Affection:CK – Chapter 5/Part 1

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Demon-Lord’s Little Bride

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Chapter 5

The sound of the doorknob turning reverberated with a clank, and the door was opened timidly.

Although he realized that somebody had entered the room, Takahito remained gazing at the canopy without moving as that person approached the bed.

“…Are you alright?”

The person spoke anxiously, and Takahito sluggishly turned his head sideways.

Long silver hair and light blue eyes. Eugene.

Seeing Takahito’s nude body that was covered in bodily fluids, he knitted his thin eyebrows.

Takahito was so worn-out he couldn’t keep up appearances, so he could only accept Eugene’s gaze in silence.

Besides, even if he hid it, Eugene already knew.

The fact that he had been assaulted by Arthur, it was common knowledge for the Gosford’s.

“…Do I look alright?”

At Takahito’s answer just for a moment there was a trace of pain in Eugene’s expression. However, immediately his expression smoothed out, now resembling that of a doctor examining a patient and he asked.

“Does it hurt anywhere?”

Come to think of it, Eugene had said he had medical knowledge.

Recalling Eugene’s self-introduction, Takahito answered “ …my wrists and right ankle.”

Nodding at Takahito’s answer, Eugene examined the condition of his wrists and right ankle, and said “They’re chaffed, so they have become quite red. After you take a shower, I’ll apply medicine.”

Eugene brought a bathrobe, and helped him put it on. Borrowing his hand, Takahito rose and stood on the floor. His hip joint hurt, and he had a hard time walking even a distance of just few meters from the bed.

The place he was being guided to as he leaned on Eugene’s shoulder was the door Arthur had gone to get the herbal oil. When Eugene opened the door, a tiled powder room became visible.

The first thing that caught his eye was the marble washbasin. There was a stool and right of the space for changing there was a partitioning screen, it seemed that the toilet was inside of there. On the left side it appeared that there was the bathroom partitioned off by a white curtain. Through the half-open curtain he could see an installed shower. Below the shower stood a porcelain bathtub.

Eugene sat Takahito on the stool, and adjusted the temperature of the shower. “Yea, that’ll be just right,” he muttered, and helped Takahito enter the bathtub.

After most of the bodily fluids that covered his body were washed away, Takahito foamed the body-soap and covered himself in bubble from his head to the toes of his feet. Eugene helped to wash away the bubbles with the shower-head.

Stopping the shower by turning the faucet, Eugene broached a subject he seemed reluctant to speak about.

“Will you…be able to get it out…yourself?”

As he got puzzled by what he meant by ‘get out’, Eugene continued to speak “If you leave it like that…you might have abdominal pain.” Surprised, he became aware of it.

There was Arthur’s semen left in his body.

At the same time as he realized that his body filled up with heat, and a burning sense of humiliation was brought back.

Biting his teeth and bearing the shame, Takahito answered shortly.

“I’ll do it myself.”

He could not borrow somebody else’s hands for this.

“Then, I’ll be outside. If something happens, call me.” Eugene said somewhat relieved at Takahito’s reply, and left the powder room.

Waiting for the door to close, Takahito put his left hand on the tile wall. He put his right hand behind himself, and touched the place in-between his asscheeks. That place still felt hot and numb, but seeing that the hot water did not make it sting it seemed that one way or another nothing was injured or torn.

Arthur had been as far as it goes watchful enough not to cause him injury.

(Probably because there would be no point to this, if I got injured there)

Grimacing, Takahito timidly pushed his finger inside. Of course, it was his first time inserting his finger in such a place. His fingertip touched something gooey.


When he thought of it being Arthur’s semen, his back shook with chills.

He pulled the finger out in a rush, and twisted the shower faucet. Pushing the shower-head against his ass, while the hot water poured he scraped it out with his finger.

He scraped and scraped, but no matter how much he did it, the gooey stuff still spilled from within him.

“How much had he pumped inside, is that humanely possible?” he thought as the even now shimmering anger burst out.

“…fuck…why am I doing…”

The shower washed away the semen that was scraped out alongside the lamentations.

At last, the slimy feeling disappeared and he breathed a sigh of relief. Nevertheless, just to make sure, pushing the shower-head, he washed it away many times over. He wanted to once and for all completely rinse of the traces of that man.

