur shook in surprise.


After they had embraced in silence for a short while, Arthur let go of him. Putting a little distance between them, he peered at Takahito’s face. The man pointed his gaze that was searching for Takahito’s real intention towards him.

“…is it okay?”

Even if it was him as an ‘Eve’…even then it was true that now in this moment the one Arthur desired and wanted was him.

Takahito knew he must not do this. Consensually embracing each other despite the possibility of pregnancy, he knew that it was an action that betrayed his worrying relatives.

He should reject the man.

But, he was not strong enough to be able to reject the man he liked pursuing him.

(I’m sorry…everyone…I’m sorry.)

Aware of the crime in his heart, Takahito softly closed his eyes in invitation.


Arthur once again overlapped their lips.

The first kiss after he became aware of his feelings made Takahito’s chest quiver, and the corners of his eyes were steadily tinged with heat.

(Arthur…I like you…like you…)

He could not say it.

If he said that it would trouble Arthur. Because the man was truly kind, if he knew of Takahito’s feelings he would be troubled.

He did not want to trouble the man he liked.

[T.N. Or more like, if you balled up and confessed we’d probably have to cut the story short here, cuz it’s bloody obvious you’ve charmed the pants off Arthur as well.]

(…like you…like you…)

While he repeated the sentiment he could not say in words, Takahito opened his lips and by his own will invited Arthur’s tongue inside.

Earlier when they kissed he had not been able to do anything, but this time he timidly entwined their tongues.


Guided by Arthur he awkwardly responded to the man’s demands.

While he enthusiastically responded to the deepening kiss, slowly before one knew it – the last of his guilty feeling had become distant.

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