SNITIP-Chapter 6/Part 2

Hello, dearies~ Here’s the concluding part of Chapter 6.

This part started out easy enough, but the last few pages had a ton of sentences that drove me nuts. I’ve gotten a lot better at translating since I began, but I still struggle occasionally.  That’s why I’ve been trying to get back into actively studying Japanese (as opposite of me just reading it), especially more advanced grammar patterns. It’s quite time consuming though, and boring as heck in some ways.

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永明宮(えいめいきゅう)Eimei Palace – Blessed Consort Bu’s residence.

羽林軍(うりんぐん)Urin army – a division of army forces under Kishoh, I think


As he listened to Kouki and Kishoh conversing, Sekka sighed softly in relief.

Bu family has committed treason.

With Blessed Consort Bu’s father Prime Minister Bu in the center, a rumor that the Bu family had schemed to murder the Emperor had spread in the capital within that day.

In reality, the target of the assassin had been Sekka. However, that the result of it had been Emperor Kishoh being injured is also the reality.

The true identity of the woman who had assaulted Sekka was Talented Person Chou [1], a lower rank concubine. She and her mother had served Blessed Consort Bu since she was a child, and as ordered by the head of the family had entered the Inner Palace alongside Consort Bu. With the connection between Talented Person Chou and Blessed Consort Bu becoming the deciding factor in the current investigation, the Bu family’s conspiracy had become clear.

[1] 才人 – It’s from Chinese again, a concubine rank, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it translated along these lines in some novels.

It seemed Kishoh had been cautious of Blessed Consort Bu’s father Prime Minister Bu for some time due to suspicion that he had a rebellious spirit. The response after that had been swift.

First, he’d ordered Blessed Consort Bu and the Second Prince confined to their house. It was true house arrest – she was not allowed to take one step outside their residence, and there were armed eunuch soldiers placed there to supervise her.

Once again in a flash, the Urin forces directly supervised by the emperor were sent to Bu clan’s residence. The estates of their relatives were also not spared and attacked, but the main culprit Prime Minister Bu had concealed his whereabouts. It also seemed there was information that he had already escaped Einei.

While Kishoh received medical treatment from the royal physician in the bedroom of the Shibi Palace, as reports came in one by one he gave directions in rapid succession. However, he seemed to become irritated by being able to do only that. He began to say he’d depart for the front himself, but he was detained by Eishun and Kouki.

“You’re injured, you can’t depart for the frontier.”

“It’s annoying for an injured person to loiter around,” Kouki bluntly asserted to Eishun who was worried about Kishoh.

“If you aren’t able to move, Prime Minister Bu’s forces within the Imperial Court will begin to move. This is the best opportunity to bring those guys to light, and catch the whole herd with one throw. Don’t be a hindrance.”

“You’re very self-confident. Can you even do this, Kouki?”

Kishoh, who had sat up in the bed asked in a challenging way. “Of course,” Kouki laughed fearlessly.

“You have to pretend to be seriously injured as much as possible, and be docile. And give permission to mobilize the Urin army.”

“We understand.”

If he didn’t trust Kouki, Kishoh would probably not have given permission so easily. Perhaps if Kouki had such inclination, he could have deceived the officers and men into attacking the Imperial Palace.

Kouki who was about to promptly exit the bedroom looked back at the nearby waiting Sekka.

“Honorable Consort Li, please make sure this injured person does not leave the bedroom.”

Having said that with an impish smile, Kouki left the room waving his robe. Maybe because of the exaltation of upcoming battle, he looked somewhat exhilarated.

With this it seemed the war council had come to end for the present. When Kishoh gestured for everyone to clear out, Eishun sincerely reminded him to not do anything unreasonable and exited.

There was only Kishoh and Sekka left in the wide bedroom. Outside the window the day had already come to an end, and was wrapped in darkness. If there had not been an incident, they would probably be starting the feast that was to come after the tree peony appreciation party.

After the incident, Sekka had asked permission to attend to Kishoh who was proceeding towards the Shibi Palace for medical treatment. Nevertheless, because Eishun, Kouki and attendants frequently came in and out of the bedroom, he had not exchanged any words with Kishoh. He had not thanked Kishoh for saving him either.

Compared to how much it bled, Kishoh’s wound was shallow. He was an inordinately lucky [2] man. Knowing Kishoh’s life was not in danger, Sekka secretly felt relieved. The aftertaste of knowing Kishoh had suffered serious injury due to protecting him would be bad.

