Affection:FP – Chapter 13/Part 2

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Exchanging words about things like everyone’s current status, forgetting the time, they were deep in talk until near to midnight, but the sound of the wall clock’s pendulum that let them know that it was 12 o’clock opportunistically became the opening.

Everyone had to be up early tomorrow, so they all went up to the guest rooms that had been assigned to them.

It had been decided that Kizuki would sleep in Takahito’s room, and they will use the bath in turns. Since as far as it goes Kizuki was a guest, Takahito let him go first.

Using the bath second, as Takahito exited the powder room after drying his hair, Kizuki, who had changed into a sweatshirt and sweatpants he’d brought, was sitting on the bed.

“This is somewhat amazing! I feel like calling this a bed would be too simple. The thing fluttering down from the ceiling is called a canopy, right?”

“Yea. I was also surprised the first time I saw it. Since the furniture is all antiques it feels like you’re living in an art museum.”

Takahito approached the canopy bed and sat down next to Kizuki, who was swaying his long legs to and fro.

Maybe because he had taken a hot bath, his older brother looked a lot more relaxed.

“Because the building itself is old, there are a lot of inconveniences when compared to Japan, but…unexpectedly I got used to it. Unlike Tokyo there are no leisure spots, but to that extent there is a lot of nature.”

“Certainly the snow is very pleasant. It looks suited for doing snowboarding.”

“Running over the snowy fields in wolf form feels the greatest. Because there is not a single obstacle like building and such, the sense of liberation is staggering. You can continue to run to anywhere.”

Remembering the feeling of dashing over the snowy fields, Takahito’s voice unconsciously became higher.

“If you go until the National Park, there are wild deer.”

“Heee, that’s amazing.”

Kizuki’s eyes widened.

“That’s why you can also hunt there.”

“Did you hunt a deer?”

As if his interest had been aroused, Kizuki leaned forward.

“Yea, we killed it. Although Arthur brought it down mostly by himself and I just supported him.”


“Someday, let’s hunt together.”

Takahito invited him, but there was no answer from Kizuki. Joining his hands behind his neck, Kizuki slowly flopped backwards like that.

In the sidelong glance of his older brother who was looking up at the canopy, Takahito saw his own impatient reflection.

(It’s still…impossible, it seems)

There was no reason to think Kizuki’s emotions could be sorted so easily.

Him staying in UK and becoming part of the Gosford Family meant that he was doing nothing but making Kizuki alone bear the heavy responsibility of inheriting the Jinguuji Family in the future.

Of course, for the present still his uncle was probably going to be acting as the leader.

Moreover, his younger twin brother being an ‘Eve’ and possibly giving birth to children in the future, it was reasonable to think that to Kizuki it seemed like a bolt out of the blue…



“Thank you.”

Kizuki glanced at him.

“What for?”

“For seeing me in a dream…and then finding this place.”

Hereupon this time Kizuki suddenly turned sideways, and with his face turned away he spoke out in a sulky voice.

“Had it not been needless care? Would it not have been better for you if we had not come…”

“That is not so!”

Takahito reflexively expressed in a loud voice.

“Because you…everyone had come, we had been able to discuss it like this. To you who created the opportunity for me to speak of my feelings to everyone…I am thankful from the bottom of my heart.”

Kizuki turned around. After he had fixedly gazed at Takahito’s eyes with his own pale eyes, he absent-mindedly whispered.

“…You know, when you were in Tokyo, in some respect you looked like you were suffocating.”


“You’re smart, skilful and you can handle anything flawlessly, but…underneath that cool expression, I felt like you were irritated by not being able use your full strength.”

Takahito was surprised Kizuki had noticed that.

“As expected, since we can’t freely transform in Tokyo, we can’t use our full strength either. However, if you’re here…if you’re amongst this great nature, you can probably let out your true self and become free?”

At Kizuki’s question, Takahito nodded his head.

Kizuki suddenly laughed.

“Then I’m glad. If you’re happy…that is enough for me.”

Taken off guard by words of forgiveness, Takahito widely opened both of his eyes. Slowly, but steadily heat rose inside of his chest.


Before Takahito could finish what he was saying, Kizuki abruptly got up using his abdominal muscle strength.

“Right! With this, I think this conversation is over!”

Kizuki spoke vigorously, and shrugged his shoulders as if to say ‘sorry for the gloominess’.

“Let’s sleep. We have to get up early tomorrow too.”

“Hey, is this the only bed?”

Affirming it, Takahito answered “Yes.”

“Eee, really? We both have to sleep on it?”

“In the past haven’t we slept on the same bed?”

“How long ago was that…no matter how you think about it the bed is too narrow.”

Next to Kizuki, who was reluctantly slipping under the duvet while complaining, Takahito too laid down his body.

His older brother’s back that was in front of his eyes was quite broader than his and indeed it felt a bit cramped.

As he gazed at that back, suddenly, innocent words that had been spoken at some point resounded in his head.

-After all, haven’t we been together since we were born? Won’t we always be together?

(I’m sorry)

Takahito apologized in his heart. He did not know how many times he had apologized, but it felt like it wasn’t nearly enough.

For his selfishness…he was sorry.

For not being able to forever be together…he was sorry.

For having another important person except you…he was sorry.

But, for you too there will one day definitely appear a fated partner as well.

Your one and only ‘pair’…

Finally, with the tranquil sleeper’s breathing becoming audible in his ear, Takahito too quietly closed his hot eyelids.


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