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It was the sound of crackling fire that made Takahito wake up.


Lifting his eyelids he slightly opened his eyes. His last memory was of being inside cold water, but now his body was warm.


It’s true that he fell in the river and was beginning to drown…

“Are you awake?”

At that question both of his eyes cracked open, and he suddenly rose up. In reaction a blanket slipped down his shoulders. Seeing his body that was bared until the hips, he realized that he was completely naked.

Naked…and human.

“Looks like you are awake.”

Takahito looked at the owner of the voice.

Arthur was throwing dry wood into the bonfire constructed from stone and firewood. He was also in human form but not naked, wearing a round-necked sweater and woollen pants. Only his hair was wet, and it was swept back to spill behind him.

“You fell into the river. This is a cave I use as shelter on occasions of emergency so there are blankets, clothing and provisions stored here.”

When the man explained and Takahito took a look around, it really was a space surrounded by rugged rock. It was probably a natural cave that had formed on the mountain side. It’s height was about two meters till the ceiling, and it was dark so he could not see well, but it seemed quite deep.

Takahito pulled the fallen blanket up to his shoulders.

“Did you…save me?”

Arthur gave him a glance.

“I knew city wolves were weak, but can you really not even swim?”

His lips curved cynically, and Takahito’s face suddenly heated up.

“I can swim in human form!”

Suddenly becoming irritated he retorted.

“I…I have never entered water in my wolf form.”

“During midwinter water in the river is as cold as ice. You probably can’t do anything without moving your body.”

Takahito was indignant at the man for deciding that is the case so self-importantly from above, but as he thought about the fact that he would have probably died if Arthur had not saved him, he could not object to it anymore.

(It’s true…if he’d not saved me, I would be dead)

In other words Arthur has become his saviour.

Once again realizing that truth, Takahito’s mood became complicated.

Despite being his enemy, he was also his saviour.

(I should…thank him probably)

Speaking of that, since he had failed to thank Arthur for the matter with Wolfgang as well, he did not want to be indebted to this man any more than this.

After hesitating for a while, he finally opened his mouth.

“Thank you for…saving me.”

Across the bonfire he saw Arthur’s hand stop. One of his brows rose as if in surprise, and his eyes narrowed.

“If that’s what you think, don’t sneak away arbitrarily a second time.”

He declared in a disappointed tone, and after throwing another branch in the fire added in a low tone.

“…realizing you’re not in your room when I came visiting, my insides went cold. It was a good thing that the wind was not so strong and I was able to follow your ‘scent’.”


“I realize you’re getting worked up because of the full moon, but try to keep your night walks to within the private property at least.”

Somehow, it seems that the man thinks that it had been an impulsive action triggered by the moon cycle.

(That’s good. He did not realize it was preliminary inspection for an escape.)


“…it’s fine. …being able to run in the mountains for the first time in a long while, I also felt the change of mood.”

Sensing that Arthur’s indignation was softening from his voice, he felt relieved.

At the same time there was a prickling pain in his chest, and he was irritated at himself for that.

(There’s no need to feel guilty. The other party kidnapped me selfishly. I am the injured party.)

While it may be true that the man had saved him, it would be no good to mix those things. He did not think it made them even.

As he tried to persuade himself, the sound of a liquid boiling could be heard.

On top of the bonfire a thick branch served as a bridge and from it dangled a kettle, it seemed like it was the thing that was boiling. Arthur removed the kettle from the branch, and poured its contents into enamel cups. Dividing the light brown liquid between two cups, he also added something more, and stirred it with a spoon.

“Hey, drink this. Warm your body.”

Along with steam a sweet fragrance rose from the cup Arthur handed over. It looked like somehow he had mixed in honey with the boiled black tea.

(…smells good.)

It felt like his chilled body was demanding sugary content.

“Be careful, it’s hot.”

Lured by the smell of honey, right after he sipped the black tea he exclaimed “Ouch!”

“Idiot. I told you to be careful.”

He shook his head in rebuke.

“Good grief…taking a walk amidst all the snow, falling into a river, I can’t let my eyes off of you.”

Arthur said that in an astounded tone, and taking hold of his own cup he sat down diagonally opposite Takahito. He sat cross-legged on top of the blanket.

“Have you always been like this?”

“…I think my curiosity has been relatively strong since I was a child, but…”

But, since Kizuki had consistently been the naughty kid, he himself had matured and calmed down in proportion to his age, or at least that was the accepted explanation. He himself had been convinced of that.

In actuality he was aware that his character has been in the process of changing since he came here.

That was probably out of desperation to somehow escape his fate.

His life up to now had not been this sort of regardless of appearance struggle.

(But that thing earlier…that tension when we pursued the deer…that was something else entirely.)

“It was my first time chasing after a deer, but…I was really excited.”

As the muttered words left his mouth without thinking, Arthur looked at him.

“Do you have any hunting experience?”

“No. Fundamentally I’m also forbidden from transforming.”

“…Indeed, in a place bustling with so many people it is probably difficult to run around in our true form.”

With an expression on his face like he was recalling the disorder of Tokyo, Arthur nodded.

