Affection:CK – Chapter 2/Part 3

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“I’ll explain more once we get back. For the time being let’s retreat. It will be suspicious if we stay here too long.”

“I’m home.”

Muttering to himself in the entranceway, Takahito took off his loafers.

There was no answer to the greeting. Dad had gone out and Kizuki had not yet returned from the club practice.

Similarly, Takahito too had come home a little late today. It was because together with Michiru they had dropped by the school library.

He knew his mom was not at home. He had just a moment ago met him on the road and stood around talking with him.

Raising his foot to step within the room, Takahito’s hands that had been untying the scarf suddenly stopped.

In connection to his path back, in his mind, there rose an image of the face of the man he had passed by just now.

A tall man walking with the evening sun in the background.

Even in the darkness he realized the fact that the man was a foreigner. Because not only was the man tall, his ratio of head to body was abnormally high as well. Moreover, to the degree that he could distinctly see the details in the backlight, the chiselled features of the man’s face were profound.

Since it was a face he had not seen before, Takahito was sure he was not a resident of the neighbourhood. With this being a residential area, it was not a place where tourists would get lost. Concerning that, Takahito made the conjecture that the man had probably come to visit somebody’s home.

As the man got closer, his clothes also became clearly visible. He was dressed completely in black – he was wearing a black turtleneck and a black long coat, and his pants were also black. With his engineer boots also being black, his hair colour was also a dark brown very close to black.

Because his whole body was covered in matching black, he had a very intimidating presence.

He knew it was rude to stare at a stranger, so he tried to avoid looking at him as much as possible, but the special ‘atmosphere’ emitted by the man’s blessed physique felt like an electric shock to him.

The moment they had passed each other, unable to resist, he had raised his head, and their eyes had met.

Instantly, what pierced his whole body like lightning was a faint electric current.

It was also similar to the numbness of static electricity he had felt the time he had carelessly touched metal in winter.

(That…what was that, I wonder.)

He had seen the man’s face for a moment.

But just in that one moment, that appearance had been burned behind his eyes.

An excellent forehead and a high nose bridge, and eyebrows that looked a little arrogant. Fleshy lips. Features like those of a movie star.

However, more impressive than anything else had been his amber eyes.

Eyes just like those of a predator hunting for its prey.

Humans with such a strong power of observation were rare. At first he did not look like a true human. Among the people surrounding Takahito the one who could rival the man he saw was probably his uncle Takao.

(Their age was about the same as well?)

Continuing to the hallway from the entranceway and standing still, Takahito, who was at length working out his thoughts, knitted his brows.

He did so because he felt it strange he was thinking this and that about a human he had only passed by for a mere moment.

After all they would not meet a second time. [t/n: BWAHAHAHAHA]

(There’s no meaning to it.)

Having concluded as such, he climbed the stairs and went towards his bedroom on the second floor. There were three rooms on the second floor. One was dad’s workroom, and the remaining two were Takahito’s and Kizuki’s rooms. His mom’s room and their parent’s bedroom were on the first floor.

When they were children, together with his older brother they had used the children’s room. They’ve had separate rooms since they entered middle school.

Opening one of the doors opposite of him, he entered inside. There was a bookcase against a wall, next to it was a stainless steel shelf, at the window there was a desk and chair and against the opposite wall there was a bed. The above were all the components of the 6 tatami mat [1] sized room.

[1] Japanese measure room size in tatami mats. From Wikipedia: 6 mats ≈ 2.73 m × 3.64 m

For a guy in first year of high school, the room seemed too neat. Because a disorderly room was unpleasant, from the start he had not put unnecessary things in it, and there were also ne decorations.

His older brother’s room had more human weaknesses. Characteristic of a first year high school boy, there were gaming consoles, basketball magazines and manga scattered about, and mom would always scold him, “Don’t leave it lying around, clean it up!”

Removing the stiff collared uniform, Takahito put on a light sweater above the jersey top, and a skinny type of pants. He put the smartphone in the back pocket.

After that, he carefully put the uniform on a hanger and hanged it in the closet. His brother always left the uniform lying around as well, so he frequently received mom’s scolding.

He closed the closet door with a click, and pulled out the smartphone from his pocket.

“…16.50 [4.50 PM]? That Kizu…he’s late.”

Plans had been set for a dinner party tonight from 18.00 [6 PM] in his mom’s parents’ house.

Several times a year the Jinguuji family and their relatives gathered and had a meal, it had become a regular event since the Gamon family had become independent. Meeting in the same room and having food and drink probably held the implication of deepening their solidarity.

This year there were members who spent the New Year holiday overseas, so not everyone had been present. With today finally becoming a convenient day for all the busy people, it had become a bit late New Year’s party.

Dad had been stuck in the Jinguuji house since past noon, busy with preparations for it, and mom too had exited the house a while ago to help him.