[2] The expression used here is actually 悪運の強い, which basically means ‘having the luck to escape trouble (your behaviour has landed you in)’. I couldn’t figure out a better way to phrase it without it sounding weird and yet keeping the sentence structure the same.

It was clear, if Kishoh had not stepped between him and the assassin at that time, Sekka would have died. The cold body stretched out on the ground would not have been Talented Person Chou’s, but most likely Sekka’s.

He had to thank him… Despite waiting for a chance for a long time, now that there was just the two of them, he had no courage to open his mouth.

As he hid his face in heavily weighing silence, there was a sign that Kishoh was rising from the bed. He put on his shoes and was about to put on the long robe.

“You can’t! You have to rest…”

“Despite not being sick, how can We sleep?”

While he asserted his left arm’s that had received treatment condition, he ordered Sekka with his chin.

“Follow Us.”

“Where are we going?”

“If you follow, you’ll see.”

Due to Kishoh’s as ever haughty words and conduct, Sekka lost the desire to thank him. “Really, this man,” he sighed as such in his mind, while following after Kishoh.

“We’re going to the garden,” he told Eishun who was waiting outside the door and proceeded to walk through the long corridor. While accompanying Kishoh, Sekka noticed that there were more bodyguards in the courtyard than usual. As expected of such a serious affair as Prime Minister Bu’s mutiny, the security of the Imperial court had also been reinforced.

After a while, Kishoh came out of the corridor into the garden. Up till now Sekka had strolled here and there in the open gardens within the Royal Palace, but as one would expect it was his first time in Shibi Palace’s garden.

“Be careful of your feet.”

The garden lanterns were lit, and the guarding soldiers had kindled a watch-fire, but the majority of the vast garden was sunk into darkness. While he followed half a step behind Kishoh who had somewhat slowed down his steps, Sekka at once broached the topic that caused him most anxiety.

“What will happen with Blessed Consort Bu?”

“It has been decided that the people that have rebelled against the Emperor will be exterminated till the ninth nearest generation of relatives. Consort Bu was one such mastermind this time. Naturally, she will receive the appropriate punishment.”

Sekka lost words at Kishoh’s cold-hearted assertion.

Although at first the objective had been to assassinate Sekka, as a result the jade body of the Emperor had been injured. Furthermore, in the end Prime Minister Bu had raised a rebellion. Being given severe punishment could be expected, but killing everyone up until the ninth generation…

He recalled the pale, stiff expression of Blessed Consort Bu he had seen a while ago.

In the beginning he had thought it because she’d been shocked by Kishoh getting injured in battle, but had she been shaking in fright because that had been an unexpected turn of events?

Blessed Consort Bu who overwhelmed others with her peacock like gorgeousness, at that time had exposed almost a defenseless surprise.  Since Talented Person Chou had acted according to Prime Minister Bu’s instructions, it was possible that his daughter Consort Bu did not know anything. For her, Sekka being attacked itself had seemed completely beyond her expectations.

“The one who instructed Talented Person Chou was probably Prime Minister Bu. If we limit ourselves to this case, Blessed Consort Bu did not know anything.”

As directed by Kishoh, immediately an interrogation was carried out, but Consort Bu kept insisting she had no relation to the events caused by Talented Person Chou, and refused to speak.

“Even if that was so, there is still the case of the numerous harassments. Above all else, it is impossible to forgive the daughter of the traitor who planned high treason.”

“That is so, but…”

Due to the testimony of Sai and the other eunuchs, it had been confirmed that the matter a few days ago had also been directed by Blessed Consort Bu. Afraid of the information leaking to Prime Minister’s people, it seems they had not dared to disclose the progress of the investigation up until now. It looked like they had even seized proof that Talented Person Chou and Consort Bu’s maids were connected to the harassments, and had participated in them.

“To begin with, why has Prime Minister Bu started a revolt at this time?”

“It was because with Eishoh becoming your adopted child, the chances of his grandchild the Second Prince becoming the Crown Prince have decreased. Up till now he had tried to kill Eishoh several times and failed. This time he’d targeted you, probably because he’d thought it would be easier than targeting Eishoh.”

Knowing Eishoh’s life had also been targeted, Sekka’s heart experienced a freezing feeling. He felt as though he had just glimpsed the dark side of the florid Inner Palace.

“It seems they planned if Talented Person Chou failed to immediately rise in revolt. We’ve for some time sensed it best to look into Prime Minister’s movements. But, anyways, We did not expect him to act this early.”

