Affection:CK – Chapter 6/Part 4

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(It’s not Arthur)

As he felt relief at that, Wolfgang asked with a quizzical expression “What are you doing here?”

“…Eugene asked me if I wanted to go for a walk.”

One of Wolfgang’s brows rose at the answer, and he snorted.

“That’s some easy-going surveillance.”

“Why are you here?”

“I came to see how your situation is.”

“My situation…?”

That was unexpected. At the time of their first meeting, it had not looked like the man had any especial interest in him.

What Takahito recalled about the man was his utterance ‘I will kill your father.”

That time, the thirst for blood Wolfgang had emitted had been the real thing.

“I thought that by now you’ve become familiar with living here.”

The man said that, and intently took a view of Takahito with an unrestrained gaze. As he was made to feel uncomfortable by the impolite gaze Wolfgang suddenly said “Get on.”


“After all our destination is the same. I’ll give you a ride.”

With his angular jaw, he pointed to the 4WD in the direction of the gate.

In a different way than Arthur, Takahito disliked this man. Because he’d met him only once he did not yet know his disposition well, but he did not like the belligerent ‘scent’ that wafted from all over his body.

But his body had completely chilled, and if he refused the man would again flare up at him with ‘Why are you refusing’ and that would be troublesome. He thought he’d endure those five minutes, and decided to accept the ride.

As Takahito took the passenger seat, the car started. While he gripped the steering wheel, Wolfgang asked “Arthur?”

“He came the day before yesterday…but that’s it.”

“I see.”

Nodding, the man laughed with the corners of his mouth. They laughed in the same way with the corners of their mouths, but unlike Arthur’s the man’s way of smiling lacked character. For some reason or another he had an unpleasant feeling.

At once he regretted riding in the car.

But…he’ll be patient for five minutes.

“That’s a good ‘scent’.”

Wriggling his nose and sniffing for some reason, Wolfgang continued to mutter “The female ‘scent’ is intense, makes one’s head dizzy.”


Not understanding what the man was talking about, Takahito parroted his words.

“It seems you’re having the urge to breed.”

“Having the…”

“Are you not aware? You’ve entered mating season.”

“Mating season? Me?”

“Is it your first mating season? Your body is probably aching unbearably?”

The juicy enquiry did not enter his ear. Ignoring Wolfgang’s words, he earnestly pondered.

Truly lately there were a lot of times he perplexingly couldn’t control his own body.

But because after all this was the first time, he did not realize it was ‘this’.

Because he’s in rut…he can’t refuse Arthur?

Was this the reason he was feeling pleasure from sex with that man?

If that’s the case, he could comprehend it. If it was a natural dispensation, he could be saved yet.

(I see…this is ‘that sort’ of thing)

The alienation of his body and heart, him not being able to do anything about it – this is…mating season.

He was currently in rut.

As he was indulging in deeply emotive recollections with open eyes, suddenly the car stopped. Around them was an empty winter scenery, it was clear there was still a lot to go till the mansion.

“What? Why are we…?”

His question was interrupted mid-way.

“When I saw you first, I thought that your face was cute, but you’re still a brat and that you’re probably still an inexperienced virgin, but…your sex appeal has grown quite a lot. Has Arthur embracing you turned on your switch?”


Takahito furrowed his brow at Wolfgang’s vulgar declaration. The man in the driver seat took his hands off the steering wheel, and leaned towards the passenger seat.

(His face…too close!)

As much as possible, Takahito moved his body away from the man. His shoulders collided with the window glass.

“However, that man is overly serious about things. Since he’s so rigid about his sense of duty, he probably can’t give you a good time. If you do it, it definitely would be better if you both feel good. If it was me, I would give you plenty affection. How about it? Don’t you want to try?”

(He said try…what?)

Takahito frowned at the man who was wooing him with a grin on his stern face.

He realized that apparently the man held ulterior motives towards him.

However, putting hands on him is the same as defying the Alpha.

It was clear that the hierarchy in the pack was an absolute… what he was saying was strange.

“Even if you glare at me with that cute face, it just arouses me.”

Right now Wolfgang had a lewd expression like he was about to lick his lips.

A strong animal scent came from the excited man, and Takahito shook with fright.

It was the same ‘scent’ of a sexually excited male, but Arthur’s ‘scent’ was completely different.

It was a somewhat sour ‘scent’.

(This ‘scent’…no!)

At once Takahito pressed the release button, and removed the seatbelt. Turning his back to Wolfgang, it happened the moment he tried to undo the door lock.

“My older brother, he was killed by your old man 17 years ago.”


