Affection:FP – Chapter 9/Part 1

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This and There Will always Be Protagonists with Delusions of Starting a Harem are probably my fave Quick Transmigration BL novels aside from QWTFOTD.

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Chapter 9

Returning to the room, Takahito sat down on the sofa as if he was crumbling down. He covered his face with both of his hands.

He probably spent about 10 minutes sitting just like that.


As time passed his dishevelled pulse calmed down just a little. His head whose thought patterns had become stilled due to shock also gradually began to work.

Truly the situation was extremely serious.

The possibility that he would be killed no matter what was there, but it did not mean it would happen immediately. Moreover at least Arthur and Eugene did not appear positive about disposing of him.

In that Takahito discovered his only ray of hope.

(Calm down. Even if you get flustered, there’s no use. Calm down.)

While he repeatedly suggested that to himself in his heart, the noisy loud uneasiness also settled down.

Removing his hands from his face Takahito took a deep breath.


Somehow just barely this ended without him falling into a panic.

When it became so, Takahito gave a close-up look to the matter from the four person conversation earlier that weighed on his mind.

-That brat’s family is our enemy.

-There’s no need to keep the son of our enemy alive. We should get rid of him.

Previously too Wolfgang had said some worrisome things.

-My older brother, he was killed by your old man 17 years ago.

-As his son, you should compensate for that crime.

At that time, immediately Wolfgang had begun to assault him so he had not been able to verify whether that was true.

After that as well, since he could not very much rely on Wolfgang’s words, and he hadn’t had a chance to verify it with Arthur and Eugene, today had arrived, but…

-Have you forgotten the humiliation those guys bestowed upon us 17 years ago?

Once more Takahito recalled Wolfgang’s remarks.

(17 years ago…)

-It’s because Arthur did not participate in that attack.

Edgar’s composed voice.

(An attack…)

The attack 17 years ago. Was that the origin of the connection between the Jinguuji Family and the Gosford Family?

17 years ago or in other words a little before he and Kizuki were born.

Something probably happened.

As his thought ran over the events that had happened before his birth, remarks Arthur had made when Takahito had first awoken in this ‘Forest House’ suddenly floated in his mind.

-The place from which werewolves originated is not sure knowledge, but most likely your and our families are connected by an ancestor from a long time ago.

-Have you not heard about our Gosford family from the head of the Jinguuji family?

That time he had really replied “I had been told that the other werewolf families besides Jinguuji had been…wiped out a long time ago.” Thereupon, Arthur had cynically curved his lips.

-I see. It means they hid the truth from you.

If he took it that Arthur’s assertion had been right, it meant that their grandfather, parents, uncle and the people from the three subordinate families had intentionally hid the existence of the Gosford Family from him and Kizuki.

Even if he assumed that was the case, Takahito had a feeling that the reason for it had to do with Wolfgang’s ‘long standing hatred’.

(Father killing Wolfgang’s older brother…can it really be true?)

Takahito knew that his father had once been in Gokudou (organized crime – Yakuza). He had heard it directly from his father’s mouth when he’d entered Middle school.

His father had been bereaved of both parents when he was young, and had grown up in an orphanage without knowing parental affection. He’d run away from the institution that had been in a coarse state, and just about when he was about to starve he had been picked up by the boss of a Yakuza Group. Subsequently after the boss who had been his benefactor had died, he had inherited the Group.

During his time as the boss his father had met his mom, and following their great love that crossed the bounds of race they had wedded, and his father had turned over a new leaf [1] for the sake of his mother.

[1] The original says 足 を 洗っ た (ashi wo aratta) which directly means ‘washed his feet’.

Although his father was kind Takahito also knew that kindness was not all that there was to him. As might be expected from someone who had once belonged to a world where blood was washed by blood, if it was for the sake of protecting his family he has the strength to engage in conflict.

17 years ago there had been some sort of trouble with the Gosford Family, and as a result, his father had probably fallen into a situation where he had to murder Wolfgang’s older brother.

As Takahito aimlessly thought about that, there was a knock at the door.

The sound of the knock broke his reverie, and he answered with “Yes?”

“It’s me.”

It was Arthur’s voice.

“Please come in.”

The double door opened, and Arthur entered with a severe expression. He went straight forwards into the middle of the room, and with a thud sat down on the armchair that was opposite the sofa that Takahito was sitting on.

“Did those two go back?”


Arthur was always clad in the aura of an Alpha, but for once his voice was tired.

