The Strange Tale Of The Silver Wolf The Shade Of A Moonlit Night


The Strange Tale of the Silver Wolf the Shade of a Moonlit Night

Author: Midori Satomura/ Illustrations: Toriko Nashi

Length: 259 pages (Not split into chapters)

Language: Japanese

Translator: HimikoChou


The descendant of the Nagashima house that was cursed by a Snake god Kyou is being stalked by a taciturn lawyer gifted with both intelligence and beauty. The man’s name is Michiru. His job as his real identity is that of a spirit (Japanese Wolf) that has served the Nagashima house for generations is to protect Kyou. Kyou had also once adored and relied on Michiru, but several years ago, after he’d learned that Michiru had sustained an injury while protecting him from a spirit, he had hardened his heart. Because he thought he would die young, he wanted to let his beloved Michiru go. However, the deeply devoted Michiru without a hint of disgust keeps shadowing around the clock…

One thought on “The Strange Tale Of The Silver Wolf The Shade Of A Moonlit Night

  1. Ohhh my…I wouldn’t mind the art…this story looks so interesting but it will be a pain, because they already loves each other but the aparent uke will be going all Onodera like…ohh no…I don’t want another Takano in my life xD

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