His shoulders shook at the low tone of voice, and he turned back around. The previously grinning face had completely changed, and Wolfgang glared at Takahito with an inner glow in his gaze.


Surprised by the thing he heard for the first time, as he lost his voice, the man emitted in a low tone with hatred bending the shape of his mouth.

“As his son, you should compensate for that crime.”


“Give birth to my child.”

“What are you…saying?”

What he said was absurd, and Takahito could not even slightly believe that his dad had killed someone.

(That is definitely a lie.)

However, Wolfgang continued with a self-satisfied look.

“If you give birth to my child, I can become the pack’s Alpha.”

With those words, he finally understood the man’s goal.

What Wolfgang was aiming for was the Alpha seat. Because he could not match Arthur in real strength, the scheme seemed to be that by making a child of his own seed, he could raise his own position.

He wouldn’t let himself be used like that for anything.

Again he turned his back to Wolfgang, and tried to exit the door, but his shoulder was grabbed hold of, and he was pulled back with great strength. His body that had been torn off the door was pressed into the seat, and like that he was made to fall backwards by the reclining seat. No sooner than when he was face up the man covered him.

“Move aside! Move!”

He tried to push him away, but the heavyweight class man was undaunted.

“Be quiet!”

Though the man told him to be quiet it did not mean he would. With all his might Takahito kicked the man’s abdomen with his knee.


The moment after he groaned, Wolfgang raised his fist overhead with a furious facial expression.


His right cheek received a strong blow. Recoiling from the strike the back of his head bumped into the metal fixtures of the seat, and his head became dizzy.


Takahito suffered a light cerebral concussion, and the man jumped at the nape of his neck. For a while his muddy consciousness was stupefied, but he suddenly came to his senses because of the sensation of a beard touching his skin.

He was disgusted by the hand tormenting his body, and his whole body went cold at the unpleasant feeling.

(No. No. No!)

Being assaulted by this sort of guy, even if he died he’d say no!

He could not match him in human form. But as a wolf?

If he fought with Wolfgang in wolf form…?

Even if he wasn’t as strong as Arthur, Wolfgang had several times more experience than him.

Most likely he won’t be able to win. He will probably be killed. …no matter which road he had no chance of succeeding.

Nevertheless, like this…no!

It happened when he again thought furiously.

Pu, puuu!

A slap like car horn resounded, and Wolfgang who was tormenting Takahito’s body stirred with a start.

Pu, puuu!! Pu, puuu!!

The shrill car horn rang out in continuity. As the both of them froze, the banging sound of a door opening and closing could be heard. There was the footstep sound of someone approaching with long strides. Shortly thereafter, the glass window on the passenger side was knocked with all one’s strength.

Takahito who saw the car’s window past Wolfgang’s shoulder screamed unintentionally.


Wolfgang made a ‘tsk’ sound with his mouth. Takahito pushed up the chest in a daze, and as if grudgingly the body moved away.

Roughly at the same time as Takahito who had gotten up was undoing the lock, with great force the door was opened.

The tall man who opened the door – he wore an expression that was a mix of impatience and irritation that Takahito saw for the first time.

The moment he saw that face, the inner part of his chest was filled with something hot, and when he noticed that Takahito extended both of his arms towards the man.


Takahito dived from the 4WD, and was firmly caught in Arthur’s arms. Embraced by the man’s burly chest, Takahito tightly clung to his hard neck. Reflexively, Arthur also returned the embrace.


He did not know why he was relieved to the point of exhaustion. To him they both were the enemy; Arthur and Wolfgang were the same.


“…Are you alright?”

Takahito dazedly nodded at the question. Arthur lowered him down on top of the snow, and as if to protect him put Takahito behind himself.


After he’d guarded Takahito with his own body, he called the name of the man in the 4WD in a deep voice.


Wolfgang stared forward and did not move.

Thereupon, Arthur hit the car with the side of his fist. With one blow the metal plate of the car dented, and Wolfgang winced.

“What does this mean?”


Wolfgang obstinately did not look in their direction. The irritated Arthur once more hit the car. This time it caved in so much it would be clearly seen from a distance.


At last, Wolfgang reluctantly turned his face in their direction. After he recoiled from Arthur whose whole body radiated an aura of resentment for a moment, he shrugged his shoulders as if dodging the question.

“Don’t be so angry. When I came to visit Eugene, by chance I met this guy by the gate, and gave him a ride. When I did this, because this guy scattered his intensely good ‘scent’, I guess I just succumbed to the temptation for a little bit. It was a trick of the imagination. My bad.”

Wolfgang rapidly talked on and on, shifting the blame on Takahito with an excuse.