True form.

In Arthur’s opinion our wolf forms are our true selves, that was what Takahito perceived from his words.

(It’s the opposite.)

The wolf form inside of him was the irregularity…

Takahito did not have as much experience as a wolf as him, not to a degree where he could hold pride and conceit about it like Arthur did.

Until now he had lived by the principle supressing the ‘beast’ inside of himself so it would not awaken.

Because if he did not do so he could not live in a city…in a human society.

As he absentmindedly thought of the differences between him and Arthur, a deep voice resounded.

“I’ll teach you.”


Not understanding what the man meant by that, he asked again. Arthur answered “Hunting.”

“If you don’t have any hunting experience you can’t call yourself an adult wolf.”

(So what he’s saying is that I will be taught hunting by the Alpha personally?)

Even he himself realized that his face had gone bright with enthusiasm at the proposition he had not even implored for.

“Yes, p…please!”

With a puff Arthur laughed at Takahito who had right away requested him earnestly using respectful words.

Unlike the previous time, this time he clearly understood that the man was laughing.

(…He laughed.)

The dramatically softened expression was overflowing with good-will, and filled with a masculine charm.

For a moment Takahito was charmed by the man in front of him.

He had a feeling that the laughing Arthur was just a tiny little bit similar to his dad.

“It’ll be Sparta training. You can’t complain in the middle of it.”

At once Takahito moved his head up and down to emphasize his agreement to the man in teacher mood. Once again lifting the corner of his mouth at the earnest Takahito, Arthur brought the cup to his mouth.

The flame of the crackling bonfire made the shadows of the man’s even usually distinct features even deeper.

Maybe because the thick dark brown hair had been pushed back, the well-formed forehead was exposed. His hairline was beautiful, and coupled with the high, straight nose bridge it seemed to highlight his above average aristocratic face.

[t.n. Hairline, Takahito? Really? Ok, you have some weird kinks dude, and that’s coming from a fujoshi.]

In contrast, the eyes below his thick eyebrows, they reflected the other nature, the wildness that the man also possessed.

(His eyelashes…they’re long.)

While he stealthily admired the length of the eyelashes that hung over the man’s eyes, he for the first time noticed the gentle air that flowed between him and Arthur.

Because up till now they had been ‘mating’ when they met, for Takahito the time spent with Arthur was only a thing of coerced tension and pain.

(‘Mating’…is it fine if we don’t do it?)

Wolf mating season was winter. In spring it ended. The ‘mating’ time was limited.

Because of the matter with Wolfgang, he’d been free since the last time.

It was clear Arthur that had come with this intention tonight.

However he had not been in his room.

Sensing he’d gone outside by the ‘scent’, Arthur most likely had been concerned about him who was not familiar with the land and had gone after him.

Guessing from the way he spoke earlier, he had not doled out corporal punishment on Takahito in wolf form probably because Arthur had thought it was an escape made out of frustration of being confined under house-arrest.

That’s why the man had taken the initiative to bustle about the snow field to let him disperse some stress.

Like that they had together pursued the prey they had encountered…

Just by remembering Arthur’s gallant figure as he collapsed the deer in one blow, even now his body shook. The excitement of that time was brought back.

Looking at the figure of Arthur singlehandedly bringing down prey, Takahito had thought he was no doubt seeing the personification of the king of the forest.

And not just that. Arthur had rescued him who had fallen into the river. By his own will he’d entered the cold water and saved him.

(As expected Arthur really is an Alpha.)

He was big and strong, and possessed both leadership and broad-mindedness – he was a true Alpha wolf.

He had somewhat of a feeling like he’d seen a new unknown side of the man, and as he gazed at Arthur across the fire, the man noticed Takahito’s gaze and raised his head.

The red fire was reflected in those eyes.

Even though he’d returned to human shape, the ‘animal nature’ was still left just in his amber eyes. He felt that it looked twice as attractive as his graceful look.


Somehow or other he wanted to turn away himself, but continued to look at the pair of eyes that were tinged with wildness like he’d been entranced.

Arthur also did not remove his gaze.

Finally Arthur’s eyes were gradually tinged with heat. Scorched by the flames that were swaying in his eyes, Takahito’s body trembled.

“Are you still cold?”

He shook his head at the inquiry.

He was not cold. It was the opposite. He was hot.

However, his hands, feet and shoulders, till the ends of his fingertips he was shivering a little bit. Despite his insides being boiling hot, the shaking did not stop. It was a strange sensation. This was the first time something like this has happened.

With a start he realized.

It was hunger. This shaking came from a feeling of hunger.

His body was shaking…in hunger.

The moment he became aware of it, as he was being manipulated by something Takahito stood up. Going around the bonfire, he staggered closer to Arthur. It was a completely unconscious action.

He himself did not know what he was doing. He also did not know what he wanted to do.

Still not knowing he stood in front of Arthur, and his hands let go of the blanket they had been clutching. With a thud the blanket fell, and his white naked body became exposed. Arthur gasped lightly.

Start of Intimate Scene (Password ACK72)


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