Affection:CK – Chapter 1/Part 1

Yo! Here’s the first part of the 1st chapter, so we can start on the story proper.

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Chapter 1

Japan – Tokyo.

Snow flickered outside the classroom windows. This was the first snow since the New Year started, and the third this winter.

Just this morning on the internet he had seen news that this year nationwide, no, worldwide there was a large amount of snowfall.

It seemed things had become difficult as in areas of heavy snowfall houses had been smashed because of the weight of the snow, and people had become unable to leave their homes.

Although in Tokyo in places the accumulated snow reached up to 20 centimetres, it disappeared in a matter of days. Even so it still had an effect on transportation, and things like delays of trains had become news.

(If there’s this much snow, won’t the trains stop?)  

Gazing at the state of the flickering snow for a while, Takahito Gamon pondered as such, when a voice came from beside him.

“Taka, can we return home together?”

The owner of the voice was his classmate Michiru Kamiyama. Takahito’s childhood friend.

Michiru had transferred to Takahito’s class in the June of fourth year of elementary school. His only close relative, his mother, had died, and he had been taken in by his grandparents on his mother’s side. Since by chance Michiru’s grandparents’ house was on the edge of the neighbourhood in which Takahito’s house was in, they began to take the path to school and back together, and naturally grew closer. Afterwards, they had advanced to the same middle and high school.

Their acquaintance amounted to a total of 7 years, but in that time there had been no big change in Michiru’s outward appearance. They had been children the first time Takahito had seen him, but even now he still had a small build. Of course he had grown taller than he’d been at their meeting. However, even now, he was the shortest among the guys in the class. And the thinnest.

Takahito too, if he was pushed to say it, was slender. As far as the thickness of his body was concerned, it was vexing, but it gave a big lead to his older twin brother. But that fact itself was only connected to muscle mass. He was not skin and bones.

However, in Michiru’s case, he felt that a word like ‘slender’ was not enough. His body swam inside the stand-up collar of the uniform that was ordered in the spring of last year. This was because Michiru’s grandmother had ordered the uniform a little bit larger, in anticipation of his future growth.

In middle school she had ordered a larger uniform for the same reason, and during the first year of middle school the cuffs of his trousers would be pulled up. By the time that uniform finally perfectly fit him they were approaching graduation from middle school, and so in high school he once again had to return to a baggy uniform.

“Unlike middle school, I’m sure I probably won’t get any taller in high school…”

In the entrance ceremony, Michiru, who had clearly been wearing an oversized uniform that did not fit his body, had sighed with a seemingly sad expression.

“That’s not true at all. It’s the growth period, you’re still growing.”

“That’s it, you’ll probably swiftly get all muscled, right?”

Takahito’s and his older brother’s Kizuki’s follow-up was as such, but the reality after 8 months had passed was that Michiru’s uniform remained as baggy as it had been before.

It was not just Michiru’s uniform; his glasses had the tendency to constantly slip down, so he had to frequently lift them up with his hand. This was because Michiru’s face was too small and he could not find glasses that fit to it perfectly.

“Taka?” Michiru called Takahito’s name, just as he once again pushed up his powerful spectacles with his hand.

Being called by his childhood friend, who was wearing a duffle coat on top of his uniform, Takahito apologized. “Ahh…sorry.”

“Let’s return. Wait a moment.”

Takahito took out the teaching materials from inside the desk and put them in his schoolbag. He also put in his notebooks and the writing implements that were left on top of the desk. Putting the mobile phone he had started carrying around since high school in the pocket of his uniform, he put a scarf around his neck. With this he had completed the preparations for returning home.

He put the schoolbag on his shoulder, and rose from the chair.

“Let’s go.”


Michiru, who was standing at his side, glanced at Takahito and said, “Shouldn’t you be wearing gloves? It’s snowing outside.” The person in question, Michiru, was snugly wearing gloves.

“I did not take them with me.”

“I see. Are you not cold?”

“It’s alright.”

Takahito answered and shrugged his shoulders.


Michiru, who had asked again, made a disbelieving expression. Maybe because he was thin, Michiru was sensitive to cold.

In contrast, Takahito was resistant to cold. He also had their school’s designated duffle coat, but this winter he had yet to have even once stuck his arm through its sleeve.

In contrast, he was weak to heat, summer was exhausting to him. This was the lineage of his mother’s side of the family, the Jinguuji.

His mother, his uncle, who was his mother’s younger brother, as well – they were weak in summer and strong in winter.

(Ah…there is one irregularity.)

Only his grandfather Tsukiya, even in midsummer, did not feel the heat too excessively. Because he always kept a cold bearing, there was an illusion as if only around his grandfather there blew a refreshing wind.

(Well, it’s because that person is special.)

Even in a family that had extraordinary genetics, that person was the most special.

Reasoning as such, Takahito entered the hallway. Thereupon this time there came a voice from behind him, “Taka-kun.” When he turned around, there was a female pupil from his class standing in the entrance to the classroom. The girl, who alongside Takahito worked as the class representative, had orderly features, so she was popular among a portion of the boys. According to them, she looked ‘Megane Moe’[1], but that impression was not well understood by Takahito.

[1. Megane means glasses, and moe has about the same meaning as meng in chinese, a.k.a. cute. So they’re calling her a ‘cute nerd’. There’s more to this, but I don’t feel I have enough expertise to try to explain the moe culture of Japan. Google it, if you want.]

“Do you have a minute?”

“Nakamura-san…what is it?”

“Well, you see, since the off-campus proficiency test is at the end of the month, we’ve been talking about making a study group with the volunteers from the class.”

The off-camp proficiency exam was a mock exam organized by major prep schools and cram schools, different than the fixed tests held within school like the midterms and the final exams.

Participation was optional, but because according to this test one can understand their rank in the whole country, among the students who are focused on continuing their education in a famous university taking this mock exam, there are a lot of 1st year students.

“With that said, perhaps if Taka-kun would also like to join…”

“I’m not taking the test.”


The female student opened her eyes wide behind the lenses as if she’d been attacked by an enemy in an unguarded moment.

“The mock exam, I’m not taking it again.”

When he repeated, the girl spoke in surprise, “You’re not taking it?”

“Not at all?”

“Yea. I tried taking it once, so I know what sort of thing it is.”

“Bu…but, Taka-kun, didn’t you get the 10th place in the whole country?”

“That’s right. I understood my own true strength, so it’s fine.”


“Is that all?” He asked the female student he had left speechless.

“Ah…ye, yes.”

“In that case, I’m leaving.”

 “Let’s go,” Takahito prompted Michiru who had been waiting for him, and began to walk through the hallway.

“Is it fine?” Michiru asked, repeatedly glancing behind his back.

“What is?”

“I can still see that girl.”

“It’s fine.”

With this they’ll probably be saying things like ‘how cold’ or ‘how cool’ behind his back again, but such a thing did not really matter. He had no interest in his popularity among the girls. That was not limited to the girls only, however.

Regarding human relations within school, no matter who he was facing, with no distinction, he kept a fixed distance between them.

That was Takahito’s manner of doing things. Passing his school days in elementary, middle and high school, he had learned this was for the best.

If he became friends with someone in particular, troublesome things would happen like people would think it was unfair he was friends only with that person and be jealous,  the person would exhibit an ambiguous desire to monopolize, and there would be factional strife between the ‘Taka-kun group’ and ‘Kizu-kun group’.


Isn’t he a sweetheart? hehe.

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