Affection:FP – Chapter 10/Part 2

Yo! There’s some quite KINKY WOLF DOINGS in this chapter. It’s not particularly explicit, but be WARNED!!!

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“Takahito, come, come! There’s a wolf moon that looks like it was drawn in a picture!”

Having gone out into the garden, Eugene called in a merry voice. Even the usually always calm Eugene’s emotions got excited during the full moon as it seemed.

Having been called Takahito went out into the garden, stood next to Eugene and looked up at the night sky.

In the sky where numerous stars blinked a perfect circle of a moon floated.

“Truly. It’s very pretty…”

Is it because the sky is clear? Sighs spilled from Takahito at the beauty of the brilliant, shining moon. He could see as far as the plains of the moon the so called ‘moon sea’.

“Arthur, come down!”

Eugene shouted facing towards the second floor. As if responding to the call the window on the second floor opened and Arthur’s face peeked out. For a short while he gazed up at the moon, but before long he withdrew. A little while later he came out into the garden from the entranceway. The man came up to Takahito’s side and looked up to the moon.

“Do you know the reason why winter moon is so beautiful?”

“Isn’t it because the amount of water vapour in the sky is low?”

“That too, but in winter the position of the moon’s trajectory is higher. Because of that there is less of the near surface of the earth dust and earth surface lights to block it. Accordingly, it is not overshadowed, but is noticeably brighter and distinctly visible.

“Is that so…”

 Now that Arthur mentioned it that was indeed the case, and Takahito raised his head so high it was painful.

“It’s my first time seeing…such a beautiful full moon.”

While he gazed at the moon the conflicts he had been engaged in since the morning gradually settled, but as if in exchange a hot impulse surged.

An impulse to run around with all one’s strength in his wolf form under the moonlight.

Takahito’s fidgety, shaking body that was unable to settle down was probably noticed. Arthur threw out an invitation.

“Let’s go have a walk?”

“Is it okay?”

Suddenly he let out in a bouncing voice.

“I just paused my work. We can continue the lesson.”

Arthur shrugged his shoulders, and Eugene urged them from the back “You should go. It’s a valuable full moon.”

“If the hunt goes well, bring back deer meat as a present.”

Promising that to Eugene who remained house-sitting, the two turned into wolves.

Running in the snowy fields with the wolf moon far off in the sky was the greatest feeling ever.

This full moon night the snowy ground was distinctly bright.

The frost covered trees glittered in the moonlight almost like they were Christmas illuminations.

He freely ran around the expansive territory with Arthur, and made a challenge for the third time of hunting.

This time the prey was a male deer. It had magnificent horns and its body was the biggest yet as well, but cooperating he was able to bring it down with Arthur. Takahito had a feeling that with the times they’ve hunted piling up, he was starting to get the hang of it.

After they had filled their bellies with the hunted deer, Arthur turned his muzzle towards the moon and howled.


The forest was deadly silent at the howling that seemed like it was trying to inform the world of one’s own existence.

As if even though it was harbouring fear it was attentively listening to the singing voice of the king of the forest.


Takahito too added his voice.

Aooo. Aooo…

Drawing back his long tail and his howling fading out, Arthur growled.

It was the mark of having taken down a large animal under the full moon. Takahito realized that the man’s seething blood had by no means settled down. Similarly in Takahito’s body as well there still remained the lingering aftertaste of hunting.

Raising his sharp ears, Arthur touted his tail highly and circled around Takahito. He sniffed at Takahito’s ‘scent’, licked his mouth, and play-bit his neck.

Stirred up by the heat ‘scent’ emitted by Arthur, Takahito too grew passionate. He sniffed, and play-bit Arthur’s neck in return.


Finally, Arthur bent over him from behind. He took a mounting position and while strongly pressing down Takahito with his forelegs so that he could not move, he inserted his length in one go.


Since ejaculation took time, wolf mating spanned a long time period. A knot swelled at the base of the inserted reproductive organ, and made it impossible to pull out.

It was Takahito’s first time mating in wolf form, but now that it had come to this it seemed like a completely natural outcome.

Rather, it may be a more natural activity in their true forms.

Previously Arthur had called his wolf his ‘true form’ and Takahito was beginning to understand those feelings at least a little bit.

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