Affection:FP – Chapter 13/Part 5

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The sound of his lover’s heartbeat coming from the chest he was glued to felt like it belonged to him himself.

As he felt that heartbeat directly and was surrounded by that sweet, spicy ‘scent’, his body was slowly tinged with heat.

Above all else the ‘heat’ was concentrated in his lower abdomen.


Takahito was flustered by the signs he had begun to show.

If he attempted to think about it, they had not embraced each other for a long time. Because, since he had awoken in this ‘Forest House’ and had been immediately dispossessed, for a long time they had been doing it constantly, this was the first time such a gap had become vacant.

Of course, doing that these past few days had been impossible, so he had supressed his heat-mode, but it seemed like somehow Arthur’s ‘scent’ had pressed his switch.

Nevertheless, he could not make Arthur who had not yet completely recovered do the impossible.

Thinking that, he was made to instead haul down his hips that he had raised half-way.


A hard sensation touched his ass, and his shoulders twitched.

Even over the bathrobe he could vividly feel that existence – that swelling.

Knowing that Arthur was also feeling desire, Takahito gasped.

Peeking at Takahito’s face that was slowly filling with heat, Arthur whispered “I want you.” His spine shivered at that voice that was husky with desire.

Takahito’s desire was the same. To tell the truth, he wanted Arthur so much he wished to immediately connect with him.

“Bu…but…it’s still impossible…”

“It’s not impossible. Rather it’ll get worse if I have to endure any longer.”

Arthur asserted in a manner of not budging an inch.

“Takahito…I want you.”

Just when Arthur entreated him with a suffocated expression like he was at his wit’s end, Takahito’s restrained heart wavered.

“I cannot endure it even a moment longer.”

As he was heatedly gazed at by an animalistic eye, his body started to seemingly melt from the core. Inhaling the strong pheromones made his head grow dizzy.

Even though he knew he must not do this, nevertheless he wanted…wanted Arthur.

Stirred up fiercely by the ‘lustful emotions’, Takahito got off Arthur’s knees and kneeled at his feet.

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