“Do you think it will just end with a trick of the imagination?”

Arthur threatened.

“That’s why I said my bad. Reacting to the ‘scent’ of a female in rut is the trait of a male. You understand it as well, right?”

“If you put your hands on the property of the Alpha, you are going against the rules of the pack. You can’t say that you don’t know what that means.”

Not being deceived by Wolfgang who had tried to banter, Arthur pressed him for confirmation.

“I understand perfectly.”

“There will be no second time.”

Being threatened in a low tone of voice that hinted at its seriousness, Wolfgang shrank back his bullish neck.

“I get it, I get it. Don’t be so tense. Regrettably I went through the trouble to get here, but I’ll withdraw here today. Give my greetings to Eugene.”

Just as soon as he spoke he reached out with his hand and closed the passenger seat door with the button, and started the engine. It seemed he somehow judged that escaping from here would count as a victory.

Nevertheless, maybe because an obstacle entering at the very last moment was very vexing, Wolfgang stuck out his head from the window and threw out a sharp parting remark.

“You, if you don’t want him to be snatched away, guard him properly. This happened because you entrusted him to someone like Eugene!”

As he just said it, he closed the window like he was afraid of a counterattack, and the 4WD departed. With creaking tires he quite messily changed his course, and went back by the road he came. The 4WD passed by the side of Arthur’s SUV, and run away with great speed.

Shifting his gaze from the 4WD that was becoming smaller before his eyes, Takahito looked at Arthur. With tightly knitted eyebrows, Arthur’s face in profile was glaring in the direction of the still disappearing car.

“You’re packmates, is it fine if you’re arguing?”

“That guy came aiming for my absence. That had been his plan from the start…if things went well, that is what he was probably thinking. Trying to touch my things is an absolutely impermissible thing.”

Declaring resolutely, it seemed Arthur had not yet calmed down his anger, but what caught Takahito’s attention was something else.

(He said my thing…he means me?)

He had just simply said it like that because of his pride as an Alpha probably, but feeling that Arthur held possessive desire towards him his heart jumped.

As if that had been a trigger, suddenly his state turned such that he couldn’t calm down.

Earlier, he had embraced the man on the spur of a moment. Remembering the sensation of the strong arm tightly returning his embrace, bit-by-bit his face became hot.

These few days, no matter how he’d tried to ward off Arthur, he had only thought about him.

Although that had been an emergency situation, requesting assistance from that person could appropriately be called putting the cart before the horse.

To gloss over the badness of his decision, Takahito spoke out the question floating in his mind.

“Why are you here?”

“Because I was free starting from afternoon, I thought about making an appearance so I drove the car here. Thereupon I saw that the lock on the outer gate was open. Only family members have the key. However, I had not received prior notification that anybody was going to visit the ‘Forest House’ today. Be it Edgar or Wolfgang, in any event, why would they act like this and aim to come here during my absence without contacting me? I had a bad hunch. That hunch hit the mark.”

“…so that’s how it was.”

Arthur coming here had been a casual coincidence, and it had really been in the nick of time. If Arthur’s arrival had been even five minutes later, he did not know what would have happened.

Perhaps during that time…he shivered even thinking about it. As even though he had entered mating season it did not mean he was fine with any partner, he had a real feeling that he would have been assaulted by Wolfgang.

(Truly…that would a no to the point of dying)

Then, is it fine if it’s Arthur?

As he retorted to himself, thereupon Arthur who had been gazing forwards finally looked back at Takahito.

“Your face has swollen.”


Now that Arthur mentioned that, the moment he recalled that he had been hit, the corresponding place began to throb.

“Did Wolfgang do this?”

“Yea…but there are no cuts inside the mouth.”

His mouth that had been about to say he was fine paused. Because Arthur’s hand had touched the affected part.


His breath was taken away by delicate manner of using one’s hand that felt like Arthur thought he was touching something fragile.

His heart that he’d thought had finally gone quiet once again began to run. Moreover it became faster rapidly.

(My heart…damn)

“It’s quite bad…”

Arthur grimaced almost like he was the one hurting.

“Wolfgang will definitely pay for this.”

The man spoke in a low tone that harboured his anger, and Takahito shook his head “Don’t.”

“If you heavyweights seriously quarrelled, it would not be a laughing matter.”

He tried to poke fun at the man, but his swollen cheek was stiff and he could not laugh well.

Knitting his brows seemingly in pain, as if he had just come to his senses Arthur lowered the arm that had been touching Takahito’s right cheek. Quickly averting his eyes from Takahito, he murmured quietly.

“Let’s go get Eugene’s help.”


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