Probably after he left as well, the man had certainly been harshly criticized by Edgar and Wolfgang.

Especially Wolfgang’s voice that only knew how to torture at the critical moment seemed to be audible even here.

Because he had not conceived, Arthur was in a difficult position…

For some reason he was starting to feel apologetic – in a hurry he rejected that thought that had risen in his mind.

There was no need to feel obliged.

Even if by chance he was not ‘Eve’ it was no fault of his.

He had done nothing wrong. Rather he was the injured party that had been dragged into this.

(Moreover, if I got pregnant…that would be troublesome…real troublesome. It would be much better if it didn’t happen.  It certainly can’t happen.)

After Takahito had persuaded himself, he once more looked at Arthur. The man in front of him had crossed his long legs high up, and was resting his chin in one of his hands.

“Um,” he began to speak with the man who was glaring at the wall with a weary expression.

Arthur removed his hand, and moved his gaze from the wall to Takahito.

“What is it?”

Because Takahito couldn’t say he had been eavesdropping on the conversation between the four people, he decided to ask about the matter with Wolfgang.

“I failed to mention this, but…when Wolfgang assaulted me previously, he said that my father had killed his older brother.”

Arthur frowned and asked for confirmation “That guy said something like that?”

“Yea. For that reason he told me ‘as his son, you should compensate for that crime’.”

The wrinkle in Arthur’s brow got even deeper and he growled.

That bastard [2]

[2] Arthur originally says あいつめ (aitsu+me). Aitsu is colloquial term for ‘he, that guy’, but me is a derogatory suffix, so I changed it to ‘bastard’.

“Is it true? Did my father truly do that?”

After he had gazed at Takahito’s face in silence for a little while, Arthur informed him in a bitter voice.

“It’s true.”


His shock could probably be seen on his face. Arthur brows knitted in a painful look.

“Of course, there were circumstances that lead to that.”

“…why did it come to that?”

“The matter began 17 years ago…it, the story took place before you were born.”

Because he’d been asked by Takahito, Arthur began to speak of the circumstances.

“At that time…no, currently as well, our Gosford Family was in a crisis. We had become unable to create children with human women.”

Regarding that, Takahito had taken into account the fact that they had gone so far as to especially come to Japan to kidnap him, and had conjectured that the case might be so.

“In truth that was not the first time we had fallen into such a dilemma, the same had happened in the past as well. Previously in the UK there had been several packs of werewolves who had lived in the territories they had marked. However, they had been hunted by humans in their wolf forms or killed in the so called witch-hunts, and furthermore coupled with the natural low fertility the number gradually fell – till finally there was only two left. The two survivors belonged to the Gosford Family, and although they both were men they were lovers. Later on one of the men Leslie went through feminization and gave birth to my grandfather’s Oswald’s children, and the Gosford Family narrowly escaped the danger of extinction.”

“You said…”

Arthur nodded.

“Leslie was an ‘Eve’. He died from an epidemic after giving birth to three children.”

“Amongst the three children, one of them was your father?”

“My dad was the eldest son, Edgar’s dad was the second son and Wolfgang’s father was the third son. The three sons married human women when they grew up, and we were born. However, this next generation was not able to have kids.”

The reason for not being able to have kids, it was more than being unable to clarify werewolf genetics, and as such it was still a mystery.

“When winter came around once again, everyone had despaired. The gods had abandoned us, we… When the smiles from our family’s men’s faces had been erased for a long, on that Christmas Eve night 17 years ago a miracle happened. Our elder Oswald found an ‘Eve’. The guy who had the same ‘scent’ as Leslie, he was a Japanese werewolf.”

“It was my mom?”

“Indeed. Your mother was living with your father in a remote countryside part of Cotswold. If we speak about the conclusion of that the capture of ‘Eve’ failed, and at that time, Edgar’s younger brother Adrian, who was shot by your father, died.”

As expected, his dad had shot an English werewolf to protect his mom.

“However, it was impossible for the Gosfords to give up there. The two who had returned home were pursued, and five people from the pack went to Japan. Eventually, only three came back to England. The five were defeated in battle with the Jinguuji, and lost two. They were the older and younger brother of Wolfgang. The older brother was killed by your father, and the younger brother by your uncle.”


“On top of losing three people in total three more were taken hostage, and in exchange for the release of the hostages we were made to swear to never ever lay our hands on the ‘Eve’.”

“For our family it was the worst situation, it was a humiliation,” Arthur dropped in a low tone with a grave expression.

