Affection:FP – Chapter 10/Part 1

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Chapter 10

On the morning of the 15th day of the moon cycle, Takahito woke up in Arthur’s arms. Yesterday night when he’d become aware he liked Arthur, had his first kiss and was consensually embraced had become an unforgettable night for Takahito.

Yesterday for the whole day, the two of them had secluded themselves in the room and had continued to embrace each other. Maybe because Eugene was being tactful, since even though it had been evening meal time he had not come to call them, they did not step a foot outside the room till morning

They had been able to embrace each other endlessly as much as they liked due to the fact that on top of the full moon it was also mating season at the same time.

Above all else Arthur’s peerless manner was amazing. Even if the man came he did not require an interval. Because his male rod revived immediately, Takahito had been made to come many times in succession while it was still kept inside.

As expected Takahito did not have that sort of stamina, as the dawn got closer all of his energy and willpower was used up, and in the end it seemed like he had fallen asleep before he noticed it…

Thus he had woken up only just now, and realized that apparently he’d slept with his face burrowed in Arthur’s chest.

(…his sleeping face)

Even though they’ve had sex, because they had not spent a night together till the morning, this was his first time seeing Arthur’s sleeping face.

Maybe because his hair was falling on his forehead, the man appeared just a little bit younger than usual. Because of the stubble scattered on his jaw, it looked like the man’s wild side was winning over the nobleness.

The densely thick eyebrows quavered in match with the man’s breathing. The chest covered in muscles of a fine quality also gently moved up and down.

Feeling Arthur’s breathing and heartbeat, gradually Takahito’s heart became warm.

The person one liked living, the feeling of just that was wonderful.

As Takahito reflected on his happy mood, Arthur’s brow tightly wrinkled and he opened both of his eyes widely.


Gazing at the absorbing amber eyes from a point blank range, Takahito gasped.

For a short while the gaze Arthur turned towards Takahito was as if he was looking at something mysterious.

A bit dazed facial expression also flourished.

Because he had never seen Arthur unprepared, Takahito had a feeling he’d caught glimpse of a special expression and his heart went thump-thump (aka doki doki).

The him in love was a fresh being.

He could not clearly say where and how, but it was different than before.

Knowing love, it was like he was born again into a new self.

“Good…good morning.”

As he boldly began to speak, Arthur blinked. Slowly the man regained focus. Finally like he’d grasped the situation, Arthur smiled a little and moved his face closer.

The man kissed Takahito’s lips, and returned the greeting in a sleep hoarse voice “…good morning.” A sweet numbness ran over Takahito’s spine.

 Since this was almost like they were a pair of lovers, Takahito had to desperately control his slackening face.

Don’t become self-complacent. Being conceited would do no good.

Arthur was being kind to him because the man thought he was an ‘Eve’.

Sleeping with him till the morning, the good morning kiss, to Arthur those too were part of the plan.

[T.N. Yes, Takahito, because you can’t impregnate someone if you don’t stay in bed with them till the morning and give them morning kisses. You’re a genius…LOL]

As Takahito kept chiding himself, his chest jarred.

Soaring high because of a trivial thing, conversely slumping to the bottom of the earth, the difference in the emotionality of his new self was extreme.

“How is your body?”

Takahito was asked and he answered “Fine.”

Even though they had connected countless times, it did not hurt anywhere. It was probably due to the moon being full.

“I see, that’s good.”

Smiling once more, Arthur peeled of the duvet and raised his upper body. The man alighted from the bed with agile movements that did not give the impression that he’d been tired out by the night that had been so vigorous.

With rapt attention Takahito gazed at Arthur’s symmetrical back figure as the man walked towards the ebony partitioning screen.

Arms that drew a beautiful streamline from his shoulders and a back in the shape of an inverted triangle with distinctly pronounced shoulder-blades. Tight ass muscles and wonderfully long legs… Seeing them in a bright light they were still exceptional.

“You should also wake up and take a shower. I only managed to wipe us off last night.”

