Affection:FP – Chapter 8/Part 1

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Chapter 8

Spending the evening in the cave, Arthur returned to the ‘Gosford House’ in Cotswold before the sun came up, but on that day as the evening got closer to 10 o’clock, he once again visited the ‘Forest House’ in Wales.

“Didn’t you just go back home at dawn?” seeing his younger brother who had entered the lounge, Eugene spoke in a tone like he’d been taken by surprise, but Takahito who was reading sitting on the sofa was also surprised, and unconsciously stood up.

This was the first time Arthur had made an appearance without leaving a space in-between the visits. Takahito had thought he’d certainly like always skip two or three days.

At the same time as having done something unexpected, also facing Arthur again without even a day between them, he felt awkward.

Rich dark brown hair. A prominent forehead and a high nose bridge that reflected the aristocratic blood that flowed in that body. Lips pursued somewhat haughtily. And another characteristic of his – the amber pair of eyes that carried a pronounced wild charm.

When he saw Arthur, as if it was a conditioned reflex the richly spent time of yesterday flashed in the back of his mind.

Takahito, who had escaped the mansion late at night in his wolf form, had been as expected pursued by Arthur in his wolf form.

Subsequently they had come together, and had together run over snowy fields.

After that, unexpectedly they had come across a wild deer, and the two of them had cooperated to chase after the prey.

Arthur had gone on ahead, and he had urged the prey forward from behind.

Seeing Arthur ambush and bite into the deer’s windpipe, bringing it down, Takahito’s blood had boiled as hot as never before. Because of that excessive excitement his feet had slipped, and he’d fallen into the river. Flowing in the cold water of the river his awareness had gradually become distant…

The next time when he’d awakened he had returned to a human form, and found himself in an unfamiliar cave. Arthur had returned to the human form as well, and by his explanation Takahito learned that he’d been rescued by the man.

For the sake of saving him, Arthur had entered the cold swift currents by his own will.

-Thank you for…saving me.

After some hesitation, Takahito had spoken words of gratitude.

-It was my first time chasing after a deer, but…I was really excited.

As he had divulged the secrets of his heart without thinking, Arthur had offered to lecture him on hunting.

-I’ll teach you.

-If you don’t have any hunting experience you can’t call yourself an adult wolf.

Takahito had felt immensely happy about being offered that. Because he would be able to receive guidance directly from an Alpha wolf who was a master of hunting.

After that as well, time had quietly passed with a bonfire interposed between them.

Seeing Arthur’s laughing face, while looking at the fire reflected in those amber eyes, unnoticed his body had begun to shiver spontaneously, and Takahito had recognized the ‘hunger’ within him.

Next thing he knew he was standing in front of Arthur. He dropped his blanket. Seeing Takahito’s naked body made Arthur gasp. Pulled down, he sat on top the man’s knees.

-Wh…why? This sort of…hyaa…


The fellatio he experienced for the first time since he was born was so good it blew away his reasoning.

-The suction is amazing.


-Does it feel good?


The insertion in his backside also greatly dishevelled him; it was the most sensitive spot so far…

Vaguely ruminating over the passionate actions in the cave, Takahito suddenly came to himself at Arthur’s inquiry “How about it?”

Arthur’s head was facing towards Eugene. It did not look like Arthur was speaking with him.


Eugene wore a flabbergasted expression, and Arthur spoke to him in irritation.

“Takahito’s pregnancy.”

“A…aaa” Eugene nodded as if he just had remembered that, and in the next moment shook his head.

“Not yet.”

Takahito had been worried about this matter as well, and had asked for confirmation during noon.

Because he had not been able to remove the anxiousness about whether would he not conceive as reparation of receiving pleasure…and having sex in such a way where he’d been the one offering it.

However, this anxiety had been clearly rejected by Eugene.

Hearing that he had not conceived, of course, he’s been happy. Relieved.

But if he spoke honestly, he could not definitely state that in that moment his emotions had been 100% purely composed of just relief. It had become a jumble of more various emotions; it was complex thing even he himself could not clearly analyse.

Gradually the state of his own heart had become unknown to him.

Separated from his family, confined in forest in a foreign country, while he met skin to skin with a British werewolf, he had a feeling like he had become unable to figure out what he really desired.

What did he want to do from now on? What did he want?