Having done that, after he had scraped out all of the semen as well, the uncomfortable feeling that there was still something stuck inside of him did not disappear. In this matter he could only wait for time to pass.

Twisting the faucet and stopping the shower, Takahito put the cork in the bathtub and opened the tap. Once the hot water had accumulated halfway, he sank down his body, sitting with his knees under his arms.


He’d only done this much but his whole body was assailed by fatigue, and a deep sigh spilled out from him. Then as if somebody had estimated just the correct timing, there was a resounding knock.

“Can I enter?”

It was Eugene’s voice.


Once again the door opened and Eugene entered. Seeing Takahito who had sank into the bathtub, a relieved expression floated on his face. He was probably thinking that Takahito looked to have successfully dealt with the aftermath.

“Once you’ve warmed up your body, we’ll treat your injury.”

He was sufficiently submerged in hot water, and once they’d waited for his body to warm up, Takahito put his arms through the sleeves of the new bathrobe Eugene had prepared. He’d changed it because the earlier bathrobe had been dirtied.

Eugene wiped away the moisture from Takahito’s hair and body with a towel. Takahito ventured to entrust his body to the man, who was gallantly caring for him, without protesting.

Having warmed his body his languidness had grown more than ever, and although it was also true that resisting was troublesome, there was also the fact that he felt that Eugene’s true nature was good. They’d just met so he could only use his instinct, but the aura Eugene emitted was very gentle. It was different than the predator-like aura strongly emitted by the other three men.

Standing behind Takahito who was sitting in front of a mirror, Eugene began to dry his hair with a dryer. The thought that was transmitted through those fingers was persistent kindness. Feeling his body that had stiffened during the sexual assault slowly loosening, Takahito closed his eyes.

While he was surrounded by Eugene’s soothing presence, Takahito carefully thought over the raging billows of events starting from when he woke up till the present moment.

Things had unfolded too quickly, it had felt like just a moment, but the time he had spent being assaulted by Arthur had seemed like eternity.

At any rate, in these few hours his life had been upheaved.

More accurately, it had changed the moment he had met the man known as Arthur.

(Now that I think of it…)

Why had Arthur kidnapped him, and not Kizuki?

Was it chance? Was it a coincidence? Was it because he was the first one to return home while the man had been loitering in front of his house?

Or, even though they were twins and had inherited the same blood from their mother, the man had concluded that Kizuki wasn’t an ‘Eve’?

You’re an ‘Eve’.

I can tell.

It had seemed that for some reason Arthur was confident that Takahito was an ‘Eve’, but…

(I am glad though)

He was glad that it hadn’t been Kizuki.

He was glad that…the one currently here wasn’t Kizuki.

He could not bear it…if his older brother had to go through something like this.

His chest hurt just by imagining it, but as he gritted his teeth, there was the sound of a click near his ear. “It’s dry,” Eugene informed him, turning off the dryer. Takahito opened his eyes.

Takahito had a feeling that his own self reflected in the mirror was somewhat different than his own self from before.

He was different to what he had been before Arthur had forcefully opened his body, and buried his ‘seed’ inside of him.

Where and how he’d changed, though, he could not say concretely.

“…thank you.”

Eugene smiled and touched Takahito’s hair.

“You have beautiful black hair. It’s as soft as silk to the touch. Your eyes are the same jet black as your hair, they look like obsidians…”

After he had murmured that in an absentminded tone, Eugene added among long sighs “Since my hair has this sort of colour, I feel quite envious.”

From Takahito’s point of view Eugene’s silvery hair also looked quite mysteriously beautiful, but it seemed that the man himself did not think so for some reason.

“You were born with that hair colour?”

“Yes. In our family I’m the only one who was born with this unique appearance. As you’ve seen my younger brother Arthur has amber eyes and dark brown hair.”


Takahito exclaimed without thinking.

“Younger brother? Arthur?”

The fact that the two people who did not bear the slightest resemblance were siblings; it just gave him quite a strange feeling.

“Eugene is the older one?”

In Takahito’s view, Eugene looked to be about 10 years younger than Arthur. Thereupon, Eugene giggled.

“Even though I look like this, I am 20 years older than Arthur.”

