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“…it’s the Jinguuji.”

At Takahito’s whisper, he weakly shook his shoulders.

“There are six people riding separately in the two cars. I think they probably followed my ‘scent.”

Eugene glanced at them through the mirror and asked “What to do?” Takahito looked at Arthur. The side profile of his lover who was being pressed to make a decision was grim.

However, without taking a lot of time he came to a conclusion.

“Seeing that we have been pursued up to here, it would be impossible for us to get away. Let’s stop the car. I’ll talk to them.”

Takahito paled.

On top of them not being a match number wise even under normal circumstances, grand uncle and Tsuduki of the three sub-families who supreme imperative was continuance of the family would probably use any means if it was for the sake of getting him back.

Currently Arthur could not even walk properly. Dealing with the Jinguuji Family while his body was in such a state would be absurd.

(If perhaps something happened to Arthur…)

“No way! I will go!”

At Takahito’s demand Arthur made a face as if he had some sort of objection. However, he could not yield here.

“The Jinguuji are my family. I will talk to them.”

Takahito flatly declared in a tone brooking no argument.

“I will certainly settle the matter.”

He did not know whether he would be able to persuade them. But, right now it was the only thing he could say.


“I will definitely return to your side, so please believe and wait for me.”

He tightly squeezed the hand of Arthur who still seemed to have objections and asked Eugene “Stop the car.”

“Understood,” Eugene, who had been listening to the exchange, answered in a meek voice and made the car stop.

Leaving Arthur and Eugene inside the car Takahito climbed out alone.

As he stood in the middle of the road several metres away from the car, the two 4WD cars came closer. It stopped 5 metres away from the place Takahito was standing at.

The doors opened with a clatter, and the figures of several people stepped out from inside the car. In the backlight of the shining headlights of the car, a tall human figure rushed over. As the distance between them shortened the details of that human figure became clearer. A symmetrical eight heads tall body and slightly curly hair. The minute he recognized Takahito his eyes went wide open in a twinkle, and his whole face crumbled.


Kizuki called his name in a loud voice. Spreading both of his arms Kizuki jumped at him and embraced the stock still Takahito.


“I’m so glad…you’re safe!”

His older brother was embracing him tightly and Takahito also hugged him in return.

Being surrounded by the ‘scent’ of his older brother after a long time, he experienced a feeling of relief that was as if a part of him that had been missing for a long time had fitted itself in the place it should be.

That sensation was different than the one he felt at times when Arthur and he embraced each other.

Kizuki, who had clung to Takahito like he had wanted to thoroughly digest the joy of their reunion, temporarily let go of his body and intently gazed at his face.

Is…nothing wrong with you? You’re not injured, are you?”

[T.N. どこ も…… なんとも ない よな?- I’m not sure what Kizuki’s asking. I’m bad at casual speech.]

Really, he had changed in many ways since before, but Takahito did not say that and lightly nodded.

It seemed like Kizuki had lost some weight. When Takahito thought that it was because he’d made Kizuki anxious about him, his chest stung.

“Michiru has also been very worried about you. Later, you should give him a call.”


During that time his parents, uncle, grand uncle and Tsuzuki had come running.


The moment he saw the crumpled face of his mom, softly he was nearly overflown by tears. His dad’s eyes were also red. Because it was the first time he had seen his dad like that, it made him nearly cry all the more.


His mom hugged him, and in a strained tearful voice repeated “I’m glad…so glad.” Noticing that his body had become a size thinner, his chest tightened. Because even under normal circumstances his mom was thin.

“I’m sorry…for causing you worry.”

“If you are safe…that is enough,” in a strained voice his dad told Takahito who had at length only said that.

They had probably heard from Kizuki that in the middle of the phone call he had cut it off, but seeing his family that did not blame him for that and were purely happy about their reunion, the feeling of guilt swelled in him.


Looking over his mom’s shoulder at the call coming from the back, his eyes met with his uncle, the leader of the Jinguuji Family. In the face of his courageous uncle, who was seldom agitated, as expected there was also a tinge of relief floating.

“I’m glad you’re safe.”

“Uncle Takao, even though you are so busy…thank you for coming to look for me.”

“It’s because Yuuki too requested me to ‘definitely bring Takahito back’.”

He imagined that the heart of Yuuki-mama – ‘his other mother’ – was certainly hurting.

“Grand uncle and Tsuzuki-san too…thank you.”

He also expressed his gratitude to his grand uncle and Tsuzuki, who were standing behind his uncle. It was clear that leaving Japan was not an easy thing for them, who both carried an important role in the family [a.k.a. the yakuza family].

“I’m really glad we were able to meet again with you in a healthy state. Later, I/you (not sure) have to call Tsukiya-san. This time I requested it and he stayed with the group.”

“Mizukawa is also worrying about you back in Japan.”

The two, who had each greeted him, even though they were relieved seeing his appearance, they did not completely let go of their tension, and turned their gazes to behind Takahito.

Their stern eyes were perched on the SUV.

It appeared that they believed that the main culprit of this series of turmoil the leader of the Gosford Family was inside there.

Sensing that everyone’s awareness was turned towards the SUV, Takahito also braced himself over again.

Beyond doubt finally the time had come to tell about his decision to his family and close relatives.

“Everyone, I want you to listen to me for a little bit.”

Because of that call, he gathered everyone’s gazes. Having been showered with attention, Takahito’s throat went dry.

If he made a blunder here, things will become difficult. It was necessary to choose his words carefully.

“There is…something I must tell everyone…”

When he was halfway through saying that, in the back there was the sound of car doors opening.

Swinging his shoulders to turn around, Takahito widely opened his eyes in surprise.


Arthur was trying to climb out of the back seat. While he was caught by surprise and had frozen, Eugene exited from the driver’s seat and helped his younger brother to climb out from the car.

Coming to his senses, Takahito too rushed over to Arthur.

“Why did you exit the car?!”

Unintentionally, the voice that came out of his mouth was reproachful. Arthur resolutely objected in regards to that.

“It’s impossible for me to make you bear the full brunt of this alone. My family is the main culprit. Moreover, this is our both problem.”


As expected, Arthur was not the sort of man who would silently hide behind him. Eugene, who was lending his shoulder to Arthur, also backed up his younger brother “I think it would be better for the leaders to properly have a talk between them in this case.”

Being persuaded by the two, Takahito could also only strengthen his resolve.

In his heart he decided that if as a result of the discussion some sort of a quarrel would unfurl, at that time he would protect Arthur.

Going towards the side that was opposite Eugene he was about to try to support Arthur’s steps, but he was rejected “I’m alright now. I can walk by myself.” Considering the pride of his lover, who was a lordly Alpha, Takahito went back the way he came while keeping close to the man.

The Jinguuji party silently watched the approaching figures of Arthur, Eugene and Takahito.

They probably did not know how to come to grips with this situation. Similar bewildered expressions floated on the six faces.

Stopping their feet a short distance before the six people, Takahito introduced the Gosford siblings. For these members English was not a problem.

“This is the leader of the Gosford Family Arthur, and this is Arthur’s older brother Eugene.”

Having been introduced, Eugene greeted them in a humble tone “Nice to meet you.” Arthur straightened his spine and took one step forward without borrowing anyone’s strength.

“Arthur Gosford.”


Ahh, it’s so Japanese the dialogue between the Jinguuji family and it’s only going to only get more Japanesy. Thanking your uncle for coming for you despite his busy work schedule….only in Japan.

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