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As they descended to the first floor Eugene was waiting for them in the entrance hallway, and with a ‘here’ he handed over to him his schoolbag and a paper bag in which his school uniform was put in. They were the personal effects that had been taken away from him. Under Arthur’s order, Eugene had probably kept them somewhere.

“I think the battery on your mobile phone has died, but if you charge it in the car you should be able to use it. You should contact your family from the airport.”


“Then, here, it is Takahito’s favourite rhubarb and ginger jam. Take it.”

“…thank you.”

“You’ll be cold like this. Please wait a moment.”

Saying that, Eugene left the place and returned after a short while, and made Takahito put on a down jacket and wrapped a muffler around his neck. After he’d finished wrapping it, he fixedly gazed at Takahito’s face with his light blue eyes.

“This half month has been very fun. Because it was like I had a son, I was able to live worthwhile, it felt like I had returned to my youth. …but I imagine Takahito was full of bitter thoughts, and I am sorry for making you go through something like this for the sake of the Gosford Family…”

Takahito silently shook his head. Because if he opened his mouth he felt like he would start crying. Even now, because of the membrane of tears the Eugene reflected in his gaze appeared distorted.

“Someday in some way I would wish to apologize to your parents and family to whom we have caused worry. I am truly sorry.”

After he had apologized, Eugene hugged him tightly. Takahito also embraced the slender body in return.

There was no doubt that Eugene who as an Omega had no choice but to follow the will of his pack had also suffered.

Within those circumstances, Eugene had devoted all of his heart to letting him lead a pleasant life.

Takahito wanted to convey at least a little bit his feelings of gratitude to the gentle Omega, so he squeezed out in a shaking voice.

“For everything you’ve done…thank you. My time here…I will never forget it.”

Eugene drew back the hug, and looked at Takahito with wet eyes. And then smiled.

“Take care. Even though we will be apart…I will always pray for Takahito’s health and happiness.”

“Eugene too…take care.”

“We have to go soon.”

Prompted by Arthur, Takahito put his schoolbag on his shoulder, held the paper bag in his hand and went outside. Putting on a scarf, Eugene too came out till the front door to see them off.

Arthur climbed into the SUV parked in the entranceway, and opened the passenger seat door. Checking whether Takahito who had climbed in had put on the seatbelt, Arthur informed him “I’m starting the car.”

Takahito lowered the window, and waved his hand at Eugene.


Eugene waved his hand in return.

“Be careful on the road!”

Even though the car had started to move, Takahito bent his body out of the window and continued to wave. Eugene too waved his hand for a long time.

Before one’s eyes that figure became smaller and smaller. The ‘Forest House’ in which he had lived for half a month also became distant.

Although it had been just half a month, truly, various things had happened.

In comparison to before he had come here, now he was a completely different person.

He’d changed…to the degree you could even say he has been born again.

Within that large expanse of nature he had released his true self, and had been able to gain pride as a wolf.

He had welcomed the mating season, and known the joy of embracing each other. He’d known inexhaustible desire.

As a human, he’d also newly experienced various emotions.

Oppression. Helplessness. Sadness. Pain of the heart.

Exceeding all that, he’d experienced the feeling of lovingly thinking of someone…

Leaving the grounds and passing through the outer gate, suddenly he could no longer see Eugene… At last Takahito lowered his hand.

Returning the window to the original state, he faced forwards. He softly wiped away the traces of tears in the corners of his eyes.

Arthur stared forwards and continued to drive.

Takahito fixedly gazed at that side-profile. Before parting, he wanted to burn it in his retina as clearly as possible.

A prominent forehead, a high nose bridge and tightly pulled sensual lips. A firm jaw.

The person he had fallen in love with for the first time in his life.

He had desired this man’s child to the point of betraying his own family.

However, that wish had not come true.

Certainly, in the future a love greater than this one would not come to him.

He had a feeling that this was his first and last love.

If possible, he wanted to reveal his true feelings and stay here.

But, currently, for Arthur his existence was only a risk.

If the Jinguuji Family that were trying to pin down his location came to take him back, a conflict would break out. Even if, for example, Arthur did not fight, Wolfgang and Edgar would probably not stay silent.

For the sake of not repeating the tragedy 17 years ago again as well, he should leave.

Fighting with their fellow werewolves, he had to avert anybody getting hurt any more than this.

That, he thought, was the answer Arthur had derived as an Alpha.

Despite the fact that he probably felt Takahito’s gaze, Arthur did not glance even fleetingly in his direction. He stared forwards almost to a stubborn degree.

Did the man think his resolve would shake if he looked at him?

(Arthur…I like you.)

He whispered the words he could not say out loud in his heart.

(I really like you…I love you.)

But, he must not say it.

[T.N. Because the universe would implode if either of the protagonists in this novel were honest about their feelings, right? Humph.]

If he said it, those words would become a heavy cross for Arthur.

He could not put any more baggage on Arthur who even under normal circumstances was burdened by a lot of things.

Takahito tightly clenched his hands that were on top of his knees.

He moved his gaze away from Arthur and stared straight ahead. The inner corners of his eyes were hot and slowly his field of vision grew blurry, but he desperately resisted the tears that seemed liable to spill.

In the end, he planned to part with a smile.

He planned to say that he was happy to return back to his family.

If he did that, Arthur’s baggage will decrease by one.

Because the least thing was the only thing he could do for Arthur who had made the grim decision to accept fate…

A snowy world was reflected in the front window. Since he would probably not see it a second time he burned that scenery in his eyes.

He had sprinted through the snowy fields with Arthur. Howled towards the moon. Together, they had chased after prey. Butchered the killed prey. If he’d been in Japan, he could not have experienced those things.

United Kingdom was not a place he had come to by his own desire, but he was glad he had come here.

Being able to meet Arthur…it had brought great happiness to him.

It happened when he had closed his eyes, and had been digesting the thoughts soaking in his chest. Out of the blue the breaks were slammed, and his body pitched forwards in recoil. If he did not have the seatbelt on, he would have broken through the glass window and flied out.


Speaking in a cracked voice and looking through the front window, both of Takahito’s eyes opened widely at the 4WD car coming at them from the front.

“That was dangero….”

The 4WD car that was gradually shortening the distance stopped just before collusion, making the tires creak. In relief at just barely avoiding a crash, Takahito let out the breath he’d been holding in. Cold sweat suddenly gushed out from his pores.

“Are you alright? Not hurt?”

As Arthur asked in his face there was also relief at having evaded danger by a hair’s breath.


Although he answered like that with his mouth, his heart was rampaging.

As he focused on the palpitations that would not calm down no matter what, the driver and passenger doors of the 4WD car that had scared him to death by the reckless driving opened, and two men exited from it.

A tall, thin man and a solidly built man.

“Edgar and Wolfgang!”


*Drama intensifies*

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