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A bit off topic, but this week I started reading Who touched my Tail on NU. It’s a transmigration but not nearly as good as QWTFOD, and if I had to judge it I’d say it’s a story of Scum!MCxPitiful!ML. Most of the time ML spoils the MC rotten and acts as the biggest golden thigh ever, but the MC often treats him as dirt and gets pissy and prudish all the time. There’s good stuff too, but that’s my general impression of the story.

But so and so, it made me think of what sort of Transmigration story I myself would like to write. Mine would be the story of shamelessperv!MC running around bending all the seemingly straight!ML’s away from the female and male protagonists in ever more kinkier scenarios while the system cries about its three views being destroyed. And there’d be real smut in every arc, cuz I’m tired of Chinese Danmei that teases but never delivers. Even came up with like ideas for 4 arcs while trying to fall asleep.

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During the next day, Arthur did not make an appearance in the ‘Forest House”.

Although that was so, there was still the case that he would visit late at night like he had done yesterday. When he had thought of that, he had not been able to neglect it.

With strained emotions the evening had worn on.

Based on the experience in the basement, Takahito sat cross-legged on top of the bed and intently strained his ears.

If he heard howling, it would be proof Arthur had arrived nearby. If he could sense it in advance, he would be able to hide somewhere.

Even if he hid, the likelihood of his location being discovered like it had been yesterday by following his ‘scent’ was high, but even so he naturally could not approve of obediently letting the man do whatever he pleases without doing anything himself.

“You’ll probably get bored, so I don’t mind if you use anything in the house freely. Unfortunately there is no TV or internet, but if you like you can read the books in the library.”

Eugene had said so to him, but maybe because he felt nervous he was in no mood for reading books, and had secluded himself in the room – and another day had come to an end like that.

Somehow or other it appeared that Arthur would not come today as well. Of course, unpreparedness was forbidden, however.

The previous time too for two days, he had been free.

Perhaps…Arthur was worried about the burden he put on his body?

(No way)

There was no way that tyrant was so kind.

He immediately rejected his own idea.

He was simply busy at work; he just could not make himself free. That was definitely so. Takahito settled on that.

Because it was clear that guy wanted to pour his seed in the ‘Eve’ as soon as possible.

After he’d made himself agree, along with the stream of thoughts, now that he mentioned that he recalled something.

Despite the fact that even Eugene who had the unique ability had not been convinced, Arthur had from the start told him that he was ‘Eve’.

The man had probably kidnapped him and brought him to United Kingdom because he had been convinced.

Why? How? How did he know such a thing?

As he turned over the unanswered question in his mind he suddenly realized.

Again. Again he was thinking of Arthur.


Cursing, as he tried to expel the man that had stayed in his mind unnoticed, he shook his head furiously.

That night as expected he fell asleep near the dawn, and saw a lot of dreams.

It was a dream in which in turns one by one he had seen his family, Tachibana, the people from the three families and even Michiru.

In the dream he had been laughing. Surrounded by everyone, he had laughed for the first time in a while.

When he opened his eyes, he was surprised by the tears that had gathered in the corners of his eyes.

After he came here Takahito was driven to the wall both emotionally and physically without time to rest, and because of the continuance of every day tension he had not the room to see a dream of his family, but because nothing had happened in these two days his mind had probably relaxed.

Having brought early morning tea, Eugene said worriedly as he looked at Takahito on the bed “Your complexion looks bad.”

“Are you sleeping well?”

Takahito shook his head.

“Well…that’s not surprising. In your position, sleeping soundly is probably quite impossible.”

He spoke sympathetically, but Takahito knew that having said that it did not mean that Eugene was going to release him. Eugene also had his standpoint.

That day his body felt a little sluggish, he had no appetite, but although he apologetically thought that Eugene had prepared this at great trouble, he left the breakfast without tasting it. Having returned from toilet, Eugene saw the untouched breakfast and his expression clouded.

“You didn’t eat the breakfast…”

“I have no appetite.”

For a while Eugene stared at Takahito’s face with a thoughtful expression and then he muttered “It’s probably because you have been secluded in the room for a long time and your stomach is empty that you can’t sleep.”

“Do you want to go out for a little walk?”

Languidly stretched out on the sofa Takahito did not believe his ears when Eugene questioned him.

“A walk?”

Raising his body, he repeated the question.

“You mean, I can go outside?”

“If it’s within the Gosford private property, since there is a shovelled private road, I think it has become an about 30 minute round walking course. Although in this season since it’s covered in snow there is not much to see, but I believe it would become a refreshing and light exercise.”

“Is it alright for me to go out alone?”

“It’s fine if you want me to accompany you, but wouldn’t a walk in solitude be more relaxing?”


