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Yo! I know I said I would be back with the full chapter, but I realized today marks the one year anniversary of this blog, so I had to update. A year ago I published the first part of Secrets Nights in The Inner Palace, which I had been translating for months at the time. I honestly had no idea whether I’d manage to finish translating even that book at that time as my Japanese was not so great, but as can be see, even though I do disappear on occasion, I have not abandoned this, have finished SNITIP and am even almost halfway through translating Affection:CK.

For this, I have to thank everyone whose been enjoying these books, otherwise I would have definitely not persisted so long at this. Japanese BL does not seem as popular as Chinese, but it has it’s own charm (like no censuring smut), and I do think Japan remains the King of Bl in Asia.

Anyways, thank you all, and let’s look forward to another year and more BL novels~


Chapter 4

“We have waited for 17 years.”

“We won’t wait anymore, not even for one day.”

Arthur had declared as such, and while they glared at each other, Takahito surmised what this man was planning to do to him now.

(I have to calm down!)

Regulating himself who was liable to fall into a panic, he forced himself to think calmly. He knew that if he panicked and lost his composure, just like that, his likelihood of escaping from this predicament would worsen.

The man thought he was an ‘Eve’. Takahito himself did not believe it yet. Even though he had been arbitrarily told he was an ‘Eve’, he could not accept such a life influencing matter so easily.

However, Arthur who believed that had said to him “You will conceive my child.”

If it’s like that, there was only one thing Arthur could be planning to do to him.

That is, to copulate with him forcefully, and to pour his seed inside of Takahito.

What that was like, he had no practical experience, but he knew the facts.

Due to the special circumstance of both of his parents being men, and added on by his natural curiosity, only once, he had watched a video depicting an act between two men on the internet. But, he had found it grosser than he could have imagined, and had immediately closed the browser. Because he had first seen something that made such a big impact on him, afterwards he did not care to watch male and female movies either.

Just thinking about becoming a participant in such an act made him feel like vomiting.

In the case if he was an ‘Eve’ as Arthur had said (since he had his mother’s blood, the probability of that was not zero), it won’t just end with him being violated. ‘Mated’ against his will, becoming pregnant with the child of a man he did not like, the thought made him shiver from the bottom of his heart.

He had never even been in love before.

He had not met the person who would become his lifetime ‘Bondmate’ either. Consequently, the breeding season had not yet arrived either, so his sexual desire was low. Since his first ejaculation at 14 years of age, he did periodically ‘deal with it’, but since he did not feel any desire towards the girls who were not his ‘bondmate’, he was probably quite indifferent towards it when compared with other’s his age.

In these circumstances, why did he have to be violated by somebody of his own gender, a man who of all things disgusted him with his arrogant eyes that looked upon him from above?

Moreover, the reason for it being ‘for the sake of the continuance of the Gosford family’? It was too outrageous, making anger well up inside of him.

If he had to guess, most likely, the Gosford family was on the verge of extinction just like the Jinguuji family had once been. That’s why they had gone as far as to purposefully abduct him in Japan, and try to make him give birth to a child.

It was the last method left to them.

The fact that there were other werewolves besides the Jinguuji was probably good news if he thought about it, but he absolutely did not consent to becoming a victim for their sakes.

For argument’s sake even if they had the same far away ancestor, a wolf who had mutated, they were strangers he has met for the first time.

Even if they were the same species, they were complete strangers.

They had one-sidedly insisted that it was his purpose, his fate, but it did not mean he had to obediently swallow it.

(I definitely won’t do it. Even if I die.)

In front of the sudden ordeal, Takahito thought over his plan.

Being violated and conceiving, for the sake of avoiding that worst development, somehow, he had to cut his way through this place.

He racked his brains all he could, but on top of this place being somewhere in England unknown to Takahito, presently he had little information about his enemy, so there were no grand plans coming to his mind.

In the locked room there was only him and the werewolf who aimed to violate him…

Like this, it happening was only a question of time.

Arthur was silently looking at him from above. Almost like he was standing in front of an animal he was going to slaughter, with the look in his eyes like that of a predator who was planning how to take down its prey.

A tense, uncanny silence set in the room. He felt that if he so much as twitched, the man would immediately swoop down on him, so he could not even stir.


As he and Arthur glared at each other, Takahito’s back and armpits slowly but steadily became covered in cold sweat.

From the start, within Takahito’s peaceful and tranquil life there were no squabbles resulting in fights with humans, so he had no direct experience. At best there were fights between siblings.

To say nothing of the fact that it had been 3 days since the new moon and it was barely visible. He had not yet matured as a werewolf, so if he did not borrow the power of the moon, he could not sustain his form after transforming. Furthermore, there were still the aftereffects of the medicine, so he was weaker than usual.

As far as conditions went these were close to the worst, but having said that it was clear there was no hope as long as he remained in human form.

If he was to break out of this desperate situation, it could only be done by him after transforming.

After transforming, he would bring down this man in front of his eyes.

It was the only way he could save himself.

If he assumed that, even if the probability of winning was low, he had to bet on that possibility.

(There is…nothing else I can do.)

Driven into a corner, Takahito firmly input power into the core that resided within his abdomen. All at once the usually contained power was released.

