Affection:FP – Chapter 11/Part 4

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“Edgar and Wolfgang!”

Next to Takahito who had cried out in a loud voice, Arthur removed the seatbelt and also released the door-lock.

“You stay here.”

He declared with a severe expression, and left the car.

But just because Arthur had ordered as such, it did not mean Takahito could just obediently wait in this situation.

Takahito also hurriedly removed the seatbelt, and softly landed on top of the snow from the passenger seat.

Outside the car, the two people group of Edgar and Wolfgang were squaring off against Arthur. The distance between the two was about 1 metre.

Why were the guys that had clearly gone back a long time ago in this place?

Even though in addition to the question he also had a very bad premonition, he rushed over to Arthur’s side. Seeing Takahito Arthur’s brow furrowed, but as if he realized that even if he scolded him now there was nothing to be done, Arthur once again faced forwards without saying anything.

“What is this behaviour?”

Wolfgang calmly answered the question.

“We have performed an ambush.”


“We knew Eugene was eavesdropping on our conversation. When Eugene heard we are contriving to steal that brat from you, there was no doubt he would immediately let you know of it. Hearing that, most likely you would set that brat free in a place our hands can’t reach. That’s why for a moment we pretended to be going back, and waited for you here. Meaning, to test whether you will prioritize the family, or will you take the brat.”


Besides the grim faced Arthur, Takahito earnestly considered the implications of Wolfgang’s utterance.

Eugene had overheard that Edgar and Wolfgang were contriving to take him away from Arthur. He had let Arthur know of that.

That’s why Arthur intended to return him to Japan where the two’s hands couldn’t reach him?

(Then perhaps…the thing about him not being an ‘Eve’ as well, it was a lie for the sake of sending him back to Japan?)

“As a result, you prioritized the life of the ‘Eve’ over your family.”

Edgar calmly pointed out.

“You planned to set the ‘Eve’ free before our hands could reach him, is that right? Since, if the valuable ‘Eve’ was returned to Japan it would all come to nothing. We will take the ‘Eve’. I and Edgar will share him and make him give birth to a child.”

Wolfgang declared that, and glared at Arthur “You are an obstacle towards that goal.”

“You could not make the ‘Eve’ pregnant. You failed at creating a child. You should take responsibility and resign as Alpha. From the start the one who had nominated you for Alpha had been Old man Oswald, but the old man is no longer here. There is no reason in having to forever follow the orders of the dead Old man.”

Having listened to Wolfgang’s claim in silence, Arthur asked Edgar.

“Are you of the same opinion as Wolfgang?”

“Arthur, if only you had not oddly supported the ‘Eve’, this sort of thing would not have happened. You have chosen this ‘Eve’ above the continuance of the family. That is a traitorous action towards us.”

As if he had been poked in a painful spot, Arthur’s eyebrows moved with a twitch.

Certainly just like Edgar pointed out, if Arthur thought about prioritizing the continuance of their family, it would not be strange for the man to make the decision to hand him over to the two. Because, according to the theory of probability even if he was not able to mate with Arthur, the possibility of him being able to create a child with Wolfgang or Edgar was not zero. Rather, from the viewpoint of the Alpha one should probably take the initiative and explore that possibility.

However, Arthur had not done that. The man could not bring himself to let him be shared by the two and be alternatively assaulted, Arthur had shown him mercy.

The man had tried to return him back to his family’s side to the point of betraying his pack.

A hot feeling rose from the very depths of his heart.

Even though with his head he knew that this was not the case, he could not stop the delight rushing about inside his body.

He was happy.

It meant Arthur wanted to return him to Japan not because he was disappointed in him, and not because he had given up on him.

They all had been actions in consideration of him.

However, because of that Arthur was currently being blamed by his packmates, and was placed in a painful position.


“In other words, you guys ambushed us with the aim of stealing Takahito from me by sheer strength?”

“That’s right. You are no longer the Alpha. You’re just a traitor!”

Wolfgang shouted in an accusatory voice.

“If you hand over the ‘Eve’ to us right now here, you’ll be able to avoid the worst-case scenario. What will you do?”

Having been offered that transaction by Edgar, Arthur boldly shook his head.

“I see. …if so it can’t be helped.”

The last discussion broke down, and the frowning Edgar muttered. An aura of conflict rose from that body. Wolfgang too trembled with excitement, and his pair of eyes glittered.

He was eager. The two intended to join together and bring down Arthur.

On the other side Arthur too, from that dangerous expression Takahito realized he had entered battle mode.


Takahito grabbed Arthur’s hand without thinking.

“You can’t! Fighting with your packmates! You must not do that!”

Clinging to his arm Takahito desperately appealed to the man. “Return to the car,” Arthur quietly told him but without answering him.

“No! Arthur!”


At the same time as he fired off the menacing order, Arthur shook off his arm. Takahito’s body was blown off backwards, and he sank in deeply into the piled up snow. While he struggled, his limbs flapping, Arthur and the men he squared off against transformed one by one.


First, Wolfgang transformed and became a black wolf with four solid thick limbs. Edgar changed into a slim wolf with sandy fur.

Finally, Arthur transformed. The large dark grey wolf with silver streaks that he was already familiar with uprightly stood on the snowy road.

The tautly raised ears and tail were the proof of being the Alpha. They declared his intention to not budge an inch.

His mane bristling, his yellow eyes glowing fierily, Arthur growled “Uuuu.”



The sight of three large wolves baring their fangs and intimidating each other was very intense and Takahito felt his body unconsciously freeze.

He had to stop this. If these three people fought seriously, there will definitely be casualties.

Packmates killing each other was the worst-case scenario.

Suddenly, as if breaking the equilibrium of the deadlock between the three Arthur broke into a run and the other two chased him. The three wolves moved over the snowy field, in a twinkle fading away from his field of vision.

Most likely Arthur had purposefully moved the location to keep Wolfgang and Edgar away from him.

Run away during that interval, Takahito knew that was the silent implication.

However, he could not do something like running away.

For his sake, Arthur will probably become injured. Taking into account his actions would be wasting that precious concern, Takahito transformed while still burrowed in the snow.


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