However, he had a hunch that if he probed into that the foundations on which he depended would be shaken, so he ventured to stop himself from thinking about it more than this so that he would not ponder upon it deeply.

“…I see.”

Arthur spoke with disappointment in his voice at his older brother’s diagnosis. It seemed like he’d felt it would be the natural result of last night. His state was that of being especially dejected that it had ended in vain.

Seeing Arthur’s despondent side-profile, Takahito’s chest hurt incessantly.

As expected, for Arthur the sex last night had been just one occasion of ‘mating’.

There was no special meaning…

(It was just a task…)

Even now for some reason he was hurt by such a natural thing, there was something wrong with him.

Today all day long, the whole story of yesterday including the words floated into his mind many time over, and like a fool he had repeatedly ruminated over it like a special memory.

(I’m really…a fool)

As Takahito bit his lip, Arthur turned towards him.

“Well then.”

That face was already overflowing with Arthur’s usual self-confidence, and in his heart Takahito was astonished at the rapidness of the exchange of expression. There was a great difference between Arthur and him who had been strongly influenced by the ‘affair in the cave’ last night.

This was probably also one of the principal traits of an Alpha. No matter what he could not be seized in a slump about things he could not attain with his own strength, and drag in the pack.

Just physical strength was not enough to continue reigning from the position of an Alpha, mental strength is also needed.

“I don’t have a lot of time. Let’s start the lesson.”


Arthur knitted his eyebrows at Takahito who was blinking both of his eyes not getting what Arthur was speaking about.

“I told you I was going to teach you, right?”


“How to hunt.”


Takahito quickly recalled that promise.

-I’ll teach you.

-If you don’t have any hunting experience you can’t call yourself an adult wolf.

(For that, he had come back right away without staying there for even a moment?)

Unlike the pretty much ‘guest’ him who read books and was assisted by Eugene, Arthur had work. As he worked during the day, travelled a considerable distance to keep company with Takahito for the night, he probably didn’t have the time to sleep. These past few days in connection with the full moon, even if Arthur did not sleep there will probably be no physical problems, but even so…

Nevertheless, when Takahito thought of Arthur coming here especially to keep a promise, his slumped mood rose up.


Making a complete turn, his tension rose, and as he began to fidget he was shocked by his own self-interestedness.

But as expected, he could not restrain his excitement.

Arthur laughed with a puff at Takahito whose black eyes glittered.

“You really are full of curiosity. But don’t be so impatient. To start with before real combat a lecture is necessary.”

Arthur took off his coat, and Eugene who took it left his seat, saying “I’ll make tea.”

Arthur and Takahito each took a seat on the armchairs that were in front of the fireplace.

“How much knowledge do you have of hunting?”

“…almost none. Since things like hunting in Japan, it is very improbable.”

As Takahito answered one of Arthur’s eyebrows rose and he shrugged his shoulders in disappointment.

“In that case I’ll have to teach you starting from the basics.”

In contrast to his bored voice, Arthur looked like he was enjoying this.

Thanks to these almost two weeks, right now Takahito had become able to see that hidden underneath that tyrant mask Arthur did have a heart.

He also realized that unexpectedly the man was full of emotions.

Because at first he’d been simply overwhelmed by the man’s overpowering aura, and had not been able to tell what the man was thinking at all, so he could call this progress.

“The major principle is that we hunt hooved mammals like sheep and deer.”

Placing his hand on the arm of the chair, Arthur began to speak.

“Since wild wolves are omnivores, in cases when they don’t come across prey for days, they also hunt mice and wild rabbits. However, we do not hunt to fulfil our hunger. Accordingly, I have forbidden needless destruction of life in my pack. Since these days’ sheep are domesticated animals, our target is limited to wild deer. By hunting deer, a set amount of population is preserved and that helps to keep the forest in balance.”

Thanks to the extinction of wolves the deer that have lost their natural enemy have increased their population too much, and eaten up tree sprouts. The fact that the collapse of mountain ecosystem had become a deep problem was something he’d heard even in Japan.

Takahito had heard that there exist projects of bringing wolves back from overseas and letting them take root in mountains and forests for the sake of trying to restore the natural order. There have been NPO’s (Non-profit Organizations) launched in America, and it seems like that in practice there have been regions where the reintroduction of wolves has been successful.

