SNITIP-Chapter 3/Part 2

Welcome! As promised here is the long awaited hot and heavy action~ Had so much fun translating thisXD And funnily enough this kinda coincides with the one month anniversary of me beginning to publish this story. I thank everybody who has been enjoying the story, your support keeps me going. Love ya.

Also I think I used all the ten years worth of knowledge gained by reading slash fanfictions, Lgtb novels and other such things to translate the steamy bits in this chapter so that it would sound as hot as possible in English. Japanese way of wording does not always go over well when directly translated to English. For example, the Emperor referring to his prick as ‘his thing’ sounds fine in Japanese, but in English it really doesn’t suit an ancient setting.

Anyways, sorry for the long notes, I know you’re here for the pron. Still, note this was also edited when I was sick so the same warnings apply.

EDIT: According to my new policy, NSFW content has been put under a password. You can find the link and the password below.


Chapter 3/Part 2 – Intimate Scene (Password – SNITIP32)


Is it only me or has the room gotten really hot?…he he
There’s still a little part of third chapter left, I’ll put it up next week. I’m working on the 4th chapter, but it’s going slow since it’s full of harem related words that I have to look up in Japanese. And I’ve been playing Minecraft and listening to a few new LGTB audio-books. Both are equally to blame for the snail pace.

Also, I know this is a bit whiny, but I’ve noticed that this novel has a lot of negative 1 votes on Novelupdates and it threw me for a loop, since I’ve received no complaints. All I could think of was that somebody didn’t notice that this was a Yaoi story and got all pissy when they realized it. *shrugs*

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SNITIP-Chapter 3/Part 3

32 thoughts on “SNITIP-Chapter 3/Part 2

  1. I really enjoy the novelty of the MC’s sex. Ive not seen a novel featuring a hermaphrodite before. I also like that the author is delving into the psyche of the MC as he deals with his unique body. The shame he feels is so sad, but that he finds someone to care for him and actually value his uniqueness is quite heartwarming. Hoping it heals him and the self-shame. This is a great story, please keep spoiling us with more chapters!

    1. I agree. It is a pretty interesting twist. I’ve seen it before a few times in fanfictions, and as far as I’m concerned it’s two for the price of one funtimesXD Yea, Sekka’s got a mountain of issues on his back concerning his body, but I think he’ll be alright. Kishoh finds him totally hot~

  2. The seme better take care of our beloved uke. He needs to beg for forgiveness when he falls in love. (Better yet, it should be even before he falls in love)

    1. Thanks for the update! Don’t mind NU ratings. There are lots of Yaoi novels that are given 1 star ratings at the start because of those d*mn yaoi haters. Take note of the tags first before reading it. Those people should just dive into their harem novels that are filled with (amazingly) beautiful, brainless women and mind their own busines.

      1. That pretty much is my plan right now, since the situation has gotten better, but at one point the ration was like 50/50 between 5 and 1 ratings and then I did get a bit aggravated. I think the Futanari tag is to blame for that, since almost all of the ones under it are harem novels (dickgirls are apparently completely okay, but a guy with a flower is blasphemy T.T)

  3. My goshhh you really were right last time, when you said this chapter would be long! it is soo long just like Sekka´s night! fyahahahaha

    1. That’s a good one. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how detailed the scene is, because I admit I had a bit of a stereotype about such scenes usually being badly written in Japanese BL novels from the few ones that I had seen that had been translated to English.

        1. Oh yes, that’s probably my biggest frustration with CN XD I love Quickly Wear The Face Of The Devil to bits, but I wish the sex scene would be more explicit as both Zhou Yun Sheng and ML are such hot, horny bastards and I wanna see them get it on T.T

          1. Same! All the character in CN is better than JPN but the sex scene is… eerr…
            Landlord novel is good too and ML drooling at MC body that still 16 years old, yet MC character is like adult.
            That novel was my burried BL list that I still not read T.T sorry I can’t comment much.

      1. Well that is with the chinesse ban of sex scenes…but it was good in The reader and the protagonist definitly are in true love…those final chapters were really good…
        This is like those well written fanfics…we need chinesse novel fanfics…

  4. PSA: while hot in a story, irl this is an absolutely horrible thing. Irl, keep it Safe, Sane and Consensual!

    About the one stars, certain individuals go about rating all the yaoi 1star. It’s either that or the rape. In my opinion.

    *hugs Sekka* I hope they fall in love.


    1. Agreed. But I did honestly think this is a very well written dub-con scene. Not just wham, bam, let’s just stick it in with no lube while I hold you down. (Remembers ‘I want to be your man’). And I think Sekka needs a bit of force to get over his body issues, cuz damn he got them aplenty.

      Of course they’ll fall in love, what’s the point otherwise~

  5. Hotness!!!I am here fanning myself coz its that good!!! One of the best scenes I have read so far!!Hope kissho treats him like a queen and doesnt humiliate him.

    1. Well, the full title of the novel IS Secret Nights In The Inner Palace-The Supreme Emperor and his Beloved Two Flowered PrincessXD I think Kishoh’s already began the road down the rabbit hole, Sekka’s brain just needs to catch up and notice it~

  6. Hmm secert night right…
    I hope Shekka become empress in the end and they both become lovely dovely pairing.
    Its because it was hard to make HE…

    Here is Futa pic I got from pixiv if you want to know how Futa male scene works while imagine it XP
    The rest, I will create some post in forum NU.
    Its weird that I can’t press share button again.. haha…
    If you guys want to search yourself Futa make tag in pixiv, here 男ふたなり
    Some of them have bad drawings. But if you search carefully, there is a good drawing.

  7. Not feeling too good about how the ML has so many concubines :/

    Hopefully it’ll just be the ML and MC in the future

    Thank you for the chapter!

  8. I dont know if this is the room or me was feeling hot!!and this one chapter was inded hella long and i love it!!ehehehehe?

  9. This is hot ♡
    Certainly unique, as an avid yaoi lover, i think the thought of a —– is kinda.. x.x because its so close to home. But i really cant picture mpreg without this…. so im slowly…rapidly.. accepting herms xD plus it was really hot. ^^ i hope he takes care of sekka really well and not just lust over him. Im very happy he controls himself well and not outright take him when hes not ready nor prepared well. Much kudos to emperor ^^

    Thank you for translating!!!!!

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