Affection:FP – Chapter 13/Part 4


So, you know, as an upcoming birthday present to myself, sorta, I bought matcha (Japanese green tea) powder on sale (that thing’s expensive)…but it still tastes as terrible as I remember, but apparently I’m nostalgic for it because I’m  absurdly enjoying it…ahh

Anyways, enjoy~


After the Jinguuji party had gone back to Japan, calm times returned to the ‘Forest House’.

Takahito spent his time closely snuggled up to Arthur, in proportion to how much he had been apart from him yesterday.

That Arthur was visibly recovering hour by hour, and spent most of his daytime reading books in his own room while sitting on the sofa.

When he tired of reading he also dozed off, but he did not go lay down on the bed. If he did it slowly, he could also walk around the room.

Following his recovery, it seemed like his appetite also came back. He ate both lunch and dinner together with Takahito and Eugene and ate the same things. Since the food was nutritious, in the evening his movement became even more vigorous and the degree of his recovery could be observed even from an outside perspective.

“It should be fine like this,” because they had received permission from Eugene, Arthur could take his first shower in several days. Takahito also entered the bathroom with him, and helped to wash his head, but the bruises on his body that had been painful to look at had become lighter to almost an unnoticeable degree. There were still some injuries left here and there, but those too had begun to close up comparatively to seven days ago.

If he had been a normal human it couldn’t have been like this. Takahito guessed he would have had to be hospitalized for at least a month.

Thoroughly, he was thankful that Arthur was a werewolf. Receiving this much damage and having been able to recover so dramatically in a few days, it was unique to him not being human.

(I’m glad…)

While he sighed in relief in his heart, Takahito wiped Arthur’s head with a towel as the man sat on the sofa in a bathrobe. Takahito also wore the same style paired cloth bathrobe.

“Right…I’ve wiped off most of the moisture.”

As he muttered as if talking to himself, Arthur raised his head.

Because they had taken off his eye-bandage when they had taken the shower, his left eye was visible.

Even though the closed eye-lid was above it, he realized that the eyeball bulge was not there.


The eyeball that had been crushed by Wolfgang.

Bending over, Takahito softly kissed the left eye that Arthur had lost because of him. Arthur stirred with a twitch.


“Arthur, I…will become your eye.”

The last time he had said the same thing, Arthur had misunderstood that those words had been made out of a feeling of guilt.

However, this time it seemed like he’d understood that Takahito sincerely wanted to do it.

“Reassuring words.”

The smiling Arthur touched Takahito’s cheek and lovingly patted it. Closing his eyes partly at the gentle hand movements, Takahito broached a subject.

“Umm…children too…someday…”

As he expressed the matter of the pending problem that was stuck in the corner of his heart, Arthur shook his head.

“There is no hurry. Just this is already a blessing. Right now for me if I have you that is plenty enough for me. …if I desire any more than this I’ll incur divine punishment.”

At Arthur’s voice giving a detailed explanation, Takahito also reflected upon the good luck of right now being able to be by his lifetime partner’s side like this.

(That’s right. I shouldn’t say extravagant things.)

“I’m glad I was able to meet your family and speak with them. It was all thanks to your older brother finding you.”


“Because your parents and relatives love you, they have forgiven and forgotten with open-minded intentions the two times the Gosford Family has made a faux pas. They have forgiven me who made the faux pas, trusted me, and give the precious to them you into my care. That is not an easy thing to do. I am from the heart thankful to them.”


“I hope one day in some way I’ll be able to return the favour.”

Takahito nodded.

“I…hope so too.”

Right now, he did not know what that return of favour could be.

Because the thing he could do for them in the future was still pending.

But someday definitely…he wanted to be of benefit to the Jinguuji Family.

“I am also thankful to you…for going so far as to leave your family that you have a deep connection with and staying with me.”

As Arthur once more spoke words of gratitude Takahito’s chest momentarily throbbed.

“I wanted to do that. Even if they had told me to return, I would have stayed.”


“It’s because…I love you.”

He whispered while looking at Takahito with his one eye.

Arthur’s amber coloured eye glowed and his mouth opened up in a smile in happiness.

When he saw that face the feeling of happiness inside of Takahito also spread out.

While smiling he brought his face closer to his lover’s, and slowly put his lips on top of his.


Gently enveloped by Arthur’s warm lips, the centre of his chest grew numb.

He was immersed in the joy of being able to once again kiss his lover like this.

Arthur playfully bit his top and bottom lip in turn. Furthermore he demandingly licked between his lips and poked with the tip of his tongue.


Answering the request he opened his lips, and for the first time in more than a day ushered in his lover’s tongue.

In the beginning he was concerned that Arthur was still in convalescence and so answered him timidly, but as Arthur himself intensely stirred his oral cavity, before he knew it his worry disappeared.


Entwining their tongues, in a daze they caressed each other’s palates.

The sound of both of their saliva mixing resounded in his eardrum.

(Feels good…like I’m melting)

Next thing he knew Takahito had wrapped his arms around Arthur’s neck, and stranded himself upon his knees.

He stuck himself as close to Arthur’s body as possible, and as he had been intoxicated by Arthur’s body heat and passionate tongue-movements, when the man let go of the kiss Takahito suddenly regained his senses.

(I’m sitting on an injured person’s knees!)


He cried out and as he tried to get off he was restrained. Having put his arm around Takahito’s hips, Arthur said “It’s fine like this.”

“…I’m not too heavy?”

“You? Are you looking down on me?”

Attracted to his lover, who had boldly raised the corner of his lips, Takahito giggled. He felt that the strong Arthur had returned and that made him happy.

“Arthur…I like…I really like you.”

Burrowing his face in the hard nape of the man’s neck, he embraced the sturdy body.

“Me too…”

The low husky tone blew into his ear, and Arthur again embraced Takahito back.

The sound of his lover’s heartbeat coming from the chest he was glued to felt like it belonged to him himself.


Next part – the smut.

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