Affection:CK – Chapter 4/Part 2

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He wondered how long he had been unconscious.

Feeling a chill on his skin, Takahito’s body shook with a twitch. The previous overwhelming feeling had disappeared. What he felt instead was the piercing cold of the floor.

Eventually, he realized that he was laying on the marble floor completely in the nude.

(I turned…back into a human?)

As expected, three days after a new moon his transformation did not last for long it seemed.


Jeering, the moment he wanted to quickly get up, the back of his neck was firmly grasped. The large hand applied pressure, and his face was once again pressed into the floor. His cheekbone hit the floor, and stinging pain ran through him.


At Takahito’s protest, an indifferent, low voice came from above.

“Don’t misunderstand.”

It was Arthur’s voice. He had also turned back into a human.

“You have no right to veto this.”


“You have only two choices. Either you die here, or you give birth to my child.”

Takahito’s body shivered at the detached tone of voice. It was not just because of the coldness of the floor.

It was because this was the first time since birth he felt close to ‘death’.

Previously he had keenly realised the difference in strength between him and the man.

It goes without saying that the werewolf Arthur, but also the human Arthur, could probably easily bring about his death.

If the man felt inclined as such, it was possible for him to break his break in a moment.

Slowly but steadily sweat poured from his pores, making his skin wet.

He had lost his final chance to escape, and now his life was in the hands of this despotic English werewolf.

One of two choices.

Live and be disgraced, or choose to die in this place.

If he chose death, he would not be able to return to Japan. He would not be able to see his family again. He would also not be able to see Tachibana or Michiru either.

He would die without knowing love, or having met his ‘bondmate’…

He felt as if his body was under the control of ice cold despair.


There were still things about this world he did not know.

Places he has not gone to. Scenery he has not seen. Books he has not read.

There were a lot of things he wanted to know, and to experience.

He did not want to be secretly killed in a foreign country without having known all of that.

(I don’t want to die.)

While he thought about dying, his attachment to life he had not been aware of until now gradually got stronger.

If he died, that was the end.

If he now chose death, he would be personally relinquishing his hope of returning to Japan and seeing his family.

Moreover, if he died, it was likely Arthur would go after his mother.

Trying to prevent that, his father would be at risk as well.

“We will kill your father.”

Recalling Wolfgang’s seething state, Takahito shivered. His family’s death was scarier to him than his own death.

(My family dying…I will not let that happen.)

Even if he was sexually assaulted, it was not a given he would conceive like Arthur desired.

He was probably not an ‘Eve’. For argument’s sake, even if he was an ‘Eve’, he had not yet feminized. It was clear he would not immediately get pregnant.

If he patiently endured this, and somehow got through it, at some point an opportunity for escape would probably come around.

(Since it has come to this, I have no choice but to bet on this possibility.)

As if sensing that Takahito had accepted his fate, Arthur loosened the pressure on his neck. Grabbing both of his arms, he was pulled from the floor. Immediately after he realized his body was floating, Takahito was put over Arthur’s shoulder.


With the heaven and earth turning upside down, blood climbed to his head.

“Le…let me go!”

Kicking his legs, he frantically floundered trying to escape.

However. “Don’t make noise,” Arthur reprimanded in a thundering voice, and smacked his naked ass.


Walking with a steady gait, in a few steps Arthur arrived at the bed and threw Takahito on it.

Start of Intimate Scene (Password – ACK42)


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