When Takahito had met mom on the street, he’d been asked, “Pull Kizu along so that you’re not late.”

Because last time, Kizuki’s club activity had been prolonged, and he’d been late, their mom was worried it would happen again.

In case grandfather and the seniors had gathered, the youngest being late would be extremely awkward.

This morning, mom had emphasized to Kizuki to show his face at the Jinguuji house at 17.00 [5 PM] and help out.

…despite that, this was the end result.

Just in case, the possibility he had forgotten could not be discarded, so Takahito called Kizuki’s mobile phone. It connected after three rings.

“Hi? Kizu? It’s just me.”

“Taka? I’m running now. I’ll be there in 5 more minutes.”

A considerably flustered voice answered.

“Understood. Hurry up.”

Having reminded Kizuki, he hanged the phone.

“…it can’t be helped.”

He released a sigh. Since a long time ago whenever Kizuki got enthusiastic about something, he would sight of everything around him. However, in that state his ability to concentrate was staggering, and that type of Kizuki could not be matched.

After the promised 5 minutes, Kizuki came plunging from the doorway.

“Oh, no! I’m gonna be late.”

Making loud footsteps he climbed the stairs to the second floor, and as soon as he had entered his own room he threw his schoolbag and sports bag on top of the bed. His club uniform, t-shirt and shoes spilled over and fell from the half-zipped sport bag.

“Put the dirty laundry in the washing machine later. You’ll make mom angry again.”

Ignoring Takahito’s warning, Kizuki began to take off his uniform earth-shattering vigour.

Takahito gazed at his brother, who was bare from waist up, as he leaned against the door that had been left open.

Long and well-proportioned hands and feet and a developed upper body. Tight lower body. While he had not seen him for a while, it seemed his muscles had grown again.

His height too had increased by nearly 10 cm since entering high school. The growth pains hurt terribly and every day he would groan, “It hurts, hurts.” Currently there was an 8 cm difference between Kizuki’s and Takahito’s own 175 cm height.

Since they were children Kizuki’s body had been larger, but Takahito had caught up to him in middle school, and had become the same height as him. That had again gradually changed, and in high school his brother had suddenly sprang up to 180 cm, noticeably leaving him behind.

As the difference had come to this, he no longer felt like competing.

Probably, when it came to height, his brother had inherited genes from their tall father and uncle. He most likely was similar to his mother and grandfather.

(That’s why there’s no helping it.)

Kizuki pulled over his head a long sleeved jersey shirt, put on a pair of cargo pants that were lying nearby, and then wore a parka with a hood, pulling the zipper up.

“Right, I’m done!”

Turning around to face Takahito, Kizuki grinned.

His peculiar chestnut coloured hair and bright eyes, and the mischievous air had not changed since he was a child.

However, in cadence with his body having matured, his facial features had also become masculine. His body odour had also recently changed, and had suddenly become manly.

In the morning, when he saw traces of their father in Kizuki as he shaved his beard, Takahito’s emotions had become complex.

Even though he had reached this age, he had not sprouted a beard, so he had worried that he perhaps did not have enough male hormone, while his older brother was about to climb the stairs to manhood by himself first.

They had inherited blood from the same father, had been born to the same mother on the same day (although he had become the younger brother due to the difference of a few minutes), but despite their conditions being completely the same, the degree of difference in their development was unfair.

“Sorry for making you wait!”

Kizuki clapped both of Takahito’s arms with enthusiasm, then glanced at his watch and grimaced.

“Damn. We won’t make it. I say, we’re gonna be completely late.”

“Whose fault is it?”

Hugging the complaining Takahito’s shoulder, his older brother coaxed him, “now, now.”


“Why so tense? We’re in the same boat, aren’t we?”

“What same boat. I won’t be happy about our folks being angry at me because of Kizu’s fault.”

“Err. But, haven’t we been together since we were born? Won’t we be together all the way?”

At the simple-minded verbal argument, Takahito let a sigh escape him.

He was irritated by that doing things my own way kind of speech and conduct, but on the reverse he thought enviously of the cheerfulness and openheartedness he himself did not have, and he felt as if left behind by Kizuki who could discover things to get zealous about…

Nevertheless, their bond was ‘special’.

They shared the same special werewolf blood and a secret they couldn’t speak to anyone about; their relationship was most likely stronger than that of average siblings.

Their mom had told them that since they were young even if they were in different places, whenever one of them started to cry, the other would also definitely begin to cry.

Takahito shook of the hand of his older brother with whom he had a connection one could describe as sympathy.

“Let’s hurry.”

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    1. There are two types of twins – there are those that look the same(identical) and those that don’t (fraternal). Takahito and Kizuki are fraternal twins. I honestly don’t know if being ‘Eve’ works like that. I don’t remember it being passed on rather than it being inherited genetically mentioned in the first book.

      1. Ah , got it.
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