His heart pounded loudly, and the centre of his body suddenly became hot. The heat that was emitted from that central part expanded rapidly. Suddenly perspiring, his whole body was sopping wet as if he had poured water over himself.

His whole body was attacked by minute spasms, and growls leaked out from his throat.

Arthur had, of course, noticed Takahito’s transformation, but despite narrowing his eyes intensely, he stood and did not move as if taking a wait-and-see approach.


Incessantly hot puffs of breath exited his mouth.

(Hot…it’s like my body is burning…!)

It felt like his body was melting from the inside. His bones, his organs, his muscles, all of them were dissolving, like he was being born once again.

Because he hadn’t have had opportunity to transform in several years, it was a sensation he tasted for the first time in a long while.

“Uh, uuu…uuu”

A complete metamorphosis was accompanied by pain and suffering. Because his body was changing into something that was not human, it was natural.  Takahito inclined his head, and unable to completely bear the pain, he collapsed, bending his knees and pressing both of his hands against the floor.

The transformation started from the tips of those hands, His fingers shortened rapidly, and then became rotund. Furthermore, his arms, chest, head, torso, legs…from a human’s skeleton to a werewolf’s, the structure of his muscles changed. Unable to bear the transformation of his body, the silk pyjama was torn apart. Simultaneously, his body that was on all fours was rapidly covered in light brown fur.

The broken pieces of cloth that were once clothing that were twined around his torso and four limbs, Takahito shook them off by shaking his body.

The world reflected in his eyes was monochrome. It was the proof of having transformed into a wolf.

Standing on his long, straight four legs, Takahito faced Arthur, bared his teeth and growled.


His tail bulging, the fur on his back bristling, Takahito took an intimidating stance, but in response Arthur was not even a little perturbed. Defenceless, with both of his hands down by his sides, he stood stock still.

(It’s my chance.)

Before his opponent had transformed, this fight had to be decided!


Baring his fangs, Takahito threw himself upon Arthur. He leapt, aiming for the windpipe, but was easily mowed down by one hand.


Releasing a scream, he was blown away, but in the nick of time just before he would have crashed into the wall, he rotated himself. Landing on the floor, he turned his body around.

Immediately after, Takahito saw the man ‘metamorphose’.

Arthur’s transformation was fast. Takahito saw him bend his knees and kneel on the floor, and in the next moment the metamorphoses started, and in the blink of an eye it was finished. The time it took to transform, it remarkably sped up as a werewolf matured, and as he repeatedly did it. If one had the knack for it, the pain was also reduced.

He had known it theoretically, but witnessing an instantaneous transformation right in front of his eyes, he felt like it plainly demonstrated the difference in skill between him and his opponent.

Even more, the wolf that had appeared was the biggest one he had ever seen.

Takahito felt that it was even bigger than his uncle Takao who had been the biggest wolf he had seen up until now.

A tensely raised tufty tail, a protruding muzzle, sharp ears – as if reflecting a foreigner’s physique on the whole he was stout with long, firm limbs, and obviously quite muscular.

He was exactly what a male wolf that was the Alpha should be.


His dark grey fur with highlights of silver glittered under the lights. A strong animal scent wafted from the wolf that was shaking his body to get rid of the broken pieces of his clothing.

Overwhelmed by the ‘scent’ of a mature male wolf, without him realizing Takahito’s tail deflated. First he had to fight himself as he instinctually wanted to lower his butt and take a submissive pose.


At the wolf’s low growl, all his fur stood up.

The piercing bright eyes stared at Takahito. Under that heavy pressure he stepped back bit by bit. However, soon there was a wall behind him.

“Crap!” he thought, almost exactly at the same time as Arthur attacked him.

With one jump he shortened the distance by leaps, and the moment Takahito turned his body to try to run, he was head-butted from the side. He was powerfully knocked against the wall, and his head felt dizzy. Takahito staggered, suffering from a slight concussion, as Arthur bit into the scruff of his neck.


Sharp teeth bit into his pelt, and he cried out instinctually.

As if trying to run away from the vice like tenacious jawbone that held him, Takahito furiously wriggled his body. He blindly kicked at Arthur using both his fore legs and hind legs. But Arthur did not give an inch. Even resisting with all his might, he was not able to get a solid hit in.

Remaining in that state, his body was dragged. Releasing his neck, this time Arthur bent over his back. Under the heavy weight, Takahito’s bones creaked. His body that was being strongly pushed against the floor hurt.

The pain made Takahito yelp. However, Arthur did not loosen his hold.

He mercilessly oppressed him, and furthermore bit into the back of his neck.

(It…it hu…hurts.)

Most likely, Arthur wanted to make his body memorize the overwhelming difference in strength between them.

He wanted to teach him by using pain that between the two of them, he was the superior one.

If there are more than two wolves, one would submit to the other, making a clear hierarchical order – that was the foundational rule of wild wolf packs.

Even though he understood that with his head, the facts did not relieve his pain.


As he suffered under the overwhelming strength and pain, it gradually became dark in front of his eyes.

Like when a battery suddenly died off, his consciousness faded away.


So here’s the prelude to the smut. I still have about 26 pages left to translate. Hope to get it done in a week or so, but the drawing bug has bit me, so I keep getting sidetracked with drawing cute flower boys. I blame Patalliro – the greatest Bl anime of all time!!!

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