SNITIP-Chapter 7/Part 4

Well, the end is here. I can’t honestly believe I just finished translating this book. It has been a very long journey. I bought this book in January while I was still living in Japan as an exchange student in a bookshop in the center of Sendai. Not long after I got the idea to translate it and started working on it. It was really hard work in the beginning, as my Japanese wasn’t stellar and I often wanted to bash my head in, but I made it work, and here we are today.

Thank you to everybody who has been with this story from the very start, and I hope you have enjoyed the ride.

Well, then, let us proceed to the grand finale.

P.S. don’t read this in any public space, cuz this is gonna get steamy as fuck…


Chapter 7/Part 4 Intimate Scene (Password – SNITIP74)

In Yoh’s history the rule of Ryuu Kishoh who is known as the ancestor who rejuvenated the dynasty is the period of ‘the Blazing Emperor’.

During his long reign Yoh’s territory had been increased to the maximum, and prosperity had been brought by importing the cultures of the surrounding countries.

Among the subjugated countries only Ka, by the grace of its last Imperial Princess becoming the Blazing Emperor’s Empress, had its autonomy recognized, and had protected its peculiar culture.

It has been passed down that by the Blazing Emperor’s side, for a thousand years there had always only been the figure of the exaltedly beautiful Empress.

The End


That was probably one of the hottest things I’ve ever read, be it m/m or m/f. I think through the three smut scenes in this book, the author has covered almost all bases of straight and gay smut writing, except for rimming.

But in all honesty, this has been a very good story, and I have enjoyed it very much, both reading it in Japanese and translating it.

But what’s next in store for this one-woman translation team? I’ve already started slowly working on preparing the next book for translating, I think I should be able to release a sneak peek of it, a part of the prologue, sometime this week.

Again thanks to everyone who has been reading this story, I couldn’t have preserved on to finish this if there weren’t people who enjoyed reading this. I hope you stick around for the next story, and hopefully the ones after that.

I’ll leave you with this cute picture from the end of the book, while I go work on transcribing the kanji in the next one. See you soon~



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  1. This is soo good….I was initially passing by, and read this novrl for the first time when it was still at the 1st chapter. I stuck with it in hopes of seeing how kishoh will make Sekka his….but….but today i am crying not only because of happiness that they became very happy but also that this novel ended. I really really (x100) love this novel so much and i love the translation so much…….i really can’t stop crying right now……anyways i am happy that this novel has a happy ending . And i hope the himiko-chou translator will start a new series…. but i will forever miss u guys…..
    Thanks for the translation……

  2. Blessed! -drowning in my own blood- The lovemaking is so intensed, hot and loved! Thank you so much and we’ll looking forward for your next project! ^^ Good Luck!

  3. Thank you for translating this wonderful and steamy novel for us! I’ll definitely stick around for your next project as well

  4. Wow…i usually am averse to the use of the… down there… but this..i loved this. I didnt have that fear nor was i disgusted. This was really well written smut. High quality hands down.

    Im still disappointed that sekka didnt bore him a son or daughter TuT. I wouldve loved to see their herm or not babies.. but i loved this ending.

    ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH LOVE ♡♡♡♡♡
    Thank you. For making it possible for us to read such high quality novel TuT youre a blessing *hugs tight*

  5. “The man who boasted the imperial body was kowtowing between his legs” Sekka, that is not the way to think about it!! you’ve been so corrupted that you’re shameless now xD

    I love how for Sekka it’s “his flower stem” but for Kishoh it’s “his gun”

    thank you so much for your hard work translating!! especially with how smutty this last chapter was B^J

  6. Congrats for finishing this novel translation! You did so well! This story was hot, hot, hot and you captured the VERY VIVID imagery wonderfully. I look forward to your next projects!

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  8. Congrats on finishing the your first translation of a story. I might not have commented every update but I was with you there from the beginning to the end. I loved the story but couldn’t have enjoyed it without you translating. Looking forward to the other stories that you will be translating.

  9. ai simplismente amei essa história! lindo final!! queria que o Sekka tivesse tido filhos…mas super entendo que não tinha como…chorando horrores!

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  14. That was one of hell hot story with plot. Glad that they end up happily. Only sad Sakka will have to pretend for life now but at least he can act as himself with Kishoh and have one who love him as a whole

  15. Muchas gracias fue una traducción maravillosa, tienes un gran gusto con las novelas, lo disfrute muchísimo <3 te adoro?
    Me encanta como se nos queda la jerga china tradicional XD

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    I am just curious why he always said “we”. And i only realized at the end that he always did his flower bud lol

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