Arthur said, putting on the dressing gown he’d grabbed from the partitioning screen.

By those words, Takahito learned that after he’d lost consciousness Arthur had wiped down his body. When he looked at the floor again, Takahito saw that the wrinkled sheets that had been made sordid by both of their bodily fluids had been rolled up.

(I’ll wash them secretly later.)

He made such a decision in his heart. Takahito absolutely did not want them to be seen by Eugene.

He took a shower, got ready by dressing himself and went down to the first floor together with Arthur.

When they entered the dining room, Eugene had already arrived at his seat and had already drunk his black tea.

“Good morning, Eugene.”

“Good morning, did we make you wait long?”

“Just a little. I’ll make black tea now.”

Arthur threw the customary question at Eugene who had stood up.

“How is it?”

After intently gazing at Takahito who was standing next to Arthur, Eugene shook his head silently.


Takahito moved his gaze from the regretful Eugene, and peeked at Arthur who was by his side.

Disappointment and impatience could be grasped in that side-profile.

The man’s impatience was natural. The closer it got to spring the more difficult breeding would become.

“Won’t I be able to become pregnant this time?” because Takahito himself had vaguely thought that, somehow his mood was contrary to his expectations.

(No…it’s better not to become pregnant, but…)

As for his feeling of liking Arthur it was a completely different matter.

Even if, for argument’s sake, he conceived, the born child would be taken away, and he would be killed… Even if he didn’t give birth he would be killed, but he felt that being pulled apart from his child and killed would be more regretful.

Of course, since either of those is hard to accept, it would be better to escape before it came to be.


Despite having done it so much, why can’t they create a child?

Is it simply a problem of timing? Or…

Is it because he really is not an ‘Eve’?

There is a possibility of that. “There is almost no mistake,” Eugene had said so, but it did not mean his insight had any scientific basis.

Perhaps it is a problem on Arthur’s side. Currently the Gosford Family has become unable to create children with human women. The possibility that the obstacle persisted even amongst werewolves could not be denied.

In any event, looking at the disappointed Arthur Takahito’s heart ached.

If they could not have children like this, what would become of them?

Arthur would probably be expelled from his position as Alpha.

And then he himself…

-“There’s no need to keep the son of our enemy alive. We should get rid of him.”

Wolfgang’s proclamation resounded in the back of Takahito’s mind.

There is no worth to him if he not able to conceive Gosford Family’s child.

(Rather they’ll see me as a nuisance…and will get rid of me)

“Take a seat, you two. I’m laying out the breakfast.”

The bright voice of the intervening Eugene broke Takahito’s pensiveness.

After the three people took their breakfast, Arthur secluded himself in his room on the second floor. It seemed like he the man was working on the laptop he had brought with him and was giving instructions to his subordinates by mobile phone.

Now that he thought about it, Arthur had not returned to the ‘Gosford House’ two days in a row.

Perhaps, the man had decided to stay at the ‘Forest House’ for the sake of child-creation?  Coming and going from Cotswold to Wales every single day really is bad efficiency wise.

If perhaps the man also planned to stay tonight, his escape would become more difficult.

As for running away there would be no other night except for this full-moon night.

However, running from this place would mean separating from Arthur and Eugene.

If his flight went well, he would probably not meet the two a second time.

Now that he had become aware of his romantic feelings towards Arthur, parting with the man felt piercingly heart-breaking.

However, if he remained here, no matter what he would be killed. Whether he did conceive, or not.

If he wanted to live and return back to his family he could only run away. That too would be tonight.

(If I miss tonight, next time would be 13 days later.)

If a month passed, during that time he would probably become pregnant, and even if he did not he would probably be killed by Wolfgang and Edgar.

As expected tonight would be his last chance.

Even though Takahito thought that, he had not yet made a resolution.

Rather, he even thought that he did not want the night to come. Despite the fact that a little bit before he had been anxiously awaiting the full moon.

While he worried endlessly engaged in indecision time passed hour by hour, and at last the day came to an end.


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