“Naturally, wolves are able to absorb a large amount of food at one time, and by storing that energy within their bodies, they are able to live for a long time even without eating anything. Because of this ability it became possible for them to live even under severe circumstances, and they had once been widely distributed all over the world.”

Takahito listened to Arthur’s lecture with zeal.

“The other reason for wolves being able to live under diverse circumstances is their way of hunting. Our ancestors, based on the size of the prey, developed methods of hunting that suited it. For example in the case of extremely small prey like mice, jump in an arch, fix the prey with the forelimbs and prod it with the tip of the nose. After that swallow it once it has been bitten a few times. In cases of bit bigger prey like wild rabbits and guinea pigs as well, as you pursue the escaping prey, you tightly press it down on the ground with your forelimbs, and end the prey’s life by biting in various places.”

If he thought about it calmly, it was a bloody conversation, but Arthur’s lecture backed by personal experience was truly interesting, and he was continuously helplessly fascinated. Without realizing it, Takahito began to pitch forward as if to fall.

“Wolf cubs and young wolves with little experience bite into the prey’s neck, and end its life by swinging it furiously while holding it fixed with their jaw.”

Eugene returned to the lounge and put cups full of black tea in front of Arthur and Takahito. He himself took the tray and quietly retired without taking a seat, and just before closing the door said in a quiet tone “I’m going to sleep now. Good night.”

“In cases of medium sized animals bit bigger than rabbits – like roe deer and sheep, aim for the neck region. A superior hunter can bring down prey with one bite. There’s almost no spilt blood, and barely any visible injury left. The prey dies from shock and suffocation.”


“Big animals like moose and red deer are hunted in packs. An effective method is the team play like last night, that is, to split in two, with some wolves following from behind and some laying ambush. Taking down large prey with high fighting strength alone can take days. During these few days you alternate between sleeping and standing guard.”

“It’s a shift system?”

“That’s right. Like that you gradually siege the prey, wait for it to weaken and kill it.”

With Arthur’s explanation in his ear, Takahito imagined the figures of numerous wolves running across a field chasing prey.

Long ago, during the time when there had still been plenty of wolves living, there was no doubt that had been a natural sight.

“Hunting is split into several steps. Finding prey, determining its location. Killing all traces of your presence and drawing near to it. Yesterday you failed this step.”

Takahito ducked his head at Arthur pointing out his miss yesterday when he had unconsciously howled.

“Since it was your first hunt, it can’t be helped.”

Having said that in a generous tone, Arthur continued speaking.

“Paying meticulous attention to not getting noticed you have to get to point-blank range, but since most animals are sensitive to sound, we’ll be noticed. If the prey freezes, before it can begin to move, promptly charge it. If it runs, pursue it. Corner it and kill it. –Did you get the basics?

“…yea. Mostly.”

“Alright, now then it’s faster to memorize it by real action.”

Having said that Arthur urged Takahito to transform. Afterwards, he took off his own clothes and transformed.

From a human’s skeletal structure to a wolf’s, the metamorphoses that started from the tips of his hands continued unto his arms, chest, head, torso and legs. Following the change in the structure of his muscles, his whole body was covered in dark grey fur.

A stiffly standing tufty tail, a jutting muzzle, sharp ears. It whole body was stout, his limbs were also long and thick, it could be seen that it was a wolf with solid musculature that had appeared.

The two wolves rushed out into the snow.

It was the 13th day of the moon cycle, it was almost full. To people’s eyes it probably looked like a round coin.

With the brightly shining moonlight pouring over them, Takahito felt the power within his body swelling. His body that was covered in winter fur shivered, trembling with excitement.

As he thought about the fact they were about to hunt, his excitement last night was brought back to his mind.

He run through the private road following after Arthur, and jumped over the steel gates they had arrived at. Beyond the private property, a deep forest spread out.

There was not even a tiny bit of hesitation in Arthur who had taken the lead. Overflowing with self-confidence he began to run, a bragging conceit that he thoroughly knew the forest that was his home turf could be felt.

Sprinting through the needle-leaved tree forest whose trees appeared to have passed the few hundred year mark, when they were just about to arrive at the same place as yesterday, Arthur slowed down. Takahito also matched his leader’s speed.