Kishoh’s expression as he looked forwards oozed bitterness. He had probably planned to crush Prime Minister Bu’s plan of rebellion before he’d had the chance to act.

“What will happen to Bunshoh-sama?”

From Kishoh’s way of speaking, whatever the case it seems Blessed Consort Bu won’t be able to elude death. Sekka was worried about the still young Second Prince, who would be losing his mother.

“In the nine generations Bunshoh is, of course, also included.”


Does that mean they are going to kill him? There was only a three month difference between Bunshoh and Eishoh. The very young figure of Eishoh laid over Bunshoh’s.

“Isn’t Bunshoh-sama your child…!”

Unintentionally, reproach rose in his voice. Kishoh who had been walking in front of him stopped and turned around.

“We do not wish to leave behind any source of evil for the future. Even if We leave Bunshoh alone alive, as he grows up he will probably come to harbor resentment about his biological mother and family being killed. If somebody takes advantage of that resentment and uses it, it won’t certainly end with him just making the same mistakes as his grandfather…”

“In the end that is just talking of possibilities. Bunshoh-sama is not even two years old, it all depends on how he is raised from now on…”

“A possibility is plenty enough. We will eliminate the seed of evil before it has sprouted. Einei will never again become a sea of fire due to such a thing as internal strife in the Royal Family.”

The grim tone of voice made him feel Kishoh’s firm will. As one would expect, Kishoh himself has the point of view of one who has experienced people fighting for the throne in a blood feud.

Sekka had heard that the majority of Einei had ended up in ash in the struggle for the throne that had happened a few years ago. The Einei he had seen when he entered it was filled with brilliance suitable for the most powerful country in the Midlands, and not a glimpse could be caught of the time it had been a mountain of rubble. In other words that meant that Kishoh had reconstructed the desolate capital in just the few years he had been ruling.

Kishoh was no fool. At this man’s side he had seen, and well understood the fact that this man possesses the qualities suitable for a sovereign.  Governing a great nation like Yoh is no ordinary thing.

So that hereafter a treasonous party would never rise up, a severe punishment must be given to the Bu family.  Even discarding his own young child for the sake of that was how things ought to be for Kishoh as an Emperor.

Everything was for the sake of peace in the country.

Kishoh was right. However, to Sekka this truth appeared helplessly dreary. Having said that, there was nothing he could do.

While he bit his lip without being able to say anything, a small ball of light softly crossed the edge of Sekka’s field of vision. When he looked, there was another one and then another one fluttering between the trees.


“The pond over there.”

Kishoh pointed forwards. From between the thicket, the black water surface peeked out slightly.

He continued to follow behind Kishoh who had begun to walk in the direction of the pond. As they got closer, the number of fireflies increased.

“So many…”

Emitting a pale light, there were numerous fireflies flying about. He had caught sight of fireflies in the Seika Palace, but not to this amount. The light of both the fireflies and the stars in the night sky was reflected in the surface of the pond, making the surroundings glow with a faint white light.

Stopping at the edge of the pond, he watched the wondrous scenery in fascination. It was marvelous. Despite the light not possessing heat, it looked warm.

“Our mother died here. We were ten at the time.”

As he peacefully gazed at the scenery, abruptly Kishoh opened his mouth. Illuminated by the light of the fireflies, the graceful profile emerged from the shadows.

“Her foot slipped by accident while she was taking a stroll and she fell into the pond…in public it was called an unfortunate accident, but the truth is unknown.”

It was just like what Sekka had heard from Eishun. With the majority of the late Emperor’s concubines including the Queen Dowager having already passed away or having escaped the Inner Palace during the struggle for the throne, there were few people who were there in those days, so disclosing the truth was difficult.

“We think she was killed because of Us.”

“…, …”

According to Eishun Kishoh’s mother came from the family of an intermediate level government official, was favored by the Emperor thanks to her beauty, and gave birth to the Third Prince Kishoh. With the late Emperor’s Empress having a great and powerful origin and being a deeply jealous woman, there apparently were various rumors.

“The Imperial Court is a world rampant with evil spirits of rivers and mountains. If you do not have any power, you will be killed. That’s why, We definitely wanted power. We had no interest in such a thing as the throne, but We fought for the sake of Our own survival.”

Aside from being born with an unusual body, Sekka had lived with ease, protected by his mother and older sister. When Yoh had invaded, he had stood on the crossroads of life and death for the first time.

However, Kishoh had survived in a cruel world that was beyond Sekka’s imagination. He had lost his mother when he was just ten, was left all alone in the Inner Palace without anyone to rely on…

While that may be true, it was no justification or anything as such for overthrowing Ka. And yet, by knowing Kishoh’s personal history, he became unable to harbor the sort of anger he had previously. No matter how much hatred he gathered, and how much he could not forgive, the desire for revenge deep inside his chest was abating.

Previously, when he’d been attacked by Talented Person Chou, he had thought it more terrifying for Kishoh to die than himself. Within himself, he had already come to an answer about his revenge.

“Why did you protect me?”

“We’ve told you before. You are Our consort. We won’t let anyone hurt even a lock of your hair.”

Kishoh declared in a tone without any fighting spirit. He had thought Kishoh had gotten hurt for the first time to declare Sekka as his possession, but now he understood. [3]

[3] 所有物だと言われたようでかつては傷ついたこともあったが、いまならわかる。I’ll be honest I don’t understand what the author is trying to say here. Online translators were no help either. This is basically my best guess.

Not long ago Kishoh had saved Sekka without considering his own safety. He did not know whether that was out of affection, but at least he did not abandon Sekka to his peril.

“…thank you.”

“We did not want to lose you like We did Our mother. That is all.”

Despite Sekka finally thanking him, Kishoh was curt. Intently avoiding Sekka’s gaze, he gazed at the surface of the pond glowing a bluish-white due to the light of the fireflies. Perhaps, maybe he was being bashful.

“We had wanted to gaze at this scenery with you.”

Was that why Kishoh had brought him to this pond? The period when fireflies flitter about is not long. Probably now was the best time for viewing the fireflies in here as well.

It was strange. Standing with the man who he had detested like a sworn enemy, and not thinking about worldly things, but gazing at the beautiful scenery.

He had been completely stolen and changed by this man.

To the point he could no longer return back.

His country and family…thinking about the large amount of things he’d lost made his chest hurt, but one could not rewind back time. And one could not regain lost things either.


One of the fireflies flying about landed in Sekka’s hair. He wanted to shake it off, but when he thought he might injure it he couldn’t do it. Seeing his state, Kishoh’s mouth broadened in a smile.

“It seems you are easily liked by both little birds and insects.”

Kishoh’s expression was so gentle it made Sekka think it was a mistake in vision, or else an illusion created by the light of the fireflies. Unexpectedly, the face of the man he was observing for some reason made his heartbeat become faster.

While he was perplexed by his own reaction, Kishoh took the firefly out of Sekka’s hair. After it had rested its wings on Kishoh’s palm for a little while, it flied away softly again.


As he saw off the firefly that was flying drawing a beam of light, his name was called by Kishoh. His own name that only a limited number of people called him by reverberated like it was a special thing.

His jaw was seized by the seriously faced man, and he was made to look upwards.

As he was fascinated by the man’s eyes that reflected the light of the fireflies, another pair of lips was put on top of his own. The angle was changed many times, and they were sweetly pecked at.


It was a kiss used to make sure that they both were alive, and were here together now. It was intently gentle and sweet, and, moreover, it made the core of his body feel like it was melting.

If he thought about it, it has been a long time since he’d been embraced by Kishoh. Despite the fact that before his sickness Sekka had been embraced without even a day in between.

But then, with the extent to which the spouseless life had continued Kishoh’s existence that had been engraved on his body had not disappear. Even now it was vividly alive. To the extent that a flame of desire was stirred up with just the sweet kisses.

“When this case is solved…”

It happened just as Kishoh stopped the kiss and began to say something. There was the sound of feet approaching their location. “Kishoh-sama,” the one who was calling him in a humble voice was Eishun.

“We have received a message from General Sai. Prime Minister Bu’s whereabouts have been confirmed.”

[t.n. I can’t stop myself from mentioning this, but General Sai sound to me either like an elite upgraded version of Paint Tool Sai if written with a capital letter, or what one would call a cheap knockoff of Paint Tool Sai if written with a lowercase letter.]

“Understood. We will come soon.”

Kishoh sighed, and smiled bitterly in disappointment.

“There is no time for fun for the Emperor either. We will continue this another time.”


His deliciously numb lips were traced by Kishoh’s finger.

While he walked with his hand in Kishoh’s, Sekka had to fight the twinge of desire that had arisen deep within his body.


Damn, Eishun, you just had to cockblock them, didn’t you?

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