Affection:CK – Chapter 3/Part 1

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Chapter 3

“See ya, thanks for accompanying me today. Till next week.”

“Uh huh, till next week.”

Standing in front of an old Japanese building not rare in this area, Takahito separated from Michiru.

After he’d made sure Michiru had passed through the gate into the front yard, and had entered the house’s sliding door, Takahito began to walk.

Because soon it would be time for evening meal preparations, there was no sign of life in the residential area. Since there were a lot of old houses in the area and the majority of residents were elderly people, there were also rarely students and salary men in the middle of going home.

In winter there were also no residents standing and speaking outside, the pedestrian traffic was especially low.

(It will be completely dark soon, won’t it?)

Like yesterday, because after school he had accompanied Michiru to the library room as well, he was getting home late. Faced with the final exams beginning next week, the two had been studying. While he had been helping Michiru with English which he was bad at, Takahito had also reviewed the areas that would be put into the test.

Kizuki as usual, even though it was the time before exams was participating in club activities without a care. Even so because he would not fall below top 10 in his year, his teachers and their parents did not say anything.

The north wind blew against him with a whoosh, and the end of his scarf hovered above.

During the day, the places where the sun shone were suitably warm, but once the sun was obscured it immediately got chillier.

However, for Takahito this degree of coldness was pleasant. Today was new moon, so he could not say everything was perfect.

(But, this much probably is just right.)

Moreover, when the moon became full, the power rising in his body would become too much.

To that extent just like Kizuki he would have no choice but to disperse the seething of the wild blood inside of himself with compensating deeds such as sport then. Fooling himself with things that made his body move…

Coming to such thoughts, Takahito pulled a wry face.

Fooling himself…why could he only think about things in such a twisted fashion.

And yet from the bottom of his heart he was envious of Kizuki who could throw himself into playing basketball with his friends.

Unable to purely immerse himself into anything, passive at things that deeply concerned humans as well…it caused just a little frustration to grown inside of himself, and that displeased him.

Why was it like this? Despite being so blessed…

Takahito felt that the feeling of guilt that had clearly entrapped him at the New Year’s party yesterday had now again began to gradually corrode the inside of his chest, and he released a sigh.

Had his mom also endlessly worried like this in his teenage years? His uncle too?

No…his mom had an upfront personality, so he did not have a way of thinking like his.

His uncle who had been charismatic since youth also definitely had not been troubled by hesitancy like this.

His grandfather was a person who very much transcended such trivial things like self-consciousness.

They were twins, but Kizuki naturally fit in amongst humans, and entered their inner circles.

The guy was in mutual agreement with his werewolf self, and got on perfectly mixed among humans.

In a few years he would definitely fall in love with a human female ‘bondmate’, and create children during the mating season…

In the end, it was just him.

It was only he who could not fit in smoothly.

He had conceitedly thought it was for Michiru’s sake, but truthfully it would be him who was left alone if there was no Michiru.

Not opening his heart for anyone…he was always anxious about what would happen if he revealed his true identity.

Because humans were scary he feigned ‘coolness’ and kept them at distance.

That’s right…he was scared. Scared about everything.

He was scared about becoming an adult as well as starting to like someone.


He’d just disparaged himself, but the budding fear would not disappear.

With his uneasiness becoming a trigger, a muddy black feeling brimmed over from the bottom of his heart.

Unable to control the negative thoughts that had suddenly began to pour out, Takahito tightly closed his eyes and came to a halt. The sound of feet walking on the asphalt faintly quaked.

How long has it been like that? Abruptly, he felt the presence of a person in front of him.

Slowly opening his eyes, Takahito saw reflected in his field of vision black engineer boots that seemed to melt into the darkness.

(Before I knew it a person?)

The question on his mind was blown away the moment he had slowly raised his eyes and seen the face of the owner of the boots.


Unintentionally, his voice came out.

A prominent forehead and a high nose bridge. A bit arrogant looking brows. Thick lips.

Amber eyes that emitted an intense glimmer like that of predators stalking their prey.

It was that man.

