Affection:CK – Prologue/Part 3

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Btw, I couldn’t help giggling when I saw the votes on novelupdates this morning. The homophobes had descended once againXD  The story had the same amount of 5 stars as it did 1 stars. If I was a meaner person, I’d say all the fujoshi’s on the site should get together and start giving 1 stars to all the bloody harem  and ecchi novels as a form of protest, because, god, that would be funny.

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“With the conclusion of Oswald’s burial, an alternation of generations has occurred. Herewith, the vow made 17 years ago has also become void.”

The vow of 17 years ago…

To explain this, the needle of the clock of time has to be rewound even further back, to about 60 years ago.

Previously, in England as well, there had lived several packs of werewolves, each with their own established territory.

However, they had been hunted by humans while in their wolf shape, killed in purported witch hunts, and furthermore coupled with their naturally low birth rate, their population had diminished…until finally there remained only two.

The two who had barely survived came from the Gosford family who belonged to nobles despite being werewolf.

That being the one who would later on become the elder of the Gosford family Oswald and his childhood friend Leslie.

The two were best friends and secret same sex lovers as well. The two who were deeply in love with each other could neither choose the path of tying themselves to a human woman and creating children.

But then, a miracle occurred to the two who had already resolved themselves that they could only accept their destiny. Leslie had gone through a process of feminization, and had given birth to Oswald’s children. There were 3 werewolf children that were born then.

Several years after the birth, Leslie unfortunately died in an epidemic, but since those children grew up, married human women, and each created children, it appeared like they had escaped the greatest danger to the family.

However, that had only been a momentary repose.

Because the children of the three sons, in other words Oswald’s grandchildren could not have children. The reason was unclear, but even in the cases of their human wives conceiving, they miscarried the child before reaching the birth.

Once again the family was on the verge of extinction.

Like this they could only wait for the extinction of their pack. Smiles had disappeared from the men’s faces.

They were the Gosford family, nobles, who had aristocratic blood, and who owned extensive hereditary lands, but all that meant nothing if they had no one to inherit it.

For them, who stood in the depths of despair, like a ray of light shining upon them, came the night before Jesus Christ’s nativity 17 years ago.

In the afternoon of that day, the Japanese werewolf that had appeared in front of Oswald like a Christmas miracle had the same ‘scent’ as Leslie had once had.

Being a werewolf, and, moreover, the possessor of the idiosyncrasy of feminization, he was an ‘Eve’.

[t.n. basically an omega by any other nameXD]

The senior Oswald had commanded the men of the family.

“No matter the method used, they absolutely had to obtain that ‘Eve’.”

Receiving the order from their elder, the pack members carried out the plundering of the ‘Eve’ with a do-or-die spirit.

However, the operation had ended in failure, and they had lost one of their pack members.

Following the ‘Eve’ who had returned to his own country, five members had crossed the ocean, and, staking their lives on the line, had waged a war against the Japanese werewolf family Jinguuji.

The result of that had been the loss of two more people from the Gosford family, and the capture of the remaining three by the enemy side.

The leader of the enemy party the head of the Jinguuji and Oswald had a discussion, and had closed a pact, “In the future, the Gosfords won’t make a move on Jinguuji family’s ‘Eve’.”

That was the promise of 17 years ago.

For the Gosfords that had been a humiliating agreement.

The hard to accept defeat and humiliation had etched a deep scar in the hearts of the Gosford men, and numerous times afterwards had given rise to a desire for vengeance. However, the proud Oswald had not permitted them to renegade on the promise he had exchanged with Tsukiya Jinguuji as long as he himself was alive.

But, Oswald had died.

At the same time with his death, the agreement he had made with the Jinguuji family also became void.

There was no longer any need to bear the humiliation.

“If we remain with folded arms like this, sooner or later the Gosfords will die out.”

The state of emergency of them not being able to have children with human women had not improved during these 17 years.

“That’s true. It’s clear the situation will not change for the better if we merely wait.”

Edgar spoke in agreement.

“If it’s like this, there is only one path left for us. Sink or swim, we can only place our bets on this.”

That is, to proceed to Japan, and steal the ‘Eve’. Bring him back to England, and make the ‘Eve’ give birth to a child.

The father of the child would be the leader of the pack – Arthur. The fact that the pack Alpha Arthur had the preferential right to copulation had been settled with a pack law.

If the new blood of the Japanese born ‘Eve’ entered the family, when the children given birth to by him grew up, they would probably be able to reproduce with human women and make children.

To the end it did not go past the level of speculation, but no matter how small the hope it was better than nothing.

To say the opposite, they chased after it like the only thing they could do was place the fate of their family on this slight possibility.

“Stealing the ‘Eve’, ah?”

“From those guys,” Wolfgang spit out hatefully. Wolfgang and Edgar had participated in the attack in Japan 17 years ago. Having become hostages at that time and furthermore having lost siblings in the attack, their feelings of hatred towards the Jinguuji family were especially strong.

“The time has come.”

Arthur concluded, with flames burning a bright red behind him, and his amber eyes glittering.

Among all the uncertainties, if there was any solid truth, it was just one.

The ‘Eve’ in Japan was the Gosford’s one and only hope, and his existence was indispensable to the rebuilding of their family.

“To regain the lost glory and pride of the Gosford family.”


“Certainly, we will make the ‘Eve’ ours.”

With the resolute proclamation of their Alpha, the men’s bodies quivered as if they were trembling with excitement.


So, you see what I meant by it’s ‘inspired’ by ABO dynamics?

So, that’s the prologue done with. Now I’m gonna go to the nearest shop, cuz I really, really want some crisps…or chips, I can never remember which one is which in relation to British and American English. Whatevers.

I’ll start on chap 1 tomorrow probably, I feel like getting some writing of my own done today. So it should be out in a couple of days. I’ll still be splitting chapters up as I see fit to make it easier on me. My current estimate is about 10 in book pages or so for each part, depending on how smoothly I can split them.

Anyways, see ya soon~

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  1. Ah..
    I feel sorry for the osford family but i feel more sorry for that “Eve”…
    I am dreading that he’ll be raped by these men and confined..fated to be a baby factory until he dies. Huhu

    Im loving the read. Its dark but i heckin wont give this 1 star. There are harem stories that are good yo! There are good noncon/dubcon stories as well..and i dont wanna limit myself in reading these BL cuz theres so few ! One must keep an open mind when it comes to fiction.

    Thank you for patiently translating this ^^
    I am very grateful ! I loved your translation of secret nights in the palace as well.

    1. Don’t worry, the story is not ‘that’ dark. The story does start out rapey, as you could expect from the premise, but in the usual japanese fashion it does get lighter the farther you get.

      I know there are good harem stories, it was a jest aimed at what I think of as the opposite of BL novels – the harem novel with the single male protagonist who keeps being surrounded by all these women, who can’t help falling for him. One tends to be the dirty pleasure of women, while the other as one can imagine is the dirty pleasure of loads of guys. So what I meant by the whole thing was something along the lines “If you can go around besmirching our dirty pleasure, why can’t we do the same?” And in any case it was meant as a joke only.

  2. ouch, maybe 17 years ago, they should have just thought about an alliance or intermarriage pact or something… I’m guessing now that’s how the ultimate plot will be resolved for the novel!

  3. that’s the reason why I don’t care about the ratings in NU. ? There was this BL novel that just started and already after a few mins. it got 1 star. ?

    1. As far as I remember, it’s not implicitly stated in the novel, but it is set somewhere in the modern times. The Gosfords are the only remaining werewolves in England.

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