“For a long time, that humiliation has tormented the Gosfords. Unable to have children, with people dying from disease as well, the number of family members continued to decrease. The deterioration of the situation followed earnestly, but the prideful Oswald did not try to overturn the pact he had made with the Head of the Jinguuji Family. That Oswald died, and we were finally released from the spell of the pact that bound us for 17 years.”

“And because of that….I was?”

“In the beginning the plan had been to kidnap your mother. However, in between these 17 years your mother had ceased to be an ‘Eve’.”

By going through feminization and giving birth to him and Kizuki, his mom had rescued the Jinguuji Family from the risk of extinction. At the same, his mom had also probably lost his ‘Eve’ ability. It didn’t completely exceed the bounds of conjecture, but nevertheless the possibility of his mom being targeted fell and Takahito sighed in relief.

“Our last hope being severed, in front of the despairing me appeared a miracle – you. Even now I recall vividly the excitement and stimulation of that moment.”

With a gaze bearing heat, Arthur ardently stared at him.

As the man confessed him to be a ‘miracle’, the back of Takahito’s neck tickled.

(At that time…did I really look like that to him?)

Takahito recalled the first time he had passed by Arthur on the road.

The moment his eyes had met with Arthur’s, it had felt like his whole body had been pierced by a faint electric current.

What that phenomenon had been, even now he did not understand it clearly, but…

(For the time being, I’ve learned the whole series of events that lead to me being kidnapped.)

“I’m glad it wasn’t mom,” once again he thought from his heart.

If his mom disappeared, his dad would definitely become strange.

Of course, him vanishing was probably a big blow as well, but pulling apart the two who were ‘bondmates’ was an act even more merciless than that.

“I see…is that why Wolfgang hates the Jinguuji Family so much?”

At Takahito’s muttered monologue, Arthur made a complex expression.

“I did not participate in the attack 17 years ago. Oswald did not allow me who was at the time the youngest member in the family to participate. In the same way Eugene did not participate as well due to the weakness of his body. Therefore we did not see the scene of our cousins, our packmates dying before our eyes.  What we saw were only the corpses that were returned to UK.”

“That is Arthur’s one and only ‘weakness’,” Takahito thought.

His weakness – although he is the Alpha, he does not share the burden of the biggest humiliation of the family with his packmates.

Contrary to that, in Wolfgang’s case it is the one sole point where he can win over Arthur.

“However, Wolfgang and Edgar went and fought in Japan, and in the end Wolfgang lost his older and younger brother in Japan. Making him not hate your family is probably useless talk.”

“But!” Takahito unintentionally opposed in an admonishing tone.

“In the first place wasn’t it because you guys tried to kidnap my mom?”

“If we didn’t do that, we would not survive.”

Arthur quietly exclaimed.

“That situation is the same now. Truly I recognize that our way of doing it is rough. However, even if we accorded every courtesy and asked for you to be turned over to us, they most likely won’t hand you over.”

“That is…true, but…”

“For the sake of surmounting the risk of extinction, there was no other way except for kidnapping you.”


“Is our desire of wanting to leave behind future generations of our race a crime?”

Being asked that with an earnest expression, Takahito was not able to rebut the words instantly.

The Gosford’s were not just a simple family bloodline.

In England…in the worst case in Europe they were the last living descendants of werewolves.

If once they vanished from this world, they could not be revived again.

Even though they had fallen into the same circumstance, the Jinguuji Family had been able to save themselves from the danger.

That’s why in its true meaning, Takahito could not understand Arthur’s and his pack’s feeling of being driven into a corner and being able to only await destruction.


Perhaps if the positions had been reversed…what would have happened?

He could not say with any certainty that the Jinguuji Family would not have done the same thing as the Gosford Family.

He had a feeling that his uncle and the rest would not obediently accept fate, and would search for a way to continue no matter how small the possibility was, struggling desperately.

While Takahito was thinking over the speculation, Arthur looked at him with a never before seen cornered look suddenly and stood up from the chair. Rounding the low table, he briskly walked closer.

Grabbing both of Takahito’s arms, he pulled him up from the sofa.


Without being answered to, Takahito was walked off. Pulling on Takahito’s arm when Arthur stepped up to the bed, he lifted the light cloth hanging from the canopy.

Takahito was sat down on the bed, and pushed down on it face-up. With Arthur placing his hands next to Takahito’s face that had sunk into the bed linens, he finally grasped Arthur’s intention.

…it was ‘mating’.


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