Is Eugene not thinking he would escape during this?

When he wondered at the real intention, as if he had seen through the question Eugene gave a warning.

“I’ve said this previously, but outside the snow has accumulated quite thickly, and the nearest family is 30 minutes away by car. Because if you get lost the danger to freeze to death is high, you certainly won’t entertain any strange thoughts. Right?”

Takahito put on the down jacket, muffler, gloves and hunting boots he’d borrowed from Eugene, and with that sort of complete defensive preparation Takahito went outside.

Eugene stood in the entranceway and saw him off by emphasizing “Be careful not to slip and fall. Your body will get chilly if you stay out too long, so come back within 30 minutes.”

The whole vicinity was a magnificent silver world. There was a lot of fallen snow, so far as close to 3 meters had accumulated, the lower trees and shrubs had been buried.

Takahito took a deep breath at the liberating feeling of touching open air for the first time in a while. The sub-zero cold air entered his lungs.

(Feels nice and cold, so good)

Between the two towering snow walls on both sides, Takahito began to walk slowly. On the white frozen road through which two cars could barely pass each other, he could see wheel tracks of a four-wheel car. Most likely, those were the tire tracks of the car Arthur had returned by the morning before yesterday. The snow that had fallen yesterday had begun to extinguish the wheel tracks.

Although he was wearing boots with rubber soles, when he let his mind wander even a bit he started to feel like he was falling. Maybe because he was walking by stepping firmly so that he would not slip on the snowy road he was not used to, it was several times more exhausting than walking on asphalt.


His exhaled breath was white.

Although he walked and walked, all that was reflected in his vision was the wall of the thickly accumulated snow, and the trees and shrubs covered in frost.

You would not be able to find one white bunny. It was magical scenery, but also monotonous.

He had not walked among such snow since he did fieldwork as a child.

That time the four people – him, uncle, mother and Kizuki – had bustled about a snowy mountain in their wolf forms. He recalled that the Tokyo raised him and Kizuki had been excited by the great nature that they had come into contact with for the first time since birth.


Father, Mother, Tsukiya-san, Grand uncle, uncle, Yuuki-mama, Mizukawa-san, Tsuduki-san and Michiru…

Each face floated in his mind.

He had suddenly disappeared…there was no doubt everyone was extremely worried.

Especially Michiru, he had probably been laid up for a long time from shock.

He wanted to see everyone. At once he wanted to return to Japan.

There were still six days till full moon.

During these six days, if he could somehow get away from Arthur’s evil hands…

He would transform borrowing the power of moon and definitely escape from here.

For the sake of that as well, it was necessary to carefully understand the surrounding terrain as much as possible.

When he’d walked for about 10 minutes on the private road, in front an iron gate became visible. Left and right of the gate, he could see an as expected cast iron gate surrounding the private property. Although about half of the roughly 3 meter height of the fence was burrowed in snow.

Walking up closer, Takahito looked up at the towering, solid gate.

(Is this where the Gosford Family private property…ends?)

This iron gate was his biggest obstacle in escaping these grounds. Passing through this place on the other side, the forest that continued into the National Park stretched out. But if he ran and ran through this forest, clearly at some point he would finally arrive at some wide road with cars or a private house.

For the sake of being sure he tried to press on the gate, but it did not give an inch. It seemed that it had been somehow locked from the outside.

If he transformed, would he be able to jump over it? He had a feeling his plan could barely work, but at any rate he would not know unless he tried.

Glaring at the spear shaped sharp tips of the iron gate, Takahito’s body shivered.


He’d believed he was good with cold, but it seemed like because he had not gone outside for a long time his resilience had fallen.

Like this he would catch a cold. It would probably be better if he turned back soon.

Starting to turn on his heel, Takahito’s feet froze midway.

From the direction of the iron gate he could hear the sound of the snowy road being shaved by tires.

The car was coming towards here.

Had Arthur come again after two days!?

The people who would visit this remote mansion were limited, and timing-wise today also matched.

There’s no mistake.

(What should we do?)

Even if he tried to run, all around there was deep snow. Having said that even if he turned back to the way he came, he would soon be overtaken.

While he was frozen at a loss, gradually the car got closer and suddenly stopped in front of the gate. Leaving the engine on, it looked like someone exited the car. There was sound of iron gate’s lock being opened.

Making a heavy sound, the iron gates opened left and right.

Standing still in the middle of the road, in the next second Takahito’s eyes met with an unexpected person’s.

A solid physique, a stern face and a short bearded face.

It was Arthur’s and Eugene’s cousin – Wolfgang.


Tadam!!! I’m sure you can already guess who the actual villain of this story is…

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