Demon-Lord’s Little Bride – Chapter 7

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Demon-Lord’s Little Bride

By HimikoChou

Chapter 7

Adriel was not sure how he had ended up lying on the bed beneath the Demon-Lord, with the demon himself leaning over him with a fully self-satisfied smirk on his face, but what he did know was that it had involved loads of kissing.

Even now Adriel had trouble catching his breath; he could almost feel how red his face must be.

“I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on you for a while.”

The Demon-Lord’s tone was full of heat, and to emphasize his point the man’s hands grasped either side of Adriel’s waist, sliding up and down in a caressing motion.

Even though Adriel was still completely dressed, the touch of those large, rough hands made his waist twitch. His back even slightly rose off the bed, and the demon used that opportunity to slip one of his muscled arms underneath Adriel’s waist, effectively holding him up.

“I won’t bother asking if you have any experience, it is plainly written on your face.”

Adriel blinked. He didn’t know how that could be written on one’s face, but since it was true that he had very little idea of what was going to happen beyond what he knew in theory, he didn’t refute the man or get miffed with him.

“Don’t worry, I don’t at all mind being the first one to have a taste of you…I promise to do only nice things to you…”

Start of the NSFW scene~ Link here (Password DLLB7)

When Adriel awoke sometime later he was lying on top of Hador, his head buried in the space between the demon’s neck and shoulder. He sluggishly blinked his eyes open. All he could see was dark grey skin and red hair.

“Mmmm…what time is it?” he asked absentmindedly.

“Late afternoon, there’s still about an hour till dinnertime,” the demon answered just as distractedly, his hand sliding up and down Adriel’s back.

“Mmmm…okay…” Adriel murmured, and shifted on top of his firm demon-shaped pillow, intent on going back to sleep.

It seemed to amuse the Demon-Lord.

“You’re a big sleeper, I’ll try to keep that in mind.”

“Ima…am mm…not sleeping,” Adriel protested, his hand coming up to lie on the man’s chest. He poked the demon’s dark nipple to prove his point.

That only escalated the situation, as Hador whispered heatedly.

“Careful, you might tempt me into another round.  And who knows if I’ll let your bouncy little ass get away so easily this time.”

The man was obviously teasing him, but Adriel was still in the throes of his favourite pastime aside from drawing – sleeping – so he asked in all seriousness, “Mmm…but didn’t you say you can’t fuck me?”

The demon hummed, the sound of it deep and pleasant.

“I did.”

“What’s that about?”

There was moment of silence as if Hador was gathering his thoughts.

“It’s my semen. It has certain…qualities. If any traces of it remain in you, there is a risk of it being detected.”

Hearing that, all traces of sleep vanished from Adriel’s mind and he raised his head to look at the Demon-Lord.

“Does that mean…we can never…” he was too embarrassed to speak it out loud. He might have just had his first real sexual experience, but that by no means had made him a savant.

The man had understood him well enough anyways. His right hand rose, and began to brush Adriel’s hair.

“Yes, we can’t. Not here at least.”

Adriel felt the demon was trying to imply something with his last words. He knew he didn’t possess the brainpower to figure it out, so he asked the man straightforwardly.

“What do you mean?”

A corner of the man’s mouth lifted up in a smirk.

“Oh, nothing much. Just that once we’re out of here, we’ll be free to do it as much as we wish.”

Adriel gaped. Even he could tell what the demon was trying to say by that.

“You’re talking about escaping?”

“Of course.”

“But…you have been here for so long, can you actually do it?” Adriel asked in wonder. He didn’t even spare a thought to whether he supported such an escape attempt.

Hador was not an evil man; he didn’t deserve to be locked up here.

“Before Hosanna became the Holy Maiden, it would have been extremely difficult. Now, however, all it would take was an opportunity.”

“What does this have to do with Her Ladyship?”

“The ring. I told you before that it is used for extracting my magic energy, but it is also the only thing that can unlock the collar that binds me. The ring had been missing for a few hundred years, and only now Hosanna has found it.”

“But, if it was so simple as getting your hands on the ring, wouldn’t you have escaped long ago?”

He received a wry chuckle in response to his question.

“It’s never so simple, darling. Magic skill is needed to use the ring to unlock the collar, which I cannot do while still under the control of the collar. A conundrum, so to say. Somebody else would have to do it.”

Adriel nodded, it made sense. And made things way more complicated. Where would the demon find magically talented allies in the dungeon?

He would have immediately offered his own help, but he was sure his puny aptitude would not be enough.

“How old are you?” The demon asked all of a sudden.

“Eighteen…” he answered uncertainly.

“Hmm…that means there are still quite a few years till your contract of service runs out, right?”

“Yea…my contract ends once I reach 25 years of age like all other boys.”

That was the reason why all of Holy Maiden’s servants were young males. Only boys under twenty were hired for the position and they were let go once they reached their middle twenties. The most exemplary ones were moved to different positions in the Palace, while most of the others found work amongst the noble houses of the Holy Empire. It was something to boast of for the nobles, having in their service one of the boys who had served the Holy Maiden.

“That means we have plenty of time. Still, right now would be the best for escaping for another reason.”

“Such as?”

“As I’ve mentioned, the collar and ring are ancient. And in reality they have not been maintained properly for a long time. They’ve been losing power for hundreds of years now, but the process has been so slow nobody beside me has noticed.”

There was a smug look on the demon’s face at that.

“Back in the days, a session with a Holy Maiden would leave me immobile for days. Now I’m completely fine in a matter of hours. The amount the ring is able to steal has dramatically decreased in comparison to a thousand years ago. And it leaks the power as well.“

Unexpectedly, a sound that Adriel could label as a giggle, just more dignified, escaped the Demon-Lord.

“Heh…It’s the reason why Her Grandship is so frustrated. She thinks it’s because she doesn’t know how to properly use the ring, and not because the enchantment has corroded.”

“But the collar?”

“It still works, but the enchantment on it was much more better done, I can only theorize that the power-drain function was a choppy later addition.

“Still what does that have to do with your escape plans?”

“Everything. The opportunity I was speaking of can only occur during Dear Hosanna’s visits, since she is always wearing the sodden thing. And the fact that the ring’s power is waning means that I have a better chance to defend myself against Hosanna as I try to get us both out of the Palace.”

During this long speech, only one thing caught Adriel’s attention and held it.

“You’d…take me with you?”

The demon blinked at him. Then his expression softened, and his other hand took hold of Adriel’s cheek, stroking the skin.

“Of course. I wouldn’t leave without you…I’d rather stay here if you did not wish to leave the Holy Empire.”

The words shook Adriel’s heart. The corners of his eyes felt moist. That sort of thing…

He put his own hand on top of the one the demon had on his cheek. He then looked straight into the Demon-Lord’s eyes as he declared, “Hador, I want you to take me with you.”

It was clear the words had moved the demon’s heart as well as Hador’s face held a rarely seen shocked expression. Which slowly morphed into a smile.

“I will,” he promised.


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