“20…? Ee? Eeee…”

Takahito did not know Arthur’s real age, but if he took it to be about 30, then Eugene was 50 years old!?

“You don’t…you don’t look like it at all. I thought you were about 20.”

I’ve had a weak constitution by birth, and my complexion is quite pale, maybe because of that…halfway through my twenties I stopped growing. Since then I’ve always had this appearance.”

Eugene confessed not looking too happy.

Someone who did not age would probably be the object of envy for women all over the world, there were probably a lot of people who desired and wished for an un-aging body no matter how much money they had to pile up.

Thinking along those lines, he suddenly recalled.

“Ah…but my grandfather is also like that. His outer appearance has not aged even a little bit. Since we were born, he has not changed at all.”

“The head of the Jinguuji Family? Though, incidentally, in my wolf form I have white fur and light blue eyes.”

“Grandfather is also a white wolf. His eyes are red though. But it seems that somewhere there is a common genetic factor between Eugene and grandfather.”

“I see…as expected, it does seem that we are linked by a far-away ancestor.”

Eugene spoke in a deeply emotive voice, and then his expression abruptly clouded over.

“…I’m sorry.”

“About what?” Takahito asked in return at the unexpected apology.

“About our manner…about forcefully kidnapping you like that.”

An expression of anguish floated on Eugene’s face that was reflected in the mirror. When Takahito saw that face, the anger he had momentarily settled down was resurrected.

“There’s no point in apologizing. If you think it’s wrong, send me back to my family.”

At Takahito’s demand Eugene’s face increasingly distorted in bitterness.

“I’m sorry, I have no power…it’s because I’m an Omega [1]…nobody listens to my opinion.”

[1] Just a reminder. This is not an ABO story exactly. This is more like the wolf hierarchy in Teen Wolf, if you know that shippy TV Show.

‘Omega’ is the wolf with the lowest position in the pack. Takahito had read in a book that the ‘omega’ was oppressed by other wolves and also served as an outlet for their frustration.

Takahito had been interested in his werewolf roots since childhood, and had looked over literature and information on the internet that was connected to wolves. Although they were twins, Kizuki had not displayed any such interest.

“Because my body is weak, I’ve always been everyone’s burden…That’s why I learned medicine. And thanks to a unique ability I’ve had since birth somehow I have been recognized as a member of this family.”

“I know that wolf packs are a strict hierarchical community, but…is your family like that as well?”

“Yes. Arthur is the leader, the pack ‘Alpha’, and my cousin Edgar is the ‘Beta’ sub-leader.  The same way Wolfgang who is also my cousin has the 3rd position. I as the ‘omega’ am the lowest. This ranking is an absolute.”

There was no such classification in the Jinguuji Family.

His grandfather was the head of the family, but he had passed the position of the one who so to say commanded the troops to his uncle. If taken that way, there was an Alpha-like leader in the Jinguuji Family as well.

However, although his uncle was the leader, you could not say his mom’s position was lower than his uncle’s. Between him and Kizuki there was also no ranking of who was higher and who was lower. They were always equal.

On that point, the Jinguuji Family were modernistic and had adapted to their environment while living in the world leading metropolis of Tokyo.

In regards to the Gosford Family who lived in a mountain district that had abundant amounts of nature left you could probably say they were still living under the strict discipline of wolves.

“Yes…it is an absolute, but in our case, because Arthur is the youngest in the pack, the state of affairs is a bit complicated.”

Eugene continued speaking with an evidently complicated expression.

“What’s the reason Arthur who is the youngest became the Alpha?”

“As the grandsons of the previous head of the family Oswald, and being the direct descendants, Edgar, Wolfgang and me as well…we were all equally eligible. From the four equal candidates Oswald chose the youngest Arthur, and named him the new head of the Gosford Family and Alpha. The intention of our elder is an absolute; nobody can go against that decision. So, to tell the truth, Arthur is thoroughly carrying out the duties of the Alpha to live up to Oswald’s expectations.”

As he said that, Eugene’s pale face somewhat exuded a feeling that he was thinking of his younger brother with pride.

“Was one of those duties to kidnap me, and make me give birth to a child?”

At Takahito’s sharp tone, Eugene’s shoulders twitched.

