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Intimate Scene (Password ACK43)

Now, being released from the tortures of hell like that – he laid down on the sheets with a foreign feeling in his body like the man was still inside of him, and somewhat absentmindedly gazed at the canopy.

(…I…couldn’t do anything.)

In front of the tremendous power of an Alpha, he’d been shamefully powerless.

Powerless like a baby.

He could not compete with him at all.

He could not even resist decently, the man had done with him as he pleased…

As if that wasn’t enough his pride had been crushed underneath the man’s foot, and he had been assaulted like a woman.

Lethargically a sense of defeat gradually filled his hollow heart.

Until he had met that man, in a sense he had been invincible.

Except for Kizuki in whom flowed the same werewolf blood, whether it was sports or scholarly ability, he had not known defeat.

Because it had already been like that ever since he was small, he had not especially harboured a superiority complex about it.

The fact that he was superior to other people – it was something so natural he did not even need to be conscious about it.

However, the difference between him and the Alpha Arthur was too big; he was no match for him.

On this bed, Arthur had been the strong one, and he had been the weak one.

One would call it like this. A complete defeat. [1]

[1] 完全なる敗北。完敗。This can’t really be expressed in English. 完全 means ‘complete’ and敗北 means ‘defeat’. So he’s combining the first kanji of both words to create完敗 which means ‘complete defeat’.

You could say he’d been completely beaten.

The fact the man had not taken his life was because he thought Takahito was ‘Eve’.

It was because there was the possibility he could save the Gosford family.

In other words, due to that the man had gone easy on him.

If the man had not thought he was ‘Eve’, when Takahito had transformed and challenged him to a fight, the man would have probably easily killed him.

As he thought of that, his misery grew even stronger.

The little bit of pride he had cultivated in his 16 years of life was of no use whatsoever.

Although he was a little bit more knowledgeable than other people, it was meaningless in front of an overwhelming difference in power.

He had been taught that.


He was powerless. Even if his potential was more or less higher when compared with humans, there was no meaning to it.

And yet he had been self-complacent, shunning the peaceful days, wallowing in boredom…he had been conceited.

He had been haughty. A fool.

Certainly, that’s why he had received divine punishment.

Pulling the sheets that were dirty with bodily fluids, he grasped the fabric tightly. The corner of his eyes slowly grew hot, and his vision blurred.

Closing his eyes, Kizuki’s face appeared behind his eyelids. His always smiling face.

To him his older brother’s smile was the symbol of peace.

The older brother he had always been together with.

But, now he was far away from him.

They had the same genes, they were born on the same day, they were raised in the same environment, they went to the same school, and they laughed and cried about the same things…

However, it was different now. He and Kizuki were different now.

He had been sullied by that man…

Distantly sensing Kizuki even through the physical distance, Takahito called his brother in a trembling voice.


He had a feeling somebody was calling him.

Opening his eyes with a pop, he suddenly got up.


A dark room.

It was his own room. Immediately he tilted his head and looked at the alarm clock on his bedside.

5:20 (AM). It was still before dawn.

Because he had not gotten decent sleep these past few days, as expected he had reached his limit, and it appeared like before he noticed he had fallen asleep for a little bit. Although because he had fallen asleep after two, it seemed like he had slept for about 3 hours.


Brushing his cool face with the palm of his hand, Kizuki sighed deeply.

He had a feeling that in the dream for a moment he had caught a sight of Takahito, but before he could have grasped it clearly it had fizzled out.


Had it really been Takahito’s voice?

Or was it an auditory hallucination created by their search for Takahito?

It had been three days since Takahito had suddenly disappeared like smoke.

Naturally, their dad and mom, as well as their grandfather, grand uncle, uncle, Tachibana, Tsuzuki and Mizukawa, that is, everyone in their family and among their close friends has been searching for the missing Takahito with bloodshot eyes.

Of course, the same went for him.

He’d been skipping school by lying that he had caught influenza, and had search everywhere he could think of, but had not been able to find Takahito.

During his return from school, after he split from Michiru, it took just a few minutes to get home. Had something happened to Takahito during those few minutes?

As such the third day had also ended without any eye-witnesses, and them unable to gather any information.

His mom acted stout-heartedly, but his complexion was bad. He probably couldn’t sleep. Because their dad was by his side, he could somehow barely keep getting through this situation. Yesterday evening their uncle and Tachibana had come to their house, and the four people had talked for a long time.

They were suspicious whether this was an act committed by an organization that opposed the Oogami Group, so their uncle had investigated it, but at present it seemed there were no promising leads.

They didn’t even know whether he had run away voluntarily or had been abducted by someone.

If he had been kidnapped, they expected that there would be contact from the kidnapper’s side, but presently that was not the case either.

Nevertheless, they hadn’t yet submitted a request for a police search.

It was a decision their parents, grandfather, grand uncle, and uncle had reached after a discussion.

The fact that they were werewolves; if they let their existence become public it would mean the ‘end’ of their family.

They had to avoid situations that gathered public interest as much as they could.

Until they were at their limit they would not involve the police, and search for Takahito by themselves.

It was a bitter decision, but they had no choice.

As a result, they were hiding Takahito’s disappearance from the school as well; presently he was missing school because he had caught influenza just like Kizuki. If the situation dragged on, they will probably have to think of a different approach.

The only one who knew the true situation besides the family was Michiru.

Because it would have been difficult to conceal it from Michiru who they went to and from school with every day, they opened up about Takahito’s disappearance to silence him.

Michiru had also used influenza as a reason to skip school, and had joined the search. “There is the final exam, but it is fine to miss until then,” is what he had said, but what he had appealed for with his crying face was that “I’m too worried about Taka to think about the exam.”

Because they understood his feelings painfully well, they had decided to in secrecy search for Takahito during the day together with Michiru’s family.

However, because they could not in the least determine Takahito’s whereabouts, day by day Michiru became more haggard…so currently Kizuki was also worried whether he would not collapse.

Similarly, he has also not been able to calm down since Takahito had disappeared. He had no appetite, he could not sleep.

“The feeling of shortage when something that had always naturally been by your side is no longer there is quite strong, “he thought.

They had been together since they were born, in the past they had not even once been separated for such a long time.


After his younger brother had gone missing, Kizuki had desperately tried to recall Takahito’s speech and conduct before he had disappeared.

Had there not been something strange?

A worried appearance?

A hint connected with the disappearance?

However, he could not recall anything.

They were very close, but since that was an everyday thing, he had not looked after his brother diligently.

Because being by each other’s side was natural, his brother’s existence had been like air to him.

A reason for it was also the fact that after he had started participating in club activities, he’d found basketball amusing and had put all his attention there.

Perhaps his younger brother had some sort of worry, and he had been secretly vexed about it.

There was probably some sign connected to this matter.

Had he not missed that signal?

Despite being the one who was the closest to Takahito, more than anyone else…

As he thought of that his chest began to hurt.

He should have noticed it. He was Takahito’s only sibling.

Then, if he assumed that the disappearance had not been voluntary and he had been kidnapped by a third party.

He had to find and rescue Takahito by himself.

After all they were twins.

They’ve shared a common destiny since the day they were born.

(I…will do it. I will definitely find you.)

With this determination in his heart, Kizuki was once again greeted by darkness.

“Taka…where are you?”


Aww…older brother’s worried.

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