Affection:CK – Prologue/Part 2

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In the vicinity of the cemetery the party had exited, today, the first snow began to fall here and there.

“Well then, Oswald’s burial is finished.”

Bidding farewell to the pastor, the party that had returned to the ‘Gosford House’ gathered in the clubroom of the family head.

Until just a few days ago this had been the clubroom of the senior Oswald Gosford they had buried just now, but according to the will he had left just before his death it had been handed over to his grandson Arthur.

But then, these last years there had been a lot of times Oswald who had reached an advanced age had been tied to the bedroom, and so these several years a substantial amount of the leadership of England’s Gosford family of werewolves had already fallen to Arthur. He had also served the role of chief mourner at the burial.

With a fireplace burning a bright red in the back, the new family head Arthur Gosford sat in the chair of a feudal lord he had inherited from his grandfather.

His muscular physique that could be classified as tall even among the British was carried with air of dignity that belied his real age of around 37, and made people that confronted him feel silent coercion.

The rich dark brown hair came from his father, while the pair of eyes the colour of amber were inherited from his mother. The excellent forehead and the high nose bridge was a reflection of the aristocratic blood flowing in that body, and gave him a noble appearance, but on the other hand, the sharpness of his eyes and the slightly arrogantly pursued shape of his mouth strongly called to mind the wildness of one more type of blood contained within his body.

Sitting on the chair of the leader, Arthur took turns to gaze at the faces of the three people sitting in front of him. They were the men with whom he had just now held a memorial service for the deceased.

To his right there was Edgar Gosford. He was ten years older than Arthur.

Being the son of the second of the three sons of Oswald, he was Arthur’s cousin.

Edgar who had hair the colour of sand beige and blue grey eyes was always calm, cool and collected, keeping calm no matter the occasion. With an aristocratic nose bridge, slender eyes and a tall, lean figure sort of appearance, he was the one who most resembled their grandfather Oswald.

In the middle there was Wolfgang Gosford.

Similarly, he was the son of Oswald’s third son, and another cousin of Arthur’s. He was the same age as Edgar.

He had a square face and a solid jaw, and his body build was also burly. With his trademark shortly cropped hair and beard, and dark brown eyes, he always appeared irritated. His temper was short, and he was quick to become emotional, a complete contrast to Edgar.

And then there was Eugene Gosford on the left side.

Being the firstborn child of Oswald’s eldest son, with many years in between them, he was Arthur’s older brother.

Having a unique appearance of long, straight silver hair and light blue eyes, he had not changed since the time Arthur had become aware of things around him, and it was hard to determine his true age right just from this appearance.

The fact Eugene’s ‘time’ had stopped while in his youth was dependant on him being a werewolf. It seemed that amongst their ancestors there had also seldom been ‘non-aging’ werewolves. The blessing of their flesh not weakening with the adage of years to the degree that a human’s did was, to a varying degree, enjoyed by all the people in this room.

These four people were the last members of the Gosford family. Based on the point of them all being Oswald’s grandsons, all members had equal standing.

In spite of that, at work behind the youngest of them all Arthur having carried the duties of the leader for several years was the intention their grandfather Oswald.

In a way that made it clear his mind could no longer be changed, Oswald had designated Arthur as the next head of the family.

Since the will of their elder was absolute, there had been nobody who had opposed this decision.

Because of that, there had been to troubles up to this day, but now, after Oswald’s funeral service was over, Arthur felt the necessity to once again receive the affirmation of his packmates.

“Does anyone have objections to me becoming the Alpha from today onwards?”

He had asked as such, because being the leader (Alpha) of the pack had the same meaning as being the head of the Gosford family.


 The sub-leader Edgar shrugged his shoulders.

“The one who had managed the pack these several years instead of the bedridden Oswald has been you. Now is probably just a confirmation of that.”

Wolfgang who Arthur turned his eyes to next came after him and Edgar within the pack, and so had to be content with the third position.

After he had looked back at Arthur with a glare for a little while, he dropped in a low tone, “Me neither.”

At last Arthur’s gaze turned to Eugene. It was probable that in exchange for his transparent beauty, god had dispossessed Eugene of a healthy constitution. Eugene who had been feeble since birth was the wolf with the lowest position in the pack.

That Eugene smiled brightly.

“The Alpha can only be you, Arthur.”

It was the moment Arthur became the Alpha wolf both in name and in reality.

“Thank you. Now then, as the leader of Gosford family, I now wish to present a subject for discussion.”

As Arthur began to speak, the three slightly adjusted their sitting positions. They had already realized what the subject placed on the chopping board would be about.

“With the conclusion of Oswald’s burial, an alternation of generations has occurred. Herewith, the vow made 17 years ago has also become void.”


So what’s the vow? You’ll find out tomorrow, so remember to tune in~

I also have less than 100 pages left to transcribe, so I think I’m about ready to start translating this. I have no set schedule, but I’ll do my best to crank out something at least once a week. This book is set in modern times unlike Secret Nights the Inner Palace, and it has a different author so it has a very different vocabulary, which I now have to learn, which takes time and effort, so my translation speed is quite slow.

Anyhow, till tomorrow~

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