Making an awkward expression in the mirror, Eugene slowly hung his head in shame.

“Holding back the destruction of our family is the most important task that has been assigned to Arthur…”

“So for that you’re even prepared to kidnap a person wholly unconnected to you, and assault him?”

Even though he knew Eugene was not a bad person, his resentment had built up and a fragment of it burst out as he did not stop his reproachful words.

“It’s natural that it seems absurd from your point of view, truly, I know we’re doing something cruel. But…for a long time now, the state has been such that we can’t have children with human women…if it stays like this, we can only wait for our destruction…”

Eugene explained in a vanishing voice.

It appeared that the problem that had driven the Gosford Family to the wall was that they could not have children with humans.

If children that were the bridge to the future were not born, it was a self-evident truth that sooner or later the family blood would die out.

Formerly, for the Jinguuji Family there also had been a period of time when they had been confronted by danger to their continuance.

The cause of the danger had been that the ‘bondmates’ chosen by the heirs – his uncle and mother – had been of the same gender. Between two men, there could be no natural children.

Most likely at that time they had thought of it as the biggest problem shaking the family, but as a result his mother who had the characteristics of ‘Eve’ had feminized, and by giving birth to them had averted the worst-case scenario.

And so the Gosford Family that believed him to be ‘Eve’ wished for the same miracle out of him.

Indeed it was not their fault that they could not have children, and their situation of only being able to wait for extinction deserved sympathy.

(But…even so…it’s too much, they’re just doing as they please…)

Even though he understood their reasoning, it did not mean that he agreed with it. Arbitrarily dragging him who had no direct connection with them into this was whatever the circumstances may be lawless – both kidnapping and rape were crimes.

The main point is that man, even though he just assaulted him, pushed the cleaning up afterwards unto his older brother, and did not even come to check up on him.

(He is the lowest…/This is the worst…) [2]

[2] t.r. He says 最低だ, which just means worst/lowest so he could be either speaking about Arthur or the situation he’s in, it could go either way, or he could even mean both.

“I understand the situation your family is in, but even so I do not think it is a good enough reason to rape me.”

As Takahito offered his rebuttal in a chilly tone, Eugene meekly bowed his head in agreement “Yes…I know.”

Eugene raised his lowered face, and steadily looked at Takahito with his light blue eyes.

“I won’t even say it that wanting for you to forgive us would be asking too much. It’s natural that you hate us. It’s just…the one thing I want you to understand is that it’s not like Arthur was happy about doing something like that to you either.”


Takahito understood Eugene was sticking up for his younger brother as best as he could, but it did not make an impression on his heart.

For someone who had not been happy about it…the man had been very relentless, and without a bit of mercy.

“He is not a bad man. Because earlier he came to my room right away, and asked me to check on your condition.”

“That man?”

He asked in a voice full of wonder. After finishing his business the man had left the room without taking notice of him, from that figure he had not been able to at all perceive that the man was worried about him.

“I think that his indifference towards you is most likely there so that his feelings would not be swayed. If that became the case, it would get harder to accomplish his task.”

Eugene’s conjecture sounded off the point to Takahito’s ears.

“And? Where is Arthur now?”

Eugene was lost for words, but before long he murmured awkwardly.

“He’s gone back to the principal residence, ‘The Gosford House’, in Cotswold.”

“Look at that,” Takahito wanted to say.

In the end, hadn’t he thrown the trouble at his older brother, and immediately returned home himself?

I will awaken the ‘Eve’ inside of you.

I will change you.

The man’s arrogant gaze and manner of speaking had reverberated in his ear, making his stomach feel queasy.

No matter how much he had cried or screamed the man’s hands had not slowed down.

This was not a nightmare or anything else, but the cruel reality – there was pitch black despair the moment he realized that.

That tyrant had made him the Gosford Family’s sacrifice.


Was it something that could be forgiven?

Takahito grinded his eyeteeth.

Right now, the damage was still too great and he could not even walk normally.

The immature him, although he could transform during the turn of the new moon, it did not last long. He had already learned that firsthand.

That why when he has recovered his strength and the moon is full, he will most certainly run away from here…and from that man.

(I’ll go back to my family…back to Japan)


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