There was no mistake it was the foreign man he had passed by yesterday near his house.

Because he had a very impressive appearance, and because his blessed physique gave off a special ‘feeling’, Takahito remembered him well.

(Why is he here again?)

Maybe he was a new resident moving into this neighbourhood? Or maybe he was visiting somebody’s home every day?

While he was standing stock still and imagining this and that, the man had stepped up with big strides. Like that, the man’s feet stopped just one step short of Takahito.

His outfit of a black turtleneck, black trousers and a black long coat was the same as yesterday. Because he was completely dressed in black, even though he was just standing he emitted a very strong pressure.

Standing with his feet shoulder-length apart, the man stared straight down from up above with a sharp glint in his eyes.

The moment he met the man’s amber coloured eyes, Takahito’s whole body was pierced by a faint electric current.


Definitely yesterday too, such a shiver had run through him as he recalled.

Yesterday he had immediately averted his eyes, but today for some reason his body had frozen, and he could not move.

Pinned down by that strong gaze, the petrified in place Takahito’s nostrils shortly caught a peculiar ‘scent’.


It seemed that it came from the man in front of his eyes, but it was a scent he had never smelt before.

A sweet scent?

No, it was not just sweet. With heat and spiciness, there was also a stinging stimulus inside that sweetness. As if in reaction to that stimulus, gooseflesh appeared on the chilly back of his neck.

While he concentrated his nerves on his sense of smell to grasp the true colours of the scent he had encountered for the first time, this time the core of his body gradually heated up.

The more he inhaled the ‘scent’ emitting from the man, the more flushed and perspired his skin became.

That’s strange…it’s midwinter.

This was the first time his body had generated heat from the inside like this when it was not full moon.

Without even the slightest tremor the man stared at Takahito who was bewildered by his own changing body.

Because the feeling of being lorded over from above was overbearing and he seemed to be the type Takahito did not want to get involved with, and since the state of his body was also strange, he wanted to leave if he could.

However, since the man had been looking at him for a while, he probably had something he wanted to say.

Was he really a tourist then, one who’d gotten lost and was in trouble?

If that was so, he could not turn a blind eye to it.

There was no helping it, so Takahito began to speak to the man.

“Is there something troubling you, Sir?”

He could tell the man was Caucasian from his appearance, but because he did not know where the man was from, he first asked in English.


There was no reply from the man. Thinking the man had not understood, he tried to repeat the same question in French.

“Is there something troubling you, Sir?”

There was no reaction.

As he pondered whether he should try speaking in German next, suddenly the man moved. The abruptly extended hand grabbed hold of Takahito’s arm.


Without time to resist he was pulled just like that. The balance of his feet was destroyed, and his staggering body was quickly turned around.


The next moment after one hand had embraced him from the back, the other hand had already covered his mouth.

“…mpff, …mm…”

His voice was blocked, causing his limbs to rattle earnestly. He resisted with all his strength, but the man’s arm encasing him did not shake even slightly.

(What, what is it with this guy!)

As a werewolf, if he put in serious effort, it should be impossible for him to not be able to shake free!

He was on the verge of panic due to the unusual situation, but because he realized the imminent danger to himself, he resisted mustering all the strength he had.


With a prickle there came a stab of pain in the right side of his back and forth swaying neck.

With a twitch his whole body cramped.

(He…injected something?)

Takahito realized that a ‘heat’ was gradually spreading from the place of hurt. Following the diffusion of that ‘heat’, his body rapidly became heavier. Strength suddenly left his limbs.

His head had also become hazy. Attacked by intense drowsiness, his consciousness was fading.

(…damn it…this is…bad…)

Amongst the senses going numb one by one, the last remaining sense of smell caught something unusual.

That which had been hiding within the sweet, spicy ‘scent’ – the man’s body odour.

The ‘scent’ that had been familiar to him since birth and which did not belong to humans.

(This man…!)

He is a werewolf…!

Immediately following that cry within his chest, as if pulled into the darkness by an earth-shattering power, Takahito’s awareness blackened out.


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