As if he was following the scent of a prey, Arthur continued on by trotting, and just as he thought they’d climbed a snow slope they went down. Occasionally they would move between the trees in zigzags.

Finally, Arthur’s ears stood up stiffly. The ‘smell’ of prey that the man had sensed first, Takahito also caught a bit later.

“Don’t make any sound,” turning around, Arthur sent a signal with his eyes. Takahito shook his tail as a sign of comprehension.

Imitating Arthur’s stealthy steps, Takahito also concealed the sound of his footsteps. They steadily moved forwards on top of the snow, and at last caught sight of the back-figure of their prey. Concealing themselves in the shadow of the trees Takahito peeked examined the situation with Arthur.

It was a deer. It was probably a bit smaller than the deer yesterday. With its face plunged into the snow, it was innocently moving its mouth. It looked like it was eating a sprout of a plant it had somehow dug up.

Because Arthur had sent the sign for ‘go ahead of it’, Takahito distanced himself from that place keeping his body low.

Circumventing, as he went around the deer and ended up in front of it, Takahito held his breath and waited for Arthur’s move.

Although he was aware of the loudness of his heart, he eagerly lied in wait for the moment of the hunt.

Abruptly, the deer twitched and raised its head. As if it was searching for something, it shook its head left and right.

As if he’s been waiting for this moment, Arthur jumped out from the shadows of the trees. The deer that had noticed the wolf let out a high sound and began to run. Because it came towards Takahito’s location, he raised his concealed body and howled baring his teeth “Uuuu.”


The deer that had been intimidated by Takahito turned and changed its course. However, this time Arthur was lying in wait. Cutting in the way of the escaping deer, Arthur leaped upon it from below and bit into its neck region. Like that he brought down the deer that was furiously shaking and had released a high-pitched scream. After the convulsions of death the deer that had collapsed on the snow became quiet. Light disappeared from its eyes, and Takahito knew that it had died.

This was his second time witnessing the actions of a real predator, but in the same way as the first time he was overwhelmed by the intensity. Seeing Arthur remove his fangs from the prey finally brought Takahito back to himself, and he rushed over to his leader’s side.

Like in the lecture, Arthur had killed it with one bite. There was also almost no blood visible from the mouth of the injury.

The fact that Arthur was a superior hunter was obvious.

The Alpha had preferential rights over the killed prey. In accordance with the rule, first Arthur bit into the rear of the deer.

Roughly biting it off, he chewed the raw meat.

As Takahito gazed with endless interest at the scene of a wild meal, Arthur bit off a large chunk of meat and threw it in front of Takahito. It was probably meant as in you eat too.

Takahito timidly moved his face closer to the portion. He really wanted to try eating it, but in any case it was raw meat that still had fur and skin. It also dripped blood.

Poking it with the tip of his nose he hesitated for a while, but as he smelled the scent of fresh blood that rose from the prey, his body gradually grew hot.

Accompanying that, from inside his body an intense impulse swelled up, and as if he was being spurred on by that he bit into the raw meat. The moment he dug in his fangs, the flavour of fresh blood spread in his mouth.


Takahito felt like he’d been awakened to a new sense of taste.

From that point on, as if he had lost himself he stuffed his cheeks with raw meat that dripped blood. In human form if pushed he’d say that he was a person with a small appetite, but this he could eat as much as he liked.

Wolves are able to absorb a large amount of food at one time, and by storing that energy within their bodies, they are able to live for a long time even without eating anything – he recalled Arthur saying that in his lecture earlier.

He really felt like there was something wild living inside of him.

The question of how to supress the ‘wolf’ part of him has been the biggest theme of his life up till now.

All for the sake of cohabitating with humans. For the sake of living as a human.

However, here he did not have to do that.

He could live as a wolf.

This was a place he could be his true self.

A feeling of liberation filled his body.

Takahito’s emotions swelled and raising his head high he began to howl.


Soon Arthur also reacted and joined him.


Arthur’s howling that he could hear nearby was so beautiful and sublime it spellbound him.

The wolves’ voices intermixed, and in unison echoed in the white forest.

He wanted to howl like this towards the moon forever.

Due to this first time of predation, Takahito who’d released his sealed true self experienced the feeling of exaltation he had not tasted during his 16 years of life.


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