Affection:FP – Chapter 12/Part 4

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Descending to the first floor, they explained the situation to Eugene.

At first Eugene was taken aback by the sudden development, but when he knew that Takahito’s decision was firm his expression tightened as if he had strengthened his own resolve as well and he said “I’ll take out the car.”

While Eugene was preparing for departure by packing up and closing up, Takahito returned to the second floor and made Arthur put on a turtleneck sweater, wool pants and a long coat.

When his outfit was in order, Takahito and Eugene supported Arthur, whose gait was still unsteady because of the injury to his left eye, from both sides and lead him to the car.

After they had settled Arthur in the backseat of the SUV, Takahito too sat down next to him.

Eugene got into the driver’s seat.

“Arthur, are you alright? It doesn’t hurt? You will be more comfortable if you lay down.”

He called out to Arthur like that, but the man replied “I’m alright.”

Arthur was probably still in quite a lot of pain, but because of Alpha pride he did not reveal a bit of that pain.

“Were you able to arrange a private plane?”

Eugene asked Arthur from the driver’s seat.

“Yes, I did succeed as it is currently pending. It’ll be quite late but it looks like we’ll be able to take off in the evening.”

“I’m glad.”

Takahito sighed in relief.

Until they could fly the plane, it would probably be fine if they hid themselves in a motel near the airport.

“Alright, let’s depart.”

Eugene stepped on the acceleration and the SUV began to move.

Earlier the three people had discussed their destination and had decided to first fly to Canada.

In the north regions of Canada there were still a lot of forests left and it was also inhabited by a lot of hoofed mammals.

It was the place most suitable for the healing of Arthur’s injuries.

After they had settled on their destination Arthur contacted his business associate.

While Arthur had been in a coma, Eugene had contacted the London office and had conveyed that because he’d suffered an injury in an accident Arthur would not be able to move for a while.

Once again from Arthur’s mouth his number two took the drift that Arthur was taking an absence from work, he was given the directions for the present and was bestowed with the authority to settle accounts. Arthur also informed the employee that took charge of the ‘Gosford House’ when they were not there that they will be absent for a while.

In succession he made phone calls to several people and in total he probably spent close to an hour speaking.

It was only that but there was no doubt he used up quite a lot of strength doing that. Ordinarily speaking, his injury was so serious he should not even be allowed to get up.

(Even though he probably wanted to rest his body as much as possible at this time…I’m sorry things turned out this way)

Shortly after the car had begun to move, Arthur began to nod off and finally completely closed his eyes.

Takahito, who had not moved his eyes away from his lover for even a moment in worry, felt relieved at Arthur having fallen asleep and turned his gaze to outside his window.

The frost covered trees that were dyed in the colours of the sunset entered his eyes. Before he’d noticed it the car had left the Gosford private property and seemed to be approaching the adjacent national park. The place where he and Arthur had bustled about in their wolf forms.

(Is this my last look at this scenery…as well?)

It was lonesome, but unlike the last time it did not mean he was going to wait to be separated from Arthur after this.

If they went to Canada, for the present the Jinguuji family will probably not pursue them. At least, until Arthur’s injuries healed…

Right after he thought that, Takahito was attacked by a heavy feeling of guilt.

He was turning his back towards his family that was worried about him and had especially come to United Kingdom, and moreover he trying to run away from them.

Although it was for Arthur’s sake…it did not change the fact that those were sinful actions.

-Taka? What’s wrong? Taka?

He recalled Kizuki’s call several hours ago, and tightly clenched both of his hands.

(…I’m sorry…Kizu…sorry…everyone)

Because one…one day definitely, he will clearly explain the circumstances so as to receive their understanding.

That’s why right now he wished everyone would forgive him for turning his back on them.

He wished they would forgive him for wanting to be together with the injured Arthur.

He knew it was a selfish desire, but…

Holding the area of his gloomy stomach with both hands, he wondered how long he’d been surrendering himself to the vibrations inside the car.


Having sunk into pensiveness while gazing at the scenery flowing past the car window, Takahito returned to himself hearing Eugene’s voice. Next to him Arthur also opened his eyes.

“What? What’s wro…”

“A car is pursuing us from behind!”


In a flash, he looked backwards. Indeed, far away behind them a black car-like silhouette was visible. When he strained his eyes enough, the tall in height 4WD car seemed to stretch out into two cars.

“Could it not be a car going towards the national park?”

The sun would begin to set soon, but there were hotels near the National park, so he thought they could be tourists.

“It would be good if that is the case, but…”

Having hesitatingly said that while not making himself quite clear, Eugene added worriedly.

“But since earlier they’ve been always keeping a set distance. To test it I tried to increase the speed a little, but they’ve tightly kept the same distance.”

Hearing that, his heart pounded. When he looked towards Arthur, there was a tinge of anxiety floating in his lover’s expression as well.


When he had talked on the phone, Kizuki had said that he was in England, but he had not spoken of where specifically he was.

What if in truth at that point they had already found out about the ‘Forest House’?

If by his pronouncement ‘I’m in Wales’ they had gained conviction and had immediately gone towards this place, it would not be strange even if they appeared here right now.

The minute that he had derived this deduction, Takahito lowered the car window. He pushed his upper body out of the completely open window.

Exposing his face to the cold wind he franticly strained his eyes, but even though he was able to observe the shadows of several people in the car trailing them, it wasn’t enough to see facial distinctions. When he tried to lean out even more, from inside the car Arthur grabbed his hips and said “That’s dangerous.”

“Hold me like that!”

Leaning out from the window as far as he could Takahito closed his eyes and focused his awareness on his sense of smell.

No matter what Arthur’s ‘scent’ was the strongest one, but as he sharpened his sense of smell, he caught several nostalgic ‘scents’.

‘Scents’ he had not smelled in a long time. ‘Scents’ that had been burned into his memory since he was born.


Returning back to inside the car, Takahito rushed to close the window. Despite the fact that he had exposed his body to the cold wind, sweat spread from his hairline.


Examining his state, Arthur called out to Takahito in a strained voice.

“…it’s the Jinguuji.”


Uhuu….here comes trouble~

Till next time~


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  1. Am I the only one who is suddenly annoyed at Takahito? His family took pains to chase him all the way to Wales out of concern for him. And what does he do? He opts to run away!!! His worries are not unfounded but for heaven’s sake his family have been worried to death about his disappearance and being in an enemy territory!
    Instead of running away with the man I think he should just face his family to ease their worries explain the situation to them.

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    1. I felt exactly the same way in the last chapter. This shows his lack of maturity. Arthur and Eugene should have talked some sense into him. Taki could have met his family on neutral ground and explained the situation. Then after he had convinced his family not to wage war on the Gosford pack, he probably would have spent a lot of time away from Arthur but time is on their side. This boy is giving up way too much in the heat of the moment. They love him enough to come for him, they’ll give him his love in the end.

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