SNITIP-Chapter 5/Part 4

Yo! I am writing this the day before I leave, so hopefully this gets uploaded on Sunday as planned. Finally I’m done with Chapter 5. It’s the longest one in the book, about 66 pages and it’s been quite grueling. Here we have the second steamy scene of the book as well, which I think ups the ante of the previous one by like 100 degrees at least.

I’ll be back in Latvia on Thursday, but I’m taking the book with me, so hopefully I can get some of the preliminary work for translating done, though I won’t have my computer with me.

But anyways, enjoy 25 pages worth of pure smut~


“This is a good opportunity. We will at least teach you to whom you belong.”

Sekka watched with bated breath as Kishoh rose from the chair with a dreadful smile on his face.

His arm was grabbed, and he was marched to the bed. The merciless strength made his bones creak. Even though he protested and said no, he was ignored and thrown down on the bed like a piece of luggage.

Chapter 5/Part 4 Intimate Scene (Password – SNITIP54)

How much time had passed?

When he opened his wept out heavy eyelids, Sekka could see the dim interior of a room. Somehow it appeared that he was still in Kishoh’s bedroom. Except for the light of the candles, the large bedroom was submerged in darkness.

“Have you regained consciousness?”

A nearby shadow moved, and a stretched out hand seized his jaw. He wished to shake it off, but his whole body felt as heavy as lead, and he could not move even one finger.


Kishoh brought his face closer, and put his lips on top of Sekka’s. As water poured in his mouth, he unexpectedly noticed that he was thirsty.

The lukewarm water pervaded his dry throat like it was nectar. Before he could ask for more, he was given water again. This continued as such until Sekka felt satisfied.

“…We understand. There is no fault in you, that is.”

Kishoh murmured in a low subdued voice. When Sekka raised his obstinately averted gaze, like he had taken a bath after the recent events, Kishoh’s hair was let down and he wore nightclothes.

Sekka’s nightclothes had also been exchanged for new ones. It seemed like while he had lost consciousness, the cleaning up afterwards had been taken care of. Had Eishun been made to assist him, or had really Kishoh himself taken care of him…at any rate, he did not want to think about it deeply.

He was extremely exhausted because of the far too gone sexual intercourse. Perhaps he had a fever.

When he stayed silent, Kishoh grimaced in pain and very unlike himself cursed. While he was the emperor who controlled the largest empire in the Midlands, an expression of having concealed his regret many times because of irritation at things not going as he hoped rose to the surface in his gaze.

Why was he making such a face…

It was strange. He had seized life-and-death power him, and treated Sekka as he pleased, what was he not pleased about?

He wanted to ask, but even opening his mouth was arduous. As sleep drowsily descended upon him, he became unable to open his eyelids.

“You are mine till every last stand of your hair. …I won’t hand you over to anybody.”

Contrary to his haughty words, as if afraid of being shaken off, Kishoh reached out his hand nervously. He took a tuft of Sekka’s hair that had scattered on the bedding in his hand and softly kissed it.


The surreptitious whisper fell in the stillness of the night.

 This man had destroyed his home country, led his family to death, and pushed Sekka himself down into a quagmire of unbearable humiliation.

His desire for vengeance had not disappeared, to say nothing of forgiving for tonight’s events. But even so, why did the sound of Kishoh calling his name permeate deep in his chest?

The hair that had fallen on his forehead was gently brushed away, and lovingly combed with fingers.

What sort of face is he making…

He felt bother by it, but his eyelids clung heavily, and he could not open his eyes.

As his hair was brushed gently, Sekka fell asleep once more.


I swear…these two. Kishoh has a jealous fit worth a thousand burning suns, and Sekka remains as blissfully oblivious to it as ever. Although I think both of them are starting to thaw in their attitudes…not long left till they get their shit together.

On another note, though I do really like the smut scenes, god knows I got sympathy pains when he got the rod put in his dickhole and I don’t even have one.

The last thing, I’ve finished uploading the summaries for all the BL novels I have, and once I’m back next week will look into setting up a poll so you guys can vote on which novel you want to be translated next.

Anyways, see you next week (unless I get so conked out in London that I find no time get any work done)~

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  1. Will the vagina get penetrated later? Pregnancy? Is it possible?

    Thank you for the chapter translator-san. Keep up the good work!

    1. Well…there’s still one sex scene left~
      He does not pregnant in the story, and Sekka himself says he likely can’t get pregnant so that’s left up to debate.

      1. Yep, this is actually the first time I read it, I needed to google it to understand what was happening with the rode xD hahaha

  2. Thank you for the chapter. Poor Sekka.
    Given how jealous Kishoh is I’m surprised that he can tolerate foreign objects beside himself inside Sekka and use sex toys.

    1. Me too…I just was thinking about it, but I got distracted with the “an other things that he didn’t even knew what is their use that he grabbed anyway (or something in those lines)” I couldn’t stop laughing thinking about Kishoh’s face while taking it! XD

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