Affection:FP – Chapter 11/Part 2

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“I’m setting you free.”


Takahito opened both of his eyes wide at the surprise attack like proclamation of liberation. Soon he stiffened not able to grasp the situation.

Reflected in his gaze, Arthur’s expressionlessness looked manufactured.

“I’ll return you to Japan.”

He said that with a poker-face that did not let Takahito read his emotions.


Finally his voice came out. Wrenching open his dry throat, he just barely managed to emit a sound.

“What are you saying…”

However, he was unable to finish his sentence till the end. As if stealing the end of his sentence, Arthur covered his words.

“It was my miscalculation. You are not an ‘Eve’.”

Takahito received a shock that felt like the side of his face had been slapped. In a moment his body grew as cold as if ice water had been poured over him.


Just now, he had also realized that possibility as well.

Certainly, he had not been able to conceive Arthur’s child in these two weeks. They had tried to do it at every situation, but had not been able to.

At present the possibility that he was not an ‘Eve’ was high. …he was unable to not recognize that.

However, saying that he’ll return him just because he was not an ‘Eve’…it was too one-sided.

(Forsaking me in such a manner, it is cruel.)

The man had selfishly abducted him, and now when he’d become unneeded the man was expelling him?

Takahito’s body shook in anger, and ripples of sadness filled the bottom of his heart.

As expected, without being an ‘Eve’ he had no significance to Arthur. Worthless.

That kiss, hug and those kind hands that brushed his hair as well…they were given precisely because the man thought the one he was giving them to was an ‘Eve’.

When he realized that was not the case, at that moment did he longer want to put him by his side either?

(…am I a nuisance?)

He was choked up…seemingly crushed. The inside of his nose began to hurt, and his lips trembled.

Takahito tightly bit his teeth as to not let any sobs spill from his throat.

His very small amount which looked like nothing pride did not let him cry in front of Arthur. He did not want to expose his miserable self any more than this.

Arthur looked down at such a Takahito without a single change in his expression. His expressionless face that did not let one understand what he was thinking about finally dropped words in a low tone.



“The fact that because of my false impression, I have given you and your family much pain is inexcusable, I think.”

(He apologized!?)

As far as his memory went, this was the first time Arthur had apologized.

While Takahito was surprised, Arthur spoke in a quiet tone.

“We have stolen such a precious existence as you from your family. Although it was for the sake of our family’s continuance, as expected this way of doing things had been wrong. I intend to in some way make another apology to the head of the Jinguuji Family and your family about that.”


“However, first of all my first priority is to bring you home as soon as possible, I think. Most likely…no, there’s no doubt about that, at this current moment as well, your family is earnestly searching for you.”

At the back of Takahito’s mind, the faces of his family rose up.

The faces of everyone who were no doubt even at this moment desperately searching for him…

“I’ll return you to the place your family is waiting for you. That is the place where you should be naturally.”

Arthur’s persuading voice in his ear made Takahito dimly think over that possibility.

(Returning back to my family’s side?)

When that time came, he had thought he would feel a great sense of liberation. It was clear he should be so happy he could fly up.

After all, he’d been wishing for it for so long. To return to his family’s side.

And yet he was not at all happy…

Just when he had decided to stay, because a separation arriving so suddenly was something unexpected, his emotions could not catch up.

While he had not yet sorted out his feelings, Takahito spoke out as if struggling “How…how about you guys?”

“What are you going to do now? Like this aren’t you just waiting for destruction…”

“All of it is fate decreed by God.”

Having answered like that Arthur’s amber eyes were as calm as if he had already made up his mind.

Those were sorrowful eyes that understood the truth.

(Because I am not an ‘Eve’…the Gosford’s are going to perish.)

Takahito tightly clenched his fists.

Even if he blamed himself, he knew it’s no use. This thing, it was the only thing he could not do anything about.

But as he thought of Arthur’s chagrin, he felt excessively disconsolate…

“…17 years ago…if, if you guys had won…”

Even though he knew it had been unavoidable, a murmur unconsciously slipped from Takahito, and Arthur shook his head at it.

“Because we lost to the Jinguuji Family at that time, you exist right now.”

Pausing at every sentence, Arthur spoke as if chewing on every word.

“I am thankful for that.”

(Thankful…what does he mean by that?)

Takahito wanted to know the meaning, so he intently gazed at Arthur’s eyes.

For a moment their gazes intertwined, but Arthur quickly averted his side.

“Currently, I’ve come to understand the feelings of my grandfather who had obstinately protected the pact he had made with the Jinguuji. Grandfather, who had lost three family members in the attack, was probably deeply regretful. The Jinguuji and we are connected by a far-away ancestor. Brethren so to say. Is there a need to fuss over continuance so much that fellow brethren go as far as to injure each other? If we fight, one of the sides will get hurt, and a grudge will remain. Like Wolfgang, they’ll be slaves to hatred until the distant future.”


“If this is fate decreed to us by God, we should accept it.”

When Arthur said that with a firm gaze as if he had decided something in his heart he informed Takahito.

“A private jet has been prepared. I’ll take you to the airport by car.”

Takahito’s irritation grew at the skilfulness with which Arthur had blocked his path of retreat beforehand.

If things stay like this he will really be sent back.



Arthur knitted his brows.


He repeated like a helpless child.

He knew that currently he had become useless. Why he was being discarded.

However, he did not want to separate from Arthur.

“Even though you brought me here!”

Takahito yelled.

“Even though you brought me here against my will! I won’t consent to suddenly being sent home!”

This was the first time he let Arthur see the fluctuation of his feelings. His face distorted painfully.

Even though he had not wanted to make such a face, once the damn was broken and gushing forward he could no longer hold back his feelings.

“After all, it is still not known whether I am or am not an ‘Eve’! There is still time till spring. I think there is merit in trying a little bit longer!?


Arthur’s expression remained severe as he did not answer.

“It’s not like you to give up! You’re always arrogantly strong and noble, that’s the sort of you that I…”

Had fallen for – he gulped just as he was about to blurt that out.

If he spoke of his feelings right here, he would be inflicting more pain on Arthur…

As Takahito unconsciously pursed his shaking lips, Arthur opened his heavy mouth.

“If you say you won’t agree, I’ll tell you clearly. Now that I know you’re not an ‘Eve’ your existence is only a risk to us. Seeing that things have come to this, it is my duty as Alpha to return you to the Jinguuji Family as soon as possible.”


Even though he had vaguely thought to himself whether that was not so, the impact of being clearly told that was different.

(…I’m a risk)

Right now for Arthur he was a burden…

Takahito’s lips trembled, he was lost for words and his hands were a little roughly grabbed by Arthur.

“The plane is waiting. We have to go soon.”


Ahh, the drama is heightening…We’re approaching the